Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • More pieces to the puzzle and good background info.

    As usual the Hawkins and Jake mysteries are the focus.

    The incident that caused Jake to leave town involved a death in Mitchells gang. Mitchells offenses, according to Hawkins reading of his rap sheet, included assault, burglary and gun trafficking. We have yet to meet Mitchell's boss Jonah, but Im sure he is even more of a bad character than Mitchell. There was a message scratched into the paint of the cell Mitchell was in that had Jakes name, something about To Hell With Jericho and '92. Which meant Jake was in that cell back when he was in his teens.

    Then there is Hawkins who obviously has a high level government (probably Pentagon) contact. And a photo that looks like he was part of some kind of Special Forces military operation - he lifted his image out of it and inserted it into the family photograph and photoshopped in different clothing to make it look good. In the previews for next week he is going out of town to meet SOMEONE! That should be interesting.

    Only real complaint was the sappy pop song at the end that was a bit much (I know some people like these songs but they overpower the scene too much). Seeing Hawkins daughter put a bullet in a Vanilla Ice CD made up for that.

    It does seem as if this episode was the first new episode filmed since the original 5 since there are key things fans on these message boards have asked for that were included.

    Looking forward to the information about the outside world that will be brought back by the first of the remaining "horsemen" Gray Anderson from episode 2 to return to Jericho.

    I could do without some of the romantic melodramatic hookups but Jericho writers are trying to appeal to a diverse audience. But they should keep those story line to a minimum.