Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • We're at war.

    3 weeks have passed since the bombs. Everybody's making their way of living. Now, that the writers aren't ready to give us the enjoyment of complete knowledge over everything, it's time to make some ridiculous in-side fights and tedious drama.

    2 weeks after the missiles were spotted and the EMP killed the circuiting. Nothing global is happening. Those spots should be filled, don't they? So, for the tedious soap drama. Jake is "reunited" with some guy who apparently has a rough history with Jake. They can't get by like some chickens. Sorry, I couldn't find a proper metaphor. The same guy steals Jake's family's horses. Making a really melo-dramatic cliffhanger about what the hell is going on.

    It seems that ALL the USA cities are filled with screwed-up little kids who assume their little pointless lives are something globally so important. Actually we learned that from episode 1 with Sky and all the other barbie weirdos. But now, they found fun in smacking at cell phones. Angering the little drama-queen Dale, who later then got sucked into their little band stuff, making it a complete waste of time. Watch-wise. I felt for it when the cute mayor's wife got knocked down when those bastards stole their horses. Now that was emotional. The only emotional thing this episode. The revenge fantasy. She's such a cute character and some co-coo bananas kids, whose motives are utterly unknown, do something like that. Later when Jake found the guy who did it, and he came out with a shotgun, it just came too lardy-dardy. Seriously! Too much of a soap-opera drama, which was really not necessary for the series. Mr. Hawkins taught her daughter to use a gun. Explaining to her that he's somehow affiliated with the govermont and his only reason to move to Jericho was the awaiting nuclear attack. And Mr. Hawkins wasn't in any of the family photos, which makes another cliffhanger considering that he was teaching his kids about what school they went and so. He's definetly hiding something and this little rendezvous didn't explain squat!

    What I really set my eyes on was that there was a friggin' fallout. A radioactive rain poured down the sky, exposing every little thing to radiation. And yet somehow, all the crops are just doing great. Shouldn't there be more drastic consequences? Nothing global really happened. Shame though.