Season 1 Episode 14

Black Jack

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap


Jake breaks into a house looking for a Mr. Joe Bitner. Jake finds Mr. Bitner dead on the ground. Jake: it's going to be a long winter.

During a town meeting, Mayor Gray Anderson is letting the town know that they will run out of fuel soon. Johnston Green is criticizing Mayor Anderson for scaring people. During the meeting Hawkins is going to meet someone that says they know him. Heather makes a suggestion to use the wind turbines to create power.

Hawkins goes out to meet his "visitor". Robert is greeted coldly by Sarah (The Mystery Girl). Roger mentions Black Jack Fairgrounds. It is 200 miles away and it looks like they will need to make a visit there before Jericho runs out of gas. Mayor Anderson asks for volunteers. ***Morse Code***

Sarah punches Robert and accuses Robert of selling her out. Robert explains to her that no one is in Jericho but them. Victor showed up and he died because of the radiation. No one else made it to Jericho (the rally point). Sarah got away from three men and made it all the way to Jericho. She's upset with Robert for leaving her.

Roger is giving Mayor Anderson and Jake directions to the Black Jack Fairgrounds. Heather wants to go with Jake but he doesn't want her to go along.

Mary Bailey is trying to talk to Gail about April but Gail is cold to her.

Johnston mentions to Jake that he seems to always volunteer for all the risky moves outside of town. Jake tells Johnston that Heather is coming and Johnston decides that he wants to go out with them as well.

Emily is trying to adjust to a relationship with Roger and Roger is still having a hard time with his experiences after the bombs.

Robert brings Sarah home with him as a guest.

Dale looks at the gun he used to shoot Mitchell when Skylar stops by. Dale doesn't want to shut down Gracie's market even though he is running out of supply.

Johnston and Jake are getting ready to go out when Heather mentions that she kissed Jake. Johnston awkwardly walks away to let them talk. Heather tells Jake that she wants to go for practical reason and not a date. Dale wants to go with them. Dale wants to trade to get some supplies for the store.

Darcy questions who Sarah is and Robert tells her that he can't tell her who she is. Darcy is worried about Robert going off again because he had a "visitor" come over before and then disappeared. Robert goes downstairs and Sarah is changing. Robert catches her with a towel covering her and doesn't kiss her or anything. (Robert and Sarah were romantic in the past) Sarah knows that Robert still has the package after Robert shows her that he's being tracked. Robert needs to contact "the old man". They are afraid that they are being betrayed.

Jake, Johnston, Dale and Heather make their way to the Black Jack Fairgrounds. At the gate they are requested to drop off their guns before entering. Jake drives them in and the community gate is closed. The group looks over to the side to see a corps hanging from a rope.

The Black Jack Fairgrounds is a huge market place of trade. Dale compares the trading to E-bay but you can't get beat up on E-bay.

Roger wakes up to another day in Jericho and Emily wants him to talk about his experiences. Roger tells Emily that he saw "something" out there. He describes it as the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.

Sarah is telling Allison about the camps that she went through on her way to Jericho. Allison is curious but Robert is getting annoyed about the stories that she's sharing about radiation. Robert sends the kids upstairs. Darcy doesn't want to know about Sarah and Robert's working relationship and she also acknowledges that she knows they have a personal relationship.

Gail goes to Bailey's bar and offers to speak with Mary.

At the Black Jack Fairgrounds someone wants to know how much it is an hour to sleep with Heather. Jake pushes the guy off of Heather and tells him that she's not a hooker. Heather meets Ted, an old friend who gives Heather a big hug.

Someone warns Dale about his silverware. There is a board showing what is in demand and what isn't. There was an airdrop from Germany that Black Jack Fairgrounds received. Ravenwood gave Black Jack Fairgrounds a visit and killed 3 people. The news is being posted up on a wall. Jake and Heather continue their tour of Black Jack Fairgrounds when they are shown a map of the United States. There are six stars showing the Federal Government. It looks like there are six capital cities with six Presidents.

Jake wants to know who is in charge of the military. Right now there are five separate governments trying to create their own country along with the normal government. Johnston tells Dale that Gracie and his mother would be proud of him for all the hard work that he's putting in. Johnston tells Dale that Mitchell is going to get what's coming to him.

Gail tells Mary that she is upset with what Mary and Eric did to April and that she's dedicated to helping her grandchild. She feels like Mary has divided the family and that she may not be able to forgive her. Mary takes a drink and tells Gail that she isn't ok with putting April and her child in the same position that she grew up in without a father around but Eric loves her back and there is nothing she can do about their relationship as hard as she tried to not be with him.

Roger is telling Emily that he saw a bright light in the sky, a bright light with a ring around it. He believes that the light saved his life.

Jake and Johnston are in a shop and they are trying to trade. Russell helps Jake make a trade for the turbine part that they need. Dale sneaks off into the back and he can see that the person they are trading with has been involved with capturing people and possibly torturing them. Johnston calls off the trade after seeing the blood in the back. Jake says they needed that part as they all walk away but Dale went back and stole the part and left out the back. The security calls out for Dale, Jake, Johnston and Heather to stop.

The security grabs Dale and they are going to take Dale to "management". Johnston then takes a swing at security and a fight breaks out. Russell pulls out a gun and stops the fight.

Allison continues to ask Sarah questions. Allison wants to talk about it; she tells Sarah that Robert has been teaching her to shoot. Sarah gets a message from "the old man". Sarah tells him that they need to move and that they need to keep fighting and stay alive. Robert wants to meet him and take him out if they need to. Robert doesn't see a future in running away. Darcy knows that Robert is leaving; she knew it when Sarah walked in the door. Darcy is worried about the kids losing their father. Darcy questions trusting Sarah because she's a threat to the family and to his own safety.

Jake, Heather, Johnston and Dale are rushing to the car. They are trying to get out. Jake is going to try and drive through a barricade but the car won't fit. Russell drives a truck and rams it through and Jake drives his car behind him out of Black Jack Fairgrounds.

Heather is going to go with Ted and Russell. She thinks she could help out if she stays behind for a few days. Heather tells Jake that she's not dangerous and that's why they didn't work out. Jake gives her a hug and hopes that she will be ok. Heather gets in the truck with Ted and Russell and drive off.

Robert tells Sam that he didn't cry when he was teething that he was brave. Robert tells Sam that he's going to go away for a day or two. Sam wants to know if Robert is mad at him and if that is why he is leaving. Robert explains to him that there is nothing that he, his mother or sister could do to make him leave them.

Mary opens the paper that Gail left at the bar and it says "Be Nice, She's going to be Family Someday". It was a note Mary wrote to herself when she went to the Bar to talk to Mary.

Jake, Dale and Johnston make it back but without the part. Johnston tells Dale that he needs to be smart because he has more responsibility now. He has a few words for Jake about trying to drive throw the barricade. Skylar is at the store when Dale returns. He realizes after going to Black Jack Fairgrounds that Salt is an important trade item. Dale wants to know how much of the Salt mine Skylar's dad owns because if it's the new currency then she is rich.

Hawkins is talking to Sarah and he tells her that he is glad she made it and that they will leave first thing in the morning. Sarah communicates to "the old man" that she still hasn't found "the package" yet. She sends a message saying she will use Robert's family against him.