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Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • More pieces to the puzzle and good background info.

    As usual the Hawkins and Jake mysteries are the focus.

    The incident that caused Jake to leave town involved a death in Mitchells gang. Mitchells offenses, according to Hawkins reading of his rap sheet, included assault, burglary and gun trafficking. We have yet to meet Mitchell's boss Jonah, but Im sure he is even more of a bad character than Mitchell. There was a message scratched into the paint of the cell Mitchell was in that had Jakes name, something about To Hell With Jericho and '92. Which meant Jake was in that cell back when he was in his teens.

    Then there is Hawkins who obviously has a high level government (probably Pentagon) contact. And a photo that looks like he was part of some kind of Special Forces military operation - he lifted his image out of it and inserted it into the family photograph and photoshopped in different clothing to make it look good. In the previews for next week he is going out of town to meet SOMEONE! That should be interesting.

    Only real complaint was the sappy pop song at the end that was a bit much (I know some people like these songs but they overpower the scene too much). Seeing Hawkins daughter put a bullet in a Vanilla Ice CD made up for that.

    It does seem as if this episode was the first new episode filmed since the original 5 since there are key things fans on these message boards have asked for that were included.

    Looking forward to the information about the outside world that will be brought back by the first of the remaining "horsemen" Gray Anderson from episode 2 to return to Jericho.

    I could do without some of the romantic melodramatic hookups but Jericho writers are trying to appeal to a diverse audience. But they should keep those story line to a minimum.
  • With the new loss of electricity, tensions are high. Not the best time for Jake\'s past to suddenly leap upon him. Rioting, theivery, and gunpoint make this a great, fun episode, not to mention revelations about 2 major characters.

    I actually really liked this episode. Everytime I thought that I knew what was going on, it took me back and made me look at it again and evaluate what I just saw. I like how they are developing different character relationships, adn giving you deeper insights to other things that were, until now, unspoken. The whole wild west idea entertained me to no end, and I cannot wait to see how they develop Hawkin\'s relation with his \"family\".

    I am worried for Jake\'s father though, as well as his brother\'s wife (sorry, I am horrible with names...) I think she is such a nice character. The shopkeeper kinda surprised me this episode, but...hey, it was full of surprises!
  • But then, for Jericho, that's not surprising...

    Up till now, Jericho as been an uneven mix of good and bad episodes, with excitement and dullness alternating with irritating regularity. Following last time's enticing cliffhanger comes this dull boredom fest. Please can we have something better in the future. There is so much unfulfilled potential in this show.

    (and how unrealistic is this bit...)
    Gail: You said you need to harvest today. We're here to help, no strings attached.
  • Very solid episode tonight. Gail had more to do which was great to me. More mystery about Jake and Hawkins.

    Very solid episode tonight. Gail had more to do which was great to me. More mystery about Jake and Hawkins.

    Now they are on their own and cant count on any help arriving. Johnston, will he die next week?? I wonder if Hawkins knows Jake or maybe now knows of him??

    Each week it continues the puzzle board. Really cannot say that I can see where the writers are heading with this series, which is great to me.

    Hopefully the World Series rain delay will help Jericho pick up some new viewers. One can only hope..
  • Some good, but a whole lot bad

    In one episode we see all that's good and all that is frustrating about Jericho.

    Jericho continues to delve into how ordinary people would react to the destruction of life as they knew it and the slow erosion of civilization as we know it. Selfishness and vigilantism takes over a bit as the authority figures in town try to maintain their authority over the general population. I wondered how long it would take for someone to figure out--hey, the old rules and law and order don't necessarily apply here any longer. In a lot of ways, Jericho has now become a frontier town from the old west, which makes me wonder--who will be the marshall, appointed to uphold law and order in town and keep the chaos of the wilderness at bay?

    It may or may not be Jake, who we find out more about his mysterious past. This week we find out that Jake was maybe somehow sort of responsible for someone's death because he hung out with the wrong crowd. We're quickly made to believe Jake didn't kill the person directly, but that still leaves a whole lot of unanswered questions out there about what Jake did and why he left town. Also, it's interesting that Jake was gone four years and Hawkins was gone four years. Is there some other connection between these two or am I just hoping for too much?

