Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on CBS

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  • Finally, it makes so much sense! Love this episode.

    So we find out about Hawkins. I love it how the writers make him a mysterious guy. It is great. In the first/second episode, I was wondering what Hawkins was doing with the bomb… now I understand. Love the way Hawkins trusted Jake, I guess he also wanted someone else to know about it too. Now with Jake knowing Hawkins secret, Hawkins don't have to be the mysterious man any more. It will be cool if he tells his wife what happen.

    Lol, Mimi and the chicken was really funny! At least she was sorta daring enough to do what she did. Lol. Bonnie expression was funny too, but at least they are trying to get along, which is cool.

    Jericho is getting so much better, I can't wait to watch my dvd again, such a great show.
  • 4 words: Mimi and the chicken!!

    Ok, so it's been a loooong time since I've reviewed an episode of anything on here. Not through lack of wanting to, just through lack of time. But after watching this episode I can't see how I could not review it! It was soooo good! Everything in the series so far, just slotted into place and became clear. All the way through there's been this whole is he/isn't he with Hawkins and this is the payoff we were all waiting for/deserving!
    I also loved the subplot between Mimi and Bonnie. Really sweet, and nice to see that they're starting to bond. Every scene with them together is just pure gold! This is without a doubt the best episode of the show so far, and it definitely looks as if things are gonna heat up from here on out! Kudos to the writers, it's clear now that they really did know where they were going from the start.
    And I gotta mention Mimi and her chat with the chicken. That is hands down the funniest bit of the series! Alicia Coppolla nailed it! Genius!
  • This episode surprised me...

    Jake and Jimmy confront Hawkins about the fake FBI badges, leading to Robert telling Jake about his past and what he really knows. Meanwhile Mimi comes to terms with running a household and Gail tries to help Johnston. This episode of Jericho surprised me, I have watched alot of season one and I found it hard to find any decent episode apart from the first episode, well Like I said this surprised me it was the best episode and it was quiet entertianing, it has slightley changed my mind of the series, I will tune in next week see if it stays like this.
  • The story behind the story.

    We finally get the whole story (or so the writers want us to believe) on Hawkins. Hawkins, it turns out, is a good guy after all even though he seems to be lying here and there. So has Hawkins been truthful with Jake this time about who he is and what the real story is behind the bombings? Hawkins claims to be an undercover agent trying to get back some Russian bombs. He even has a "package" that was meant for Columbus, Ohio. He relates all the pressure of working undercover and every thing he had to give up in order to get the bomb. Too bad he was teamed up with the traitor who betrayed all including him. A fairly good show which leaves...more questions!
  • Hawkins' story

    Wow, that was an excellent exposition of Hawkins' story. If it's all true, if he's really CIA it does explain so much of what we saw of his background. I hope it's all true because I quite like his character. This episode was very well written with lots of revealing flashbacks. His honesty to Jake was quite surprising but I guess he recognised something in Jake, about whose past we still don't know all that much.

    The little scenes with Allison and Emily as well as with Allison and her mom were very nice touches to show the impact of what happened and what it does to a family.

    The scenes of Johnston and Gail were moving too, both trying to come to grips with April's death in their own different ways.

    Mimi and the chicken or rooster were hilarious. I love her...
  • Review

    I thought this was a much better flashback episode then "One Day Before" simply because it didn't take the entire episode showing us everyones flashbacks. Hawkins backstory (along with Jakes) is all anyone really cares abotu and Im glad they decided to expand on just one story, in this epsiode it was Hawkins.

    Learning that the CIA Cheif of Direction was really in on the whole thing was a nice twist. Predictable when you watch the episode and look for a bald guy, but a twist nonetheless. I think Jake and Hawkins have a great on screen connection and I loved the scenes between the two of them in the basement. I liked how the other cop was left out of it - best to let the two experienced actors take care of the information we have been waiting all season for. At least it was finnaly revealed in this epsiode that Hawkins is in fact a good guy and was on our side from the start.

    Mimis storyline wasnt also half bad without Stanley. I liked the scene at the end with her and Bonnie reaching some form of a conclusion. The mayor and his wife scenes is what brought the episode down a little but - nothing interesting there for me and we could have went without the scenes in this episode.
  • I'm betting Jake has learnt his lesson and will not hold Hawkins at gun point anytime soon in the near future!!!

    Mimi (to chicken): So it’s come to this. I want you to know that this is nothing to do with you personally. I’m sure you’re wonderful. But, let’s be honest here. You’re the one that lays the fewest eggs and I distinctly told all of you that this was going to happen. I believe I made myself perfectly clear in that regard.

    Mimi is like a princess transformed into a maid! What's not to love!
  • excellent

    After hearing the news on the radio about terrorists carrying fake FBI badges, Jake investigates Hawkins at his house. While Jake holds Hawkins at gun point, Hawkins tells him his professional life story right from his recruitment into the CIA and his undercover work that he did for the agency. We get to see a lot with this episode, it's a Hawkins episode, so much is devoted to him, it's an adventure. We get to learn so much in this episode, it's a very exciting episode. The other characters get ample screen time, the Hawkins storyline is the most interesting. This is a good episode.
  • Hawkins and Jake one heck of a team.

