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  • This is the best show I have ever seen, hands down, Heroes and Smallville even Prison Break and CIS aren't even close to this show, this show is just the best it's one of the shows that makes you actually feel what the characters are and inspires you.

    This is the best show that has ever been made, they manage to pack so much into an episode and yet your never lost, this show is about the characters, the people but it's not too dramatic it's down to earth and it isn't inhibited by censors. This show shows the struggles the characters go through when trying to rebuild the world, the pain they endure and the bastards they have to kill to do it, and not everyone makes it but they still keep going, they know if they don't succeed someone who won't allow freedom will.

    I'll leave you will a quote from the ending (SPOILER)

    "I say we go over and talk to them

    What if they shoot at us?

    Then we shoot back, there's always time for bullets my man"