    Meanwhile, the town descends into near anarchy with every person looking out for his or her own interests. It is interesting to see how the cute IRS agent (whose name I can't recall) is the attempted voice of reason in the debate over the pestacide. I also found it interesting that Stanley tries to go the mayor for help, only to be annoyed when he's asked to share his crop. Staneley is clearly, like the rest of the town, guarding his resources and the balking at sharing of resources was interesting. (Though it is interesting that Ms. IRS agent, who can't get past that Stanley's debt is pretty much null and void at this point as she's so by the book there, is the one who goes outside the law to get the pesticide. Ends justifying the means sort of thinking). It's interesting to see Jericho try to deal with these types of issues, but then it's totally negetated by the last scene in which the town comes out and harvests the corn. It's a touching, wonderful, feel good scene but.....OK, why not have them use the pesticide? I thought we had some dialogue that said he had to either use the pesticide soon or harvest the crop immediately? I kind of got the impression that wanted to let the crop grow a bit more before harvesting. Of course, maybe they only harvested the area of the field that was affected by the bugs. If so, why give him all the pesticide and why not keep it and ration it for next season? I can't imagine that these bugs aren't going to go away and they might become more prevelant next year if the supply of pesticides runs out and is gone forever. And then there's Hawkins. For a super spy, he's not very bright. He leaves the door to his secret lair unlocked and the info on Jake on-screen. The only thing I can think of is he did this so the daughter would find out and they could connect or she'd see how important it was that she followed his every order. And, of course, there was much hilarity when they used Vanilla Ice CD's for target practice.

    As a whole I'm not sure where exattly Jericho is going. I keep tuning in to find out who attacked and why, but we get no closer to the answers as the weeks go by. Also, the rather two-by-four-to-the-head mystery on Jake is not as compelling as it could be and I have a bad feeling the revelation of where he was and why he left town will be no where as interesting as everyone on the show wants it to be. But yet, I'm still intrigued enough to keep tuning in, for now.
  • When the power goes down for the last time, crime becomes an issue.

    There are always people who take advantage in a crisis, and those people now come out of the woodwork.

    We learn a little more about the cloud Jake left under (a boy was dead) and run into one of the people involved, Mitchell. Mitchell then steals Jake's family's horses, getting Gail trampled in the process. Naturally, this sends Jake into a rage and against family wishes, goes to find Mitchell. Jake gets caught and discovers that Dale has gotten involved with them. His brother saves Jake and by treating Dale with understanding, Dale volunteers information (the secret food) which leads to the capture of Mitchell.

    Evil IRS lady Mimi needs a place to live and offers Stanley a deal: if she can stay on the farm, she'll deduct the 'rent' from what he 'owes' the IRS. As if that wasn't enough bad news, Stanley discovers bugs in his crops. Gracie, saint that she is, agrees to help with pesticide… if he gives her part of the harvest. Mimi pays kids to steal the pesticide and Stanley barely manages to fix the situation before someone gets arrested. Then the town shows it's best side and a large group comes to help Stanley harvest what he can.

    Every episode offers a new crisis the town must deal with and this is only the first time people will take advantage of the new world, and it won't be the last.
  • Not all filler episodes are bad. This one was quite entertaining.

    So what do you do after an episode where a couple of missiles are launched into the air for retaliation? You fill us in on Robert Hawkins and give us some background on Jake Green. We still don\'t know anything about Jake\'s international history but they give us a taste of his local history. He was definitely a troublemaker and left when an incident happened, a serious incident that left a person dead. Jake\'s interaction with Mitchell shows us that he has a temper and is capable of violence. As for Robert, it is confirmed that he is in the military and his daughter finds out the basics of his involvement. We all knew he was not a normal citizen but this episode confirms it and it also confirms that he knew what was going to happen and that is why he\'s in Jericho. The rest of the episode went on as Jericho normally does. There is something going on with Stanley and Mimi. Eric won\'t leave his wife for Mary. Dale still has a crush on Skylar. Mayor Johnston is still sick. I like when they keep those stories in the background. Overall it\'s still a good episode. It\'s setting us up for Mitchell\'s gang to come to town.
  • More answers! More questions!

    I'm so psyched about Jericho return next month that I have decided to settle in for a bit to review some of season one's episodes. To be fair, I am doing so more for me than the millions who already watch...I love this show and think everyone should be watching it!

    First off there is the incident involving the jail cell which means Jake spent some time there, is this the reason his passport is flagged? Mitchell had a rap sheet a mile long.

    We know now that Hawkins is in government but how high up?

    There was major character development with Gail but I missed Emily. After the missles the writers didn't do to well on this episode.
  • The mystery around Hawkins becomes a little clearer.