    This one was loaded with information on Hawkins, where the bomb material came from and the nature of the others on his team. Hawkins is CIA (my guess was right on that one), they were operating in pairs on off-the-books, a technically illegal, operation. Hawkins was paired with the traitor Sarah Mason who was secretly working with Thomas Valente (aka the Cane Man)of DHS who is likely the leader of the whole terrorist operation. The reason for Jericho being the "rally point" was also confirmed - fallback location for the 8 person team to gather in the event they failed in their mission to stop the bombings. Flashbacks showed how Hawkins was brought onto the team by Victor Miller 4 years earlier and how he had to make the tough choice of leaving his family behind. Victor then proceeded to give an excellent overview of the terrorist operation consisting of domestic militia groups, anarchists and religious fanatics. Also included were details on how Hawkins went under cover (even going to prison to make contacts and give him credibility) and the tough choices he had to make - giving up his family life and killing an FBI informant who threatened to blow his cover; he reminded me of Jack Bauer ("24") - both of these men do questionable things and sacrifice so much to try and save their country; and are flawed tragic heroes. All of the scenes involving Jake and Hawkins were superb - next week they will team up to uncover the mystery in New Bern and find out why Jericho is in danger; Im really looking forward to that episode. I give the Hawkins/Jake segments an 11 out of 10.

    The other segments concerning Allison Hawkins coming to terms with killing Sarah Mason, Mr and Mrs Green dealing with the death of April and the Bonnie/Sean thing were important for character development and good pauses that enabled viewers to catch their breath between Hawkins/Jake segments. The scene where Mimi was talking to the chickens about how she had to sacrifice the lowest egg producer for a meal, was pretty funny. These segments rate a 9 out of 10. So overall I have to give this one a 10. You really have to watch this one at least twice to catch everything (thing like the receptionist enter the security code of 0911-for the 9/11 terrorist attacks). This episode exceeded my expectations. CBS would be crazy not to renew a series with so much potential.
  • One of the better episodes so far.

    Naturally were getting towards the season ending so this episode filled in some of the missing information as to why Hawkins was involved with the terrorist plots, we find out he’s C.I.A and was deep undercover to infiltrate the sleeper cells and find out who the top man involved in organising the cells, Jake naturally learns all this from Hawkins and even get’s a chance to see the bomb, problem is I’m still not certain Hawkins is telling the whole truth but he has found that the head honcho could be the director of homeland security.

    The episode was mainly built up with Hawkins telling all to Jake with small snippets from other cast members, the best being between Mimi and Bonnie with the chicken scenes the funniest. Jericho is a great show but needs more background information from other cast members as the show seems built on just Jakes and Hawkins past, we need more ’skeletons in the closet’ from a couple of other characters.
  • Hurray some answers and some new mysterious

    Best episode of Jericho yet, and by using the two best characters in the show makes it a damn near perfect episode. Finally we learn about Hawkins and his real involvement in the bombings, im quite happy the way his story was played out and he seems to be good. Loved the lost-esq flashbacks detailing his story and the intense situation between Jake and Hawkins was brilliant, hope they are involved as a team soon. I would of liked the whole episode it of just been Jake and Hawkins and telling Hawkins's story but also maintaining the atmosphere they created in the house. However i didnt like the swtiching between Johnson deer hunting,Hawkins's daughter in school and mimi trying to become better at situations on the farm. For me these little cutaways didnt help the pace of the episode but i can see why they did that. Brilliant episode, more Hawkins and Jake please.
  • Just when I was hoping it would get better, I think I've found it doesn't get any worse than this.

    This episode had 2 *very minor* snippets that dealt with post nuclear survival; 1) the kid in school leaving to go home and help his mom grow beets, and 2) Mimi having trouble killing a chicken.

    That's it, there's nothing else to see here. The entire Hawkins centric episode was pointless and a complete waste of time. Utilizing flashbacks in this fashion or manner is nothig other than an excuse for poor or lazy writing. They don't manage it nearly as well as Lost (and that show uses them way too much and in an increeasingly detrimental degree). We've got 4 more episodes, and then a short wait to see if it gets renewed. If this is what Jericho is going to be about, I don't want it renewed. If it continues like this, it won't get renewed. Next week's episode 'Casus Belli' should be about two communities going to war over increasingly scarce resources, but I ain't holding my breath.

    The problem with the show is not one of talent; they've got a great cast. The problem is also not one of premise; something like Jericho has never been done before on episodic TV (you might try BBC's Survivors or ITV's The Last Tarin for something that is similar though). Where Jericho is failing, and quite miserably at that is in the writing department. It is inaccurate, inconsistent and is failing to take advantage of the unlimited oppurtunities that the situations offer. Additionally, the show seems to display life as remaining normal after the detonation of 20+ nuclear weapons on Americal soil, which is ludicrous.

