Season 2 Episode 13

State of the Union

Aired Friday 10:45 PM Sep 17, 2004 on Showtime



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    • Mister Smith: You cannot touch me. You cannot hurt me.
      Sims: No?
      (Sim moves his hand to show Smith's bloody face.)
      Sims: Then what'd you call all this? Besides damned entertaining?

    • Sims: You tried to kill me. You understand, I'm inclined to take that rather personal.

    • Sims: Particularly nasty weather we're having Markus. Not that you'd know, I'd suppose, being stuck in that steel and concrete hole in the ground.
      Markus: Well. There's a perfect day in here. No snow. No rain. No you.

    • Markus: How's it going?
      Erin: We're an hour behind schedule. Two of the recruits couldn't make it because, well, they get car-sick. And during the load in we dropped a box of grenades.
      Markus: Excellent work.
      Erin: Yeah, I thought you'd be proud.

    • Mister Smith: Have I ever led you astray before?
      Jeremiah and Kurdy: Yes!
      Mister Smith: Well this isn't like those times.

    • Sims: By now we got them looking in so many places that they don't know whether to shit or go blind.

    • Erin: You look like shit.
      Markus: Thanks, that's the look I was going for.

    • Gina: Huh, I guess you really do run the universe.
      Mister Smith: Actually that job is not open right now.

    • Jeremiah: I can't tell how great it is to see you guys. Really. Even you Smith.
      Mister Smith: Thank you. I think.

  • Notes

    • Crossing Jordan
      Voices in the Dark and
      Deus Ex Machin
      Excerpts Starring
      Joanne Kelly

      Letters From the Other Side
      Excerpts Starring
      Joanne Kelly
      Robert Wisden

    • Listed at the beginning are:
      Peter Stebbings
      Ingrid Kavelaars
      Byron Lawson
      Enid-Raye Adams
      John Pyper-Ferguson

    • Aired on The Movie Network in Canada on Jan. 5, 2004.

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