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  • The war of 2012 is upon us all, your show could save lives, as the war of 2012 will be biological in nature to reduce the population to a manageable degree by Satan, he will also have the same charismatic personality and enslave all who oppose him

    Jeremiah is a very good story plot, and the cast is perfect for this series, Good Job ! but what you do not realize is that it is also coming to pass weather we like it or not, The avian flu scare , LOL it was our Governments attempt to implement Marshal Law, why ? because if our Government Declares Marshal law, then the Chinese Government will send a million of there very elite Imperial guards to police our country ! it is already in our Law books, it was passed into law during the Clinton regime and can be researched by anyone, so maybe you should bring it back ! in order to give us Americans a chance to learn some survival information which may or may not save some of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, GOD is in the equation with his mighty warrior Jesus Christ but he will end it all after 3 and a half years of Hell on earth, your show can and will help Millions learn what it might be like, it might be worse or better then you depict, but ! it will be bad no matter how you see it. Miracles are real ! it would be a miracle if the amount of people in your show actually survive the 2012 biblical war, but i am uncertain if that many will make it, I know they will not let you mention the NWO, or the illuminati or the masons but your writers have done a very good job in describing them already and they know what they are doing, Let them write it without corporate dictatorship and we can see our future through there eyes ! and possibly survive the real Biological War of 2012 !