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  • Mediocre show with an interesting premise and plot that progresses nicely but flat characters, sub-par actors, and a melodramatic script that delivers endless monologues made it grow a little stale.

    I watched every episode of this series mostly because the plot and story kept me interested. Unfortunately, beyond that there's not much to praise here and is overall pretty mediocre. The main characters are relatively uninteresting and 1 dimensional, partly because of the acting but mostly because the script just didn't allow the characters any personality. There were some other aspects of the show that grew a bit stale over time as well. What started as inspirational dialogue after a couple episodes grew to be long preachy monologues in every single episode. Too many times the main characters were saved because side characters decided at the last minute to "do the right thing" and suddenly flip-flop their character's moral stance for the cause. Here is where personal preference comes heavily into play here. This show is very much a show about good triumphing over evil -- black and white, the path is always clear; in a show with this gritty and dark of a story there needs to be some gray area. We need to see some hard decisions being made, some more character flaws, and some points in the story that the "right" decision isn't really clear. The current result is that the story -- especially the single-episode stories -- becomes very contrived and formulaic after a while.

    Bottom line: It's an entertaining watch if you have time, but don't set aside time for it. Some may consider it inspiring, while others (like myself) consider it cheesy and preachy much of the time.