Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • Not only nothing happened, but the writers managed to make us forget that Jericho is a drama, not a god damn soap opera.

    Surely, nobody's perfect. Nor the writers. But this was exceptionally CRAP.

    The previous episode was good - with an amazing ending - misslies being launched. Now, surely, in the little town, there's nothing they could've done: BUT. Advancing 2 weeks felt a cheap excuse to solve the cliffhanger. Not to mention, they could've threw in a scene with Hawkins and his magical laptop...

    Unfortunately, this episode still doesn't reveal anything about Hawkins: only small things, but mostly about his family. This is getting annoying now - at first it was fun, now it's just annoying.Instead of giving Gail and April screentime, give Hawkins, god damn it.

    The struggle between Eric and April is unbearable. IT's like watching Dallas or Days of our lives. I don't have problem with romantic plotlines, but this is beyond crap.

    The rest, well.... Mitch is a bad guy, Jonah is a good guy inside, but pretends to be a bad guy, Jonah is the dad of Emily, Jake used to be a bad guy with Jonah, but not anymore.. blah blah. Full of cliches.

    And you might wonder: Did these people REALIZE they've been bombarded? I don't think so!
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