    The mystery with Hawkins becomes more clearer when his daughter asks the questions. How did he know it was coming? Or was that just what he wanted her to think? Jake has a troubled past that should soon come clear as well. What happened with the missles? I think this was a good episode, one of the better ones so far, but it needs to start answering some questions with what's going on outside Jericho. I think this is one of the better shows of this season so far, so I do hope they get to keep the audience going and explain what's going on. How they are adjusting to the war and life without a lot of supplies is a really nice aspect of this show.
  • The power is out again and now the residents of Jericho have more trouble from some lowlifes.

    At the end of the last episode, the televisions showed a picture of the empty presidential podium. Before any answers were given, an EMP fried all the circuits and everyone was left in the dark – quite literally.

    Now, it's two weeks later, and the writers, possibly afraid of having no conflict, have brought in a pack of bandits from outside the town. Why these bad guys were left out of the story until now is a mystery, especially since they want to cause some trouble for our man Jake. How, in a town of five thousand, the same characters bump into each other and the others stay away until the plot allows them is strange, but, hey, that's TV.

    The guys from outside town are old friends of Jake and their past adventures were his reasons for leaving the town. They waited until now, almost a month after the bombs hit, to make their attacks. Why? Ploooot. Anyways, the baddies steal some of Jake's mom's horses and he goes medieval on them, like the mysterious tough nut that he is. Then the town has a harvest party. Really.

    Hawkins reveals some of his past and tells his daughter the difference between good guys and bad guys. Forgetting the bandits from earlier, he tells them there's no such thing.

    Good episode, but very family friendly, where everyone smiles and apologizes.
  • An EMP fries all electronic circuits and someone from his past catches up with Jake.

    After the EMP, there are no working electronics left. Hawkins is still tense with his family and he definitely knows more about the events.
    Stanley's crop is infect and Gracie won't sell him the pesticides he needs.
    Jake and his mom are at the farm when suddenly the horses are charging from the barn. Riding on one of them is an old enemy of Jake's. It is revealed that the last time they had an argument someone died, which caused Jake to leave town.
    Jake, of course is set to take revenge for the theft of the horses. With the help from Dale, who got mixed up with the wrong crowd, they track down Mitch who also stole the food Dale got from the train for Gracie's store.
    As it turns out, the entire town comes out to help Stanley with his harvest.
  • We're at war.

    3 weeks have passed since the bombs. Everybody's making their way of living. Now, that the writers aren't ready to give us the enjoyment of complete knowledge over everything, it's time to make some ridiculous in-side fights and tedious drama.

    2 weeks after the missiles were spotted and the EMP killed the circuiting. Nothing global is happening. Those spots should be filled, don't they? So, for the tedious soap drama. Jake is "reunited" with some guy who apparently has a rough history with Jake. They can't get by like some chickens. Sorry, I couldn't find a proper metaphor. The same guy steals Jake's family's horses. Making a really melo-dramatic cliffhanger about what the hell is going on.

    It seems that ALL the USA cities are filled with screwed-up little kids who assume their little pointless lives are something globally so important. Actually we learned that from episode 1 with Sky and all the other barbie weirdos. But now, they found fun in smacking at cell phones. Angering the little drama-queen Dale, who later then got sucked into their little band stuff, making it a complete waste of time. Watch-wise. I felt for it when the cute mayor's wife got knocked down when those bastards stole their horses. Now that was emotional. The only emotional thing this episode. The revenge fantasy. She's such a cute character and some co-coo bananas kids, whose motives are utterly unknown, do something like that. Later when Jake found the guy who did it, and he came out with a shotgun, it just came too lardy-dardy. Seriously! Too much of a soap-opera drama, which was really not necessary for the series. Mr. Hawkins taught her daughter to use a gun. Explaining to her that he's somehow affiliated with the govermont and his only reason to move to Jericho was the awaiting nuclear attack. And Mr. Hawkins wasn't in any of the family photos, which makes another cliffhanger considering that he was teaching his kids about what school they went and so. He's definetly hiding something and this little rendezvous didn't explain squat!

    What I really set my eyes on was that there was a friggin' fallout. A radioactive rain poured down the sky, exposing every little thing to radiation. And yet somehow, all the crops are just doing great. Shouldn't there be more drastic consequences? Nothing global really happened. Shame though.
  • We found out some juicy history about some of the characters.

