Season 2 Episode 6

The Mysterious Mister Smith

Aired Friday 10:45 PM Nov 07, 2003 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • While Kurdy has Mister Smith against a tree a lock from his hair moves in front of his face without a move of his head large enough to cause this.

  • Quotes

    • Smith: There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who survive history and those who make it. You, Kurdy, are one of the latter.
      Kurdy: You know you're out of your mind, right?
      Smith: Doesn't change the facts. That's why God sent me to find you. You're gonna make history, Kurdy. You've already started. And I'm gonna be there to make sure that that history gets preserved for future generations. I'm like your scribe, dude.
      Kurdy: Heh. I don't think I ever had a scribe before.
      Smith: Well, there you go.
      Kurdy: There some kind of hat that goes with that?
      Smith: Yeah. It's in my other bag.

    • Kurdy: There's no explanation to cover what I just saw.
      Mister Smith: Then you got nothing to lose by listening, and I got something to gain.
      Kurdy: What?
      Mister Smith: My teeth, I'm kinda attached to them.

  • Notes

    • Listed at the beginning are:
      Peter Stebbings
      Derek Hamilton
      Jennifer Copping
      Tom Scholte
      Michael P. Northey
      Michael Teigen

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