Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Robert and Jake run outside of Bailey's bar along with everyone in the bar and they can see two missiles flying into the air. They are trying to figure out if it is "ours or theirs". The Mayor believes the missiles came from Wyoming and everyone realizes they are at war.

Robert Hawkins goes straight home and into the basement. He goes onto his ruggedized laptop. He types in a question about the targets. *Is it ours or theirs*…the answer is that *they are compromised*.

The Mayor is worried that they could get attacked again since we are retaliating. The electricity goes out in the town again. An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) fried everything. Robert Hawkins knows that the power is out again because of the EMP and hands his family glow sticks. Darcy asks Robert if that means that another bomb went off. Jake comes to the same conclusion that Robert did and that it was an EMP that cut the power. Mayor Johnston isn't sure if help is on the way.

TWO WEEKS LATER. The clock is shown stuck on the time 9:02. There are kids outside playing baseball with dead cell phones. One kid knocks a cell phone through Gracie's window. Dale comes out to confront the boy. Jake tells Dale not to start trouble and to talk to Jimmy or Bill or to talk to him. Dale scoffs and says he'll take care of himself.

Robert is telling his family that he's going to the police station because people are acting different. He has volunteered to be a deputy. He says that the town needs order or they will not survive. Darcy sends the kids away and gets upset with Robert because she feels like he's scaring the kids.

Jimmy is dealing with complaints. The people are asking for the Mayor but the Mayor is at home sick. The want to know who is running the town and Eric asks them to please calm down and cooperate.

Mary asks Jake about his brother at Bailey's. She's asking him questions about Eric and his wife. Mitchell comes into the bar and asks Mary for something cold to drink and then threatens to take what he wants himself. Jake interrupts the conversation with Mitchell. Mitchell recognizes Jake and starts trouble with him and grabs his arm. Robert walks into the bar and stops Mitchell and Jake from getting into a physical confrontation. Mitchell leaves and says he'll see Jake later.

Eric shows up at home and he's telling his mother how busy he is. Gail asks Eric about him and April. April comes into the room and says that Johnston's fever is getting worse. Gail leaves the room to see Johnston. Eric and April have an awkward conversation. There is still tension between them after Eric saw the divorce papers.

Stanley and Bonnie are out on their farm trying to start a tractor. Mimi shows up and says that if they let her stay at the farm that she will deduct the money from what he owes the government. A bug flies on Mimi and she screams. Stanley notices some bugs on the ground and checks his crops. The corn is and his crops are being eaten away by bugs.

Eric and Robert are talking about Mitchell. Robert tells Eric that he was in Bailey's and had some words with his brother, Jake. Robert wants to know if he's a survivalist.

Jake and Gail are out on their farm moving stacks of hay. Gail is trying to get Jake to open up and talk but Jake says he's tired. There is a stampede of horses out of the barn and they run right by Gail knocking her down. Two men were inside the barn and they are stealing horses.

Gail has her arm in a sling. April wants to get her some pain killers. Mayor Johnston Green is upset but Jake wants to go after Mitchell. Mayor Green doesn't want Jake going after him. He reaches and finds that Jake is carrying a gun and takes it away from him.

Stanley shows up at Gracie's store and he's asking for the pesticide. Gracie is showing how greedy she is by saying she'll give him the pesticide for half of the profits. Stanley gets upset and leaves.

Eric shows up at Mary's bar and he's talking to Mary. He's investigating Mitchell and asks her if she saw Mitchell. Eric walks away but then Mary questions him about what he said to his wife. Mary expected Eric to leave his wife by now but he hasn't. Eric tells Mary that he feels like he owes his wife something.

Jake decides to investigate where the horses are anyway. Jake tracks Mitchell down to an airfield.

Mayor Green is still sick lying on the couch when Gail says that he's worried about Jake. Stanley shows up to talk to the Mayor. He tells Mayor Green that he found worms in his corn crops. Mayor Green tells Stanley that he needs to share. Stanley gets upset and says that he'll take care of everything himself. He feels like everyone is laying claim to his farm, the IRS, Gracie and now Mayor Green with the town of Jericho. Jake can see all the horses that were stolen at the airfield. Dale is there and he sees Jake. Mitchell comes up from behind and knocks Jake out.

