Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • Some good, but a whole lot bad

    In one episode we see all that's good and all that is frustrating about Jericho.

    Jericho continues to delve into how ordinary people would react to the destruction of life as they knew it and the slow erosion of civilization as we know it. Selfishness and vigilantism takes over a bit as the authority figures in town try to maintain their authority over the general population. I wondered how long it would take for someone to figure out--hey, the old rules and law and order don't necessarily apply here any longer. In a lot of ways, Jericho has now become a frontier town from the old west, which makes me wonder--who will be the marshall, appointed to uphold law and order in town and keep the chaos of the wilderness at bay?

    It may or may not be Jake, who we find out more about his mysterious past. This week we find out that Jake was maybe somehow sort of responsible for someone's death because he hung out with the wrong crowd. We're quickly made to believe Jake didn't kill the person directly, but that still leaves a whole lot of unanswered questions out there about what Jake did and why he left town. Also, it's interesting that Jake was gone four years and Hawkins was gone four years. Is there some other connection between these two or am I just hoping for too much?

    Meanwhile, the town descends into near anarchy with every person looking out for his or her own interests. It is interesting to see how the cute IRS agent (whose name I can't recall) is the attempted voice of reason in the debate over the pestacide. I also found it interesting that Stanley tries to go the mayor for help, only to be annoyed when he's asked to share his crop. Staneley is clearly, like the rest of the town, guarding his resources and the balking at sharing of resources was interesting. (Though it is interesting that Ms. IRS agent, who can't get past that Stanley's debt is pretty much null and void at this point as she's so by the book there, is the one who goes outside the law to get the pesticide. Ends justifying the means sort of thinking). It's interesting to see Jericho try to deal with these types of issues, but then it's totally negetated by the last scene in which the town comes out and harvests the corn. It's a touching, wonderful, feel good scene but.....OK, why not have them use the pesticide? I thought we had some dialogue that said he had to either use the pesticide soon or harvest the crop immediately? I kind of got the impression that wanted to let the crop grow a bit more before harvesting. Of course, maybe they only harvested the area of the field that was affected by the bugs. If so, why give him all the pesticide and why not keep it and ration it for next season? I can't imagine that these bugs aren't going to go away and they might become more prevelant next year if the supply of pesticides runs out and is gone forever. And then there's Hawkins. For a super spy, he's not very bright. He leaves the door to his secret lair unlocked and the info on Jake on-screen. The only thing I can think of is he did this so the daughter would find out and they could connect or she'd see how important it was that she followed his every order. And, of course, there was much hilarity when they used Vanilla Ice CD's for target practice.

    As a whole I'm not sure where exattly Jericho is going. I keep tuning in to find out who attacked and why, but we get no closer to the answers as the weeks go by. Also, the rather two-by-four-to-the-head mystery on Jake is not as compelling as it could be and I have a bad feeling the revelation of where he was and why he left town will be no where as interesting as everyone on the show wants it to be. But yet, I'm still intrigued enough to keep tuning in, for now.