Season 1 Episode 14

Black Jack

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • Winter is coming, and Jericho is running out of fuel for the generator. If they don't figure out a way to get energy soon, people will no doubt die from the cold. Jake, Johnston, Dale and Heather set out to a trading city to get parts for a windmill.

    Despite my numerical review, I think that this show was pretty well done. We know what the problem is from the outset, and things seem to fall into place nicely.

    This episode focuses on the mission to Black Jack Fairgrounds and the current situation with Hawkins. There is also a smattering of Mary sparring with Mrs. Johnston, which wasn't as gross as I thought it was going to be.

    The story with Hawkins still has some huge holes in it. I'm glad that we were given some pieces in the recent filler episode, but I wish that the writers were a bit more forthcoming. Their secretiveness says that they are going to either drag this out, or that they are planning a twist. I just wish they weren't being so coy with it.

    The fairgrounds is a good device. I like the fact that the creators foresaw how things would work in a pretty detailed manner. I can't tell you if this is how things would really go down, but it sure seems plausible, and Black Jack Fairgrounds is a well conceived place. I didn't buy the serendipitous arrival of friends who came out of left field and were blood brothers within seconds of meeting. During the negotiations, one of the new friends vouches for Jake and the city of Jericho. The guy who vouches knows no one from Jericho, and has no reason to stick his neck out for anyone. A minute later (I'll get there), this same guy has to pull a gun on people to keep them from lynching Dale; guns are illegal in the Fairgrounds, so pulling one is a hangable offense. Then a little later, when things look like they are in trouble for these newfound brothers, they get in an army truck and blast through the gate so that Jake et al. can escape. This is sloppy, and it sells out whatever progress the writers made in regards to authenticity.

    It's a bleak world, and people have gotten ruthless and will kill you if you break their rules. Either that, or random strangers will risk their life and break all the rules to save you repeatedly. No. I don't care if their friend does know Heather, it does not make sense.

    Now. On to Dale. Ahhh, Dale. Early on in the episode, Roger says outright "'s not the thieves you gotta worry about, it's the guards. They've got a reputation of being really ruthless." Then, upon arrival at the Fairgrounds, there is a sign that says "Thieves will be strung up" (Heather reads it out loud at the gate). When they park Heather asks if they mean "strung up" literally and they whole group pans over to see someone dangling with a noose around their neck. Now... what do you think is going to happen in the story?

    That's right. And it's like watching a train wreck. You can see it coming, you know what is going to happen, but there isn't anything that you can do to stop it. The writers could have only made it more obvious if they named this episode "Dale steals some stuff despite being warned about it". It is with a heavy heart that I had to rate this episode a full point lower than I would have if the writers hadn't gotten so sloppy. It's a good episode, just watch out for the dumb parts.
  • One of my favorite episodes!!

    I partially enjoyed this episode as much as I did because there were some pretty funny lines, mostly from Johnston (who I just adore). But that isn't to say this is a lighthearted episode. We get to check out the world outside of Jericho, and how screwed up things are (six presidents? I mean really.). It was also fun because we got to check back in with some characters we haven't talked to in a couple episodes - Heather, and her post-kiss ordeal, as well as Dale and Skylar and what's going on with the store. All in all, I really loved watching this episode.
  • The world outside of Jericho

    In order to get parts for the windmill Jake and others set off to head to the "trading post" that Roger tells them about. There they see what is really happening outside of their town. Things are horrible all over the country. Several people are fighting / insisting they are the President. Some places are not liveable and people are searching for missing and lost relatives.

    Hawkins friend arrives and they go in search of the man who had been siphoning information to Hawkins. I still wonder exactly how involved he is in the bombings themselves. All in all a great show.
  • Jake, Johnston, Heather and Dale go to a trading post.

    In order to get some windmills working they need parts and Roger tells them about a newly established trading post. Dale wants to find stuff to sell and Heather has the technical expertise and Johnston just wants to see the world outside of Jericho, so the four of them go to the trading post. Dale uncovers some secret and then tries to steal the part. THe four need the help of one Heather's old friend to escape and and Heather decides to go with them to help with building energy sources.
    Robert and his family get a visit from his girlfriend, the one who helped with planning the bombings. He tells his wife he has to trust her, but it's shown that she cannot be trusted.

    Mary and Eric's mom have a heart to heart...
  • Review

    I like the road trip idea, and the people that they decided should go on it for the good of the town. I like that the mayor (former mayor) went with them just to show he still cares about this town. The young boys actions once again confuse me - hes becoming what Jake was in his past it seems, killing a man a couple of episodes ago and trying to steal something right in front of someone in the episode.

    Hawkins storyline has been exciting for pretty much the entire series, minus only two episodes I can remember. While some of the scenes are just filler, I like the overall story arch that he has for himself. Im excited to see how this whole "mole" thing works out and if this old man is someone that we all ready know or if it is going to be someone new. All in all - I thought it was a really strong episode behind only the mid season finale and Crossroads.
  • Another exciting journey with something for everyone.