    I put Jericho on a death watch of 4 episodes unless they step up dramatically in quality each and every episode. It might still be too late.

  • Finally....more information on what happened.

    So now, what we seemed to always think, is that the states did it to themselves. Some high-powered Americans decided to destroy their own country. I hope they catch those b***ards. It seems Hawkins is on the right path. And finally, we know alot more about Hawkins. It was quite annoying seeing him sneaking around and not knowing if he was good or bad. I like him and like him more now knowing he is a good guy. Unless, of course, he is lying. But I hope not. I like seeing Jakes talents come out. That he is smart and knows alot. I thought Mimi was funny about killing the chicken.
  • I figured this would be more of a season finally type but we get the facts earlier.

    I figured Hawkins worked for the government, didn't guess C.I.A. Through a series of flashbacks and Hawkins story telling, we see how he infiltrated a terror cell, was forced to kill an F.B.I. agent, and how 4 years of work amounted in only 2 bombs being stopped; one of which is burried in his house. Hawkins was right about one thing when he was explaining everything to Jake; once you hear it, you're part of it, whether you like it or not. I also like how, in the end, they showed it to be an inside job. In the end you have to realize Hawkins, or any of the other agents, never stood a chance. When your boss' boss is the unknown guy at the top of the chart, you're shafted from the word go. A nice revelation at the end. The other parts though seem to be afterthoughts. The chicken incident was funny and school is now pointless when you have to grow beets in order to survive. The most interesting one was Johnston Green. I got the distict impression he was feeling abandoned by the town. The loss of election as mayor, especially at such a pivital point, hurts him more than he's willing to admit. When the townsman asks him to come back while Grey is laid up he takes a "you made your bed now sleep in it" attitude. I get the feeling Johnston wants the town to feel the concequences of their actions.

    Still, one of the best episodes to date, the coming weeks should be quite interesting.
  • Great Episode, we finally find out where Hawkins fits in to the whole scheme.

    Finally the episode we have been waiting for, how was Hawkins involved? I was looking foward to this episode all week and was not disappointed in the outcome. At first I didn't think Hawkins was going to be straight with Jake, but he laid the whole plot out in detail. Now it should be interesting to see how Jake and Hawkins deal with the bomb and Valente. It was good to see an episode that dealt with the details and storyline behind the bombs. It was also good to finally see where Hawkins fell, on the side of good or evil. It seems once he figured out that he couldn't stop the attacks he went to gather up his family and lead them to safety. The show is picking up speed and I am glad I stumbled upon it when the pilot aired, it has not disappointed.
  • Everything revealed but...not pleased

    I was really excited about this episode because Hawkins reveals all but to me it was a letdown. I was half expecting most of it apart from the fine details but they should have made it 10 times more understandable and not so complicated. From my view, this is what I understand: Robert was working for the good guys who were a sceret team of the CIA and their goal was to recover 25 stolen Russian war heads which were later turned into bombs. He worked for at least 4 years undercover with the terrorists, well a group of them and only managed to stop a bomb going to New York City and took the one going for Ohio. Excuse my spelling. He is a good guy and the flashbacks with him with the enemies, he was undercover. I only understand it after reading on the Internet but I guess I was expecting it to involve more action rather than just telling a story.
  • Answers about Hawkins involvement

    This episode was the best one yet we get answers to exactly what Hawkins involvement in the terrorist attack was. After one of the police hear on the radio that the terrorists had fake FBI badges he takes Jake to go and ask Hawkins about what he was really doing there. Hawkins ends up telling Jake everything and shows him what he has buried in his shed. The funniest scene of the show so far has to be this episode with Mimi trying to kill a chicken and she keeps talking to it telling it why it has to be the one to die.
  • Who Robert Hawkins really is

    Well, this was certainly a very interesting episode. The revelation of who Robert is/was working for was something, but my only question is for this episode is how much of it was real? Was he telling the whole truth. Since he hasn't told the whole truth since he got there, I find it hard to believe anything he says. But the end scenes with "Cane Man" (as I will call him until he's given a name) kinda proves that everything he says was true. I think I need to watch it again to put everything straight.

    As for the rest of the episode...the whole chopping off the chicken's head was funny. I felt kinda bad for Johnston in what he is going through. With the preview (& everything written on Wikiapedia), I think things are going to get really REALLY bad.

    4 episodes left.
  • Well folks this is why I keep watching! This takes the prize for 'best episode' in my book.

    In A.K.A. we learn that Robert Hawkins is C.I.A. and has been involved in the plot from early on as a undercover agent. But the 'company' isn't the only ones getting their paws dirty. The F.B.I. plays an important role, as does the D.H.S. (what a cliff-hanger ending!). Jake learns almost more than he can handle, and even gets a first-hand view of the 'package' meant for St. Louis. As with almost every episode of Jericho, we learn so much but end up asking even more questions. Are the attacks 'home grown'? What future awaits Jericho? Will there be enough food, water, and energy available? What of the outside world? I guess you'll have to wait and watch....
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