    Look, this episode of Jericho "9:02" was good not great but good and focused on the characters or some of them and their history. We found out that when Jake left town 5 years ago he had pressumibly killed someone and got into a fight with his friend that Robert Hawkins is apart of the government and did know about the bombs which is why he moved his family to Jericho. I liked that Robert wasn't so tough to his daugter after she looked at his stuff and made a connection with her even if it was shooting. It was also great that he allowed his family to help out with the crops. Apart from that, I didn't like the mini storylines of the bad guys and the hoarses or Stanley and his crop situation. I loved Gail more than ever as she did the best in everything! Great character. We didn't see much of Emily, Heather or Skylar which was weird. I liked this episode but deffinintly not the best or even close so far. I wish they just concentrated on the main storyline!
  • Its the wild west with horse thieves.

    This episode was good, but to me was just average. Poor jake is threatened in the bar and the black new deputy guy steps into break up the fight. The short slimy guy is then leaves only to later on hurt jakes mom. When jake and her are out feeding the horses, they are stolen by the slimball guy. We learn when jake catches up to his gang and is caught by him why he may have left. HE wsa in the gang and they were to rob some place, but jake said he does not rob and so the rest of the gang goes. Then some one was killed and the slimball blames jake cause he was not there. Jakes brother comes and helps catch two of the horse thieves, but slimball gets away.
  • Missiles, Guns and daughters a whole lotta happened and a whole lotta didn't happen why it scores 8.6 for me and I talk on..

    I got VERY excited when I saw those missiles go up then saw them let the EMP's go I was like yup Jericho is FINALLY going to pick up and then BAM! Two weeks later...

    My mouth hanged opened in shock I was like "nooo you screwy writers"!

    Good eposide overall but ech... they ruined it overall with the two weeks later thing BAD BAD writers!

    But I was happy with a lot of things being explained and certen things sorta explained finally I say some major pieces of the puzzle fell in now if only we'd get that major bit in the middle which would make me satisfied with watching this show.

    Overall Good show though it gets half a thumb up still the show needs some work on but for those who whinged and complained about lack of realiesm to the show... *points to door which leads to real life* go that way this show has been living up to it's genre as a Drama.
  • The time stops at at 9:02 after another Nuke goes off somewhere.

    First of all before i start my review i just wana remind everyone that Gray is not back with news. I really think that something really soon is going to happen. So in this episode Michel gets to meets Jake and he tries to hurt Jakes mother for some past stuff. This was the reason why Jake left town and Michel had to go to jail. At the end he tells that, "someone is coming". We will have to see who it is that is coming!
    All and all in this episode people are really getting there tempers high due to thefts and due to the lack of knowledge from the outside world. And Hawkins is still freaking, he has admitted that he knew this was going to happen and that he is a spy. So the story is going very deep.
  • This episode takes our minds of the nuclear disaster and helps us focus on the people of Jericho.

    This episode takes our minds of the nuclear disaster and helps us focus on the people of Jericho. Up until now the show was more about what happened. With this episode it shifts course to who are all these people. Jake has his demons. That we knew, but now it’s time for him to face them. Is he really a changed man? Did a decent fellow return or is he the same little punk he was the day he left town. The world has changed around them and the people have to find a way to deal with it. Friendships are being tested and the relationships between the people have to be re-evaluated. Is it all about survival now? Is every man for himself in Jericho or will they all together manage to get through this? Some of the answers we get in this episode for others we’ll have to wait. I think this episode shows us what Jericho is all about.
  • Review

    I can understand every now and again why this show got as bad of ratings as it did. In some episodes it feels like a big recap of what has happeend so far and nothing really advanced the plot all that far at all. Nothing Happened in this episode for the most part. The mayor is still stuck on the couch all sick, Jake and Emily still pass by each other with a smile every now and again, and Roberts is still the most mysterious person on the entire show. Its his backstory that I am so interested in that makes me keep coming back to this show. I know one episode we will learn what his endgame or overall agenda is and I cannot wait for that. The whole corn field thing - wasnt feeling it in this epsiode. Thats too much of a randomly thrown in plot to leave me a long lasting impresssion. One of the worst of the first season, for me.
  • When an electromagnetic pulse plunges Jericho in darkness once more, a wave of crime hits town.

    I honestly don't know what to think of this show. It has its moments (the wonderful "Federal Response" for example) and then they present us something like this. The dull and flat plotlines of this episode hit me harder since the writers seemed to be building up a lot of tension in the previous installments.