At the airfield Jake wakes up and Mitchell has a gun. Dale and his friend Sean are there as well. Jake says that Mitchell crossed the line when he stole the horses. Mitchell is upset with him because they were together on a heist when they were younger. Jake threatens Mitchell and tells him if he ever comes near his family again he will kill him. Mitchell says that "that is the Jake that I know". Jake punches Mitchell in the stomach and fights with him. Eric and Jimmy arrive at the airfield with their guns drawn. Mitchell shoots off a round and runs away.

At the police station—Jake is questioning kid Sean about where Mitchell is. Jake wants to find Mitchell but Robert says he read his file and he knows that Jake and Mitchell have history. Robert suggests that they separate Dale and Sean before questioning them. Jake wants to question Sean but Robert does it.

At Gracie's shop the pesticides are stolen. Gracie immediately suspects that Stanley stole them. Bill shows up at Stanley's farm investigating the stolen pesticides. Bill wants to search the grounds for the pesticides. Stanley gets upset and tells Bill that he didn't take them but Bill is going to search the barn anyway

Jake is talking to Dale and Dale asks him how he got mixed up with Mitchell. Jake asks him if he's looking for trouble. Skylar shows up and says she's there to bail Dale out. Jake lets him go and says he was just trying to talk some sense into him. Dale says he thinks he knows where Mitchell is.

Allison Hawkins is looking for her dad. She goes into the basement looking for him and she can see the map that he has and some of the equipment he has. She sees that he has a gun and she opens his laptop and can see Jake Green's picture. Robert walks in on her and closes the laptop.

Robert is confronting his daughter and tells her to get out of the basement. Allison asks him if all those cities are gone. Robert says he doesn't know for sure. Robert explains to his daughter that his equipment is from the government. Allison thinks he's some kind of a spy. Darcy walks downstairs and finds Robert having a conversation with Allison. Robert doesn't let Darcy know how serious their talk was and Allison keeps quiet.

Bill walks out the barn and says that it's clear. Stanley is still upset but Bill says that he's just doing his job. Stanley is going to burn the field because he feels he has no other choice without pesticide. Mimi is trying to stop him. Mimi tells him that she has the pesticides. She paid someone to steal them and now they are going to pick them up later.

Gail and April are having a conversation about Eric. April is explaining that she wanted to get divorced before the attack happened, but now she's having a change of heart. Gail is tells April that she has to fight if she wants them to stay together.

Dale is leading Jake and Eric to Mitchell to a barn. Dale confesses that he was trying to protect Gracie because he found the train with all the supplies and used Sean and Mitchell to move the supplies. They get to the barn and all the supplies are gone.

Stanley goes to Gracie's store and tells her that he didn't steal anything. Stanley shows Gracie were the pesticide is.

Jake and Eric can see Mitchell outside the barn with a shotgun; they split up to circle around Mitchell. Eric tells him to put his gun down. Mitchell drops the gun and puts his hands up and then starts running. Jake tackles him and then asks him where the food is. Jake is punching Mitchell and Eric pulls Jake off because Jake won't stop swinging.

Mitchell is in a holding cell. Jake, Eric and Gail are at the police station. Jake says he should've killed him. They are afraid that Mitchell's friends will be back to retaliate. Gail wants to let Sean and Dale go because she's not going to press charges.

Allison is outside shooting a gun with Robert. He's showing her how to shoot. They are shooting at CDs for target practice.

Stanley is going to burn the crops, he feels he has no choice, Mimi is with him. Gail, Emily, Eric and some of the town's people show up to help Stanley harvest what he has left before he burns the crops. Sean and Dale are with Gail and they are going to help with the harvest. Bonnie tries to give Mimi some boots to wear. Mimi was wearing high heeled (city shoes). Stanley tells Mimi that she's going to be sleeping in a barn. Gracie shows up with some pesticide and apologizes to Stanley about being greedy. Darcy and Robert are helping in the field as well when Jake shows up with some water. Jake thanks Robert for all his help. Allison asks Robert if Jake is a good man or a bad man, Robert says there is no such thing.

April wants to reconcile but Eric is being distant. Eric says that he can start by talking to her on the walk home.

Robert is downstairs in his basement looking at old military photos of himself . He digitally adds himself to a photo with his wife and two kids.

Jake shows up at the holding cell that Mitchell is in. Mitchell tells Jake that "he" is going to come for him and that Jake won't be able to run away.

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