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  • The future, funny and thoughtworthy. What's there not to like?

    Right, we got Luke Perry (Dylan from 90210) in the lead. He's a decent actor and does a decent role. As I followed 90210 during its first run I had problems seeing Luke as Jeremiah. This changed, after a few episodes he was Jeremiah. Jeremiah is a serious character, but he has his fun-moments. According to the show he was seen as a "grandfather" when he was young, due to his serious nature.

    Then we got Malcom Jamal-Warner (Theo from the Cosby Show). I recognized him, but it was too long ago so it didn't really bring up too many strange memories. He does a good job at being Kurdy.

    Together these two form a team that travels through the post-apocalyptic world. 15 years before the first season a disease wiped out everyone past puberty, the world is run by the children who grew up after that.

    The team they've created meets different characters who each brings a certain something into the mix. The most noticable one is Theo (Kim Hawthorne), she appears early on and has a recurring role. Each episode Theo is in is going to be a laugh riot, she is so over the top.

    So, now we have a future that's post-apocalyptic, we have funny characters and the big thinker (Jeremiah). A good mix for a good show.

    Unfortunately this show met its demise after only two seasons. I have yet to see the final episodes. This review will be rewritten after I have done that.

    This far all I can say is, "I can't wait to see the next episode".