Season 1 Episode 20

Things Left Unsaid (2)

Aired Friday 10:45 PM Jul 19, 2002 on Showtime



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    • Ezekiel: We should not be walking this way.
      Jeremiah: It's the only way I know how. Right foot, left foot, right foot...

    • Ezekiel: Our father will be very unhappy if I tell you something.
      Jeremiah: But you just did.
      Ezekiel: No, I didn't.
      Jeremiah: Yes, you did, by telling me that you're not supposed to tell me something. That tells me something. I know something I didn't know two minutes ago – see how that works?

    • Nathan: A lot of people out here are all talk and no action. Me, I'm all action and no talk.
      Markus: You don't say.
      Nathan: Is that a joke?

  • Notes

    • Listed at the beginning are:
      Peter Stebbings
      Kim Hawthorne
      Ingrid Kavelaars
      Jody Racicot
      Kandyse McClure
      Robert Wisden
      Dion Johnstone

    • Byron Lawson and David McCallum are credited for the "Things Left Unsaid" excerpt. Teryl Rothery, Ryan Drescher, and Devin Douglas Drewitz are credited for the "The Long Road" excerpt. Nelson Leis is credited for the "The Bag" excerpt. Robert Moloney is credited for the "City of Roses" excerpt. Michele Bogdanow and Justin Callan are credited for the "The Touch" excerpt. Tyler Williamson is credited for the "Man of Iron, Woman under Glass" excerpt.

    • Season finale.

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