    What I didn't like about "9:02": The power dying yet again. What was the point here, people? Again Dawkins was up to his mysterious ways - which has been nice up until this episode, now it's just quickly becoming irritating. And what was the corn situation all about? The cheesy harvest scene (which totally reminded me of the communal barbecue scene in episode 2) felt totally out of place in the general atmosphere the writers are trying to establish. We really don't need to see a thousand examples of how Jericho's inhabitants "try to cope with disaster while maintaining their good spirits". The plotline involving the group of young criminals (finally some foreshadowing to an explanation of Jake's dissapearance!) was a step in the right direction though.

    Look, I am intrigued by this show (otherwise I wouldn't bother to watch) but if they don't start giving us some substantial answers soon I'm going to lose interest fast.
  • The city of Jericho is starting to revert to more primal motives. We begin to see how close we really are to total anarchy. Crime and exploitation begin to creep in with insecurity, and law abiding citizens begin to be more self centered.

    In many ways, this episode of Jericho continues to press home the fact that the world is now a completely different place. For the first time, we see how respect for the laws is fading, and how people begin to exert their leverage to get what they want. I was impressed to see how the economy begins to change, and how many of the main characters adopt more self centered motives.

    There is some good character development in this episode, Dale actually has a few lines and seems almost like a real boy, and Hawkins stops frowning and being the most serious person in the world. Some connections between the citizens are explored and flushed out, and we begin to get an idea of what's really going on.

    (spoilers ahead)

    I did not like the ending, however. The sentimentality just did not seem to have any rational reason behind it. Stanley needed pesticide, Gracie had pesticide. She made him an offer, and he refused, then the pesticide vanished. She accuses him of stealing it, then he walks over to where the pesticide is and gives it back to her. Then the entire town uniformally agrees to go over to his farm and help him out picking his crops. What began as an exploration of post nuclear capitalism and the barter system turns into a love in. I never pictured a love in to be a part of the apocalypse; maybe it's me.

    Again, I see the writers pulling a punch to save the audience from the harsh reality of their world. "Look at the mushroom cloud!!! Millions have died... BBQ time!" and now "Supply and demand is a harsh reality after the bombs, but don't worry, because the uniform cooperation will make it all better." They let me down here, because what could have been a vehicle for more drama and tension was resolved by the inherent goodness of the collective. Even the bad guys end up helping in the end, and we get the impression that even after the nukes go up, people are still going to go out of their way to help you with no strings attached.

  • Nukes fly!! Then skip ahead 2 weeks to stick ball with EMP\'d celly\'s Then cheesy Feel good moments. Get Real!

    I wish the writers would please stop with these mid episode John Cougar Mellencamp \"This is our Country\" The whole town rallies to help one another moments. There cheesey and sooo unrealistic and ruin the mood and flow of the episodes. C\'mon really you start the episode with nuclear rockets going to obliterate a target then an EMP!! Then fast foward 2 weeks to kids playing baseball in the street with fried cell phones?!?!? Get real. This is some really poor writing. If this show is to survive they need to find some direction and stick with it and forget about if the show is too serious or depressing for some viewers. For GOD sake the country is at WAR!! A Nuclear one at that! Spare me the post NUKE after party BBQ and Corn Picking town rally parties. Down right cheesy!!! I can write a better script in 5 mintues for a bag of doritos and a big gulp!
  • Little house on the prairie with nuclear bombs

    I\\\'m not sure whether to keep going. Such ordinary tales for a potentially great premise. Is there only one Doctor in the whole town? Is the deputy mayor the fireman, policeman and legislator? The shop sells everything but the shelves are always empty. Why did he need pesticide if he was harvesting anyway? Silly and ordinary, come on you can save this series from being a boring soap opera.
  • when are they going to inject a bit of realism into this show?

    Again, great premise for a show, but after the bombs go off, nothing! its like a foot note that nuclear bombs have gone off. If they wanted to make this a dram about cheating husbands and a nomad son, then i\'m ok with it, but they sold it as something totally different. These characters are weak at best. still arguing over stupid things such as the government wanting back taxes. i mean is that really going to be of ANY concern? Is there any kind of a plan on how they will survive or are they just worried about nonsense? Get with the program and make this show interesting. so many things could be done with it. and what is up with Hawkins? is he some super spy that has all the answers but not letting anyone in on it? why?
  • Not only nothing happened, but the writers managed to make us forget that Jericho is a drama, not a god damn soap opera.

    Surely, nobody's perfect. Nor the writers. But this was exceptionally CRAP.

    The previous episode was good - with an amazing ending - misslies being launched. Now, surely, in the little town, there's nothing they could've done: BUT. Advancing 2 weeks felt a cheap excuse to solve the cliffhanger. Not to mention, they could've threw in a scene with Hawkins and his magical laptop...

