Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • The city of Jericho is starting to revert to more primal motives. We begin to see how close we really are to total anarchy. Crime and exploitation begin to creep in with insecurity, and law abiding citizens begin to be more self centered.

    In many ways, this episode of Jericho continues to press home the fact that the world is now a completely different place. For the first time, we see how respect for the laws is fading, and how people begin to exert their leverage to get what they want. I was impressed to see how the economy begins to change, and how many of the main characters adopt more self centered motives.

    There is some good character development in this episode, Dale actually has a few lines and seems almost like a real boy, and Hawkins stops frowning and being the most serious person in the world. Some connections between the citizens are explored and flushed out, and we begin to get an idea of what's really going on.

    (spoilers ahead)

    I did not like the ending, however. The sentimentality just did not seem to have any rational reason behind it. Stanley needed pesticide, Gracie had pesticide. She made him an offer, and he refused, then the pesticide vanished. She accuses him of stealing it, then he walks over to where the pesticide is and gives it back to her. Then the entire town uniformally agrees to go over to his farm and help him out picking his crops. What began as an exploration of post nuclear capitalism and the barter system turns into a love in. I never pictured a love in to be a part of the apocalypse; maybe it's me.

    Again, I see the writers pulling a punch to save the audience from the harsh reality of their world. "Look at the mushroom cloud!!! Millions have died... BBQ time!" and now "Supply and demand is a harsh reality after the bombs, but don't worry, because the uniform cooperation will make it all better." They let me down here, because what could have been a vehicle for more drama and tension was resolved by the inherent goodness of the collective. Even the bad guys end up helping in the end, and we get the impression that even after the nukes go up, people are still going to go out of their way to help you with no strings attached.

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