    Unfortunately, this episode still doesn't reveal anything about Hawkins: only small things, but mostly about his family. This is getting annoying now - at first it was fun, now it's just annoying.Instead of giving Gail and April screentime, give Hawkins, god damn it.

    The struggle between Eric and April is unbearable. IT's like watching Dallas or Days of our lives. I don't have problem with romantic plotlines, but this is beyond crap.

    The rest, well.... Mitch is a bad guy, Jonah is a good guy inside, but pretends to be a bad guy, Jonah is the dad of Emily, Jake used to be a bad guy with Jonah, but not anymore.. blah blah. Full of cliches.

    And you might wonder: Did these people REALIZE they've been bombarded? I don't think so!
  • A feelgood episode

    I found this a good episode. It showed how times of stress, can change how people relate to each other. Adds a bit more depth to a few characters, and also hints abit more about Jake.

    The two week gap was a good plot device, and cut out a lot of filler potential, that could have been a bit pointless. As we watch more and more details are becomeing known. While just an average episode, it was also a sort of feelgood one by the end.

    Every episode can not be whizz bang, crash type action, and this one does a good job.
  • not so bad

    After some missiles launch out into the skies, a detonation high in the planet's atmosphere produces an electro magnetic pulse that zaps every electronic equipment all across Jericho. As soon as the widespread black out happens, a gangster victimizes the local town folks. Jake's mom get injured when their horses get stolen by a gang. Jake hunts down an old enemy who he thinks might have stolen his family's horses. Things happen in this episode, it's a little slow paced, but it wasn't so bad, it was still entertaining. The main characters played out well, it's a nice story, it's worth watching.
  • The time frame on the show is wacky. Hawkins is suppose to be talking with the punk kid and the next thing he's catching his daughter in his safe room??

    I can\'t seem to feel anything for these characters. There has been no real character development so far in this show. This episode seemed thrown together, jumping ahead 2 weeks is HUGE in this show. I like the concept of the show, the acting is OK, but the writing is very poor.
  • Missles??? That's crazy! I can't wait to find out what happens now! Two weeks later? WTF!!!

    This show is really going absolutely nowhere. I wasn't really all that impressed with last weeks episode about the fires but the ending with the missles was great and I couldn't wait to see what happened next. This week started out nice, another shot of the missles in the sky and everyone standing around gawking. Then the title appears and cut to comercial. I was pumped. The show comes back and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was about to happen! Two weeks later....what??????? Are you kidding me!?! Am I to believe that nothing interesting happened at all during those two weeks? They didn't run out of food or gas? No more fires? Electricity was fine? Hawkins didn't do anything? They just sat around like always? ...I almost turned off the TV right then, and I almost wish I would have as the episode went nowhere.

    The whole thing with the crops to me was just plain stupid. I guess the fallout didn't affect the corn one bit (guess they had lead lined husks) and the radiation didn't do squat to the soil.

    Jakes past started to catch up to him...but for some reason I almost didn't care. I always thought that the episodes about Jakes past would be like 'wow, that was good TV!' but the way they went about it was just kinda...ehh. So he stole something and someone died....what happened with the missles???? That's the only reason I tuned in!!!! You can't go from something huge like that, not do anything with it, skip ahead in time, and give us a story line that's less interesting!

    I really don't know what else to say. I started watching Jericho because a small town learning to survive after a nuclear holocost seemed really interesting. Instead, I seem to be watching a show about a town that survived a nuclear holocost as if it was just another day. Nothing seems to affect these people...just continue on like nothing happened. I guess ignorance is's also boring TV. I'm giving Jericho 1 more episode in which to intrigue me...the previews looked interesting enough but then again so did the previews for this episode.
  • Federal Response brought the series to the highest point yet, and with three small words, the series loses all the mystery, tension and the story takes a dive.

    Federal Response was the best show of the series so far, and I for one was hoping that the missiles being launched across the sky was a sign of things to come. 9:02 picks up exactly where Federal Response left off, with the town having left Bailey's and headed out into the street, stunned into silence by the missiles heading across the sky. A few lines of dialog, an EMP flash in the sky, and then the writers drop the bomb on the viewers: 2 Weeks Later. It's way too early to say that the show has 'Jumped the Shark', but I'm inclined to say it's at least taken a turn for the worse. I respect everything that the show tried to do with this episode, but the way they attempted to pull it off was just hopeless, and they wrecked everything they had going for themselves in the first place.
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