    Aside from the storyline with Gail and Mary, which was conspicuously awkward, this episode was a blast. It had something for everyone: answers, questions, love story, ravings that could possibly be construed as proof of alien life...what's not to love?

    The core of this episode was the party sent to the fairgrounds to retrieve a key item--another compelling quest episiode. The motley crew of unpredictable Jericho residents dealt exceptionally well with the extreme conditions at the trading post (at first), and they were rewarded with new information about the state of the union, as well as the possibility of future trades.

    This setting also provided fertile ground for character development, especially in the case of Dale, who seems to be fostering a new independence--and not necessarily in a good way. Still, his increasing similarities to Jake become even more intriguing in this episode. The Hawkins family situation--especially the mother-son and father-daughter relationships--is becoming more and more complicated. Add into the mix Heather's temporary departure, and the characters and their relationships are bound to become even more fascinating later in the season.
  • great episode

    The town of Jericho are running out of energy resources, they have to find ways to generate energy or a lot of people may freeze during the winter months. Jake, his dad, Heather and Dale visit a town where people can trade their assets with anyone. But the town is more like a throw back to the wild wild west where people get hanged when they get caught stealing. It's nice to see a town outside of Jericho, we get to see a new perspective on the lives of the main characters. This is a really good episode, I really enjoyed watching this one.
  • Jericho gets more information about the outside world...

    Again, it's about time we get more answers about the outside world, however, I do think that if the town of Jericho ever needs to go back to Black Jack, it'd better not be any of the gang who went to it in this episode. I doubt that any of this group will be allowed back into Jericho, if they even make it to the gate again.

    And it's all thanks to Dale Turner -who tried to steal the part that they needed.

    And the hasty exit the group made...

    Still, it's nice to see Jake and his father actually start to really bond; not that they hadn't before this episode, but it's really starting to show here... I just hope that more information, like that learned in this episode, actually starts to filter into the series sooner or later. Of course, that could also take years to do, especially as there seems to be a fight to become the new president...

    One question is: what's actually going on world-wide? We got to see some of what's been happening in the States... but what about those American's who live abroad... like those who'd been fighting in Afgahnastan (Sorry if that's misspelled) and Iraq, amoung other places.

    And what about Canada and Mexico? Are the boarders open or closed now that the worst terror attack on US soil's happened? Not that that matters, but in some respect, it does, as more and more americans move south to warmer climates. Not everyone whose survived the attacks are going to be able to move to the southern states and survive; food & shelter will be just as big problem there as it is in Kansas...

    Just a thought.
  • Awesome episode. Cute Jake/Heather moments. Scary trading posts scenes. Dale almost gets hung!!!! Naughty Naughty!!

    Jake, Heather, Mr Green and Dale visit the Trading post to find a part for a windmill when they realise that Jericho is drastically running out of fuel and need to find alternate sources to generate power.

    There are some sweet Jake/ Heather moments where Heather brings up the kiss and Jake doesn't know what to say about it.

    At the trading post the team find out lots of news about what is going on in different areas. They also see a man that had been hung as he was found stealing.

    They find some of Heathers friends who take them to a guy who deals in 'specialists items' such as windmill parts. They almost make a deal but Dale finds a horrid scene in the back room, hand cuffs chained to bunkbeds with blood everywhere, so they decide not to make the deal. Dale proceeds to steel the item, gets found out and is chased by the traders, wanting to hang him. The team flee the trading post with help from Heathers friends.

    Heather decides not go back to Jericho and go with her friends instead to help make windmills. Jake seems upset that she is going.

    Loved this episode, in fact I might go and watch it again now.
  • Winter is comming...time to prepare!

    It's the first night where the temperature really starts to drop and people died in their sleep. At a town meeting it is decided that Jake, Johnston, Dale and Heather will go to the Black Jack trading grounds where they can trade salt for the parts to make a windmill. Dale tags along to try and get supplies for his shop. The trading grounds were really scary because everyone is so tough and they literally hung people for robbery. I really hate Dale now, what an idiot, he stole somthing! This was all pretty exciting and it was great how Heather stayed behind to do buisness. I actually don't care to much about Heather and Jakes relationship.
  • After the garbage of the previous episode, it was nice to see some real issues addressed

    I was slowly becoming disappointed with this show because it was not living up to it's promise of survival in a post nuclear world. And it was irrelevant about what happened the day before.

    What I saw that I had wanted to see since day 1 (back in July when I watched the pilot);

    -trading for goods (got it in this episode).
    -a centre for trading or gathering/exchange of information (got it)
    -women being objectified (hey, it ain't pretty, but it's it)
    -some indication of just how many US cities were hit (got it)
    -an indication of what has or hasn't happened to the federal government (got it).
    -rule by law threatened by rule by gun (got it).
    -a recognition of fuel shortages (got it)
    -acknowledging that it will be a hard, long winter (got it).

    If the show keeps it up, and delivers us a pessimistic viewpoint about what happens socilogically *after* the bomb, it will be a fine piece of television. If it backslides into a show about interpersonal love relationships or lost style mysteries/flashbacks (please, none of them), well....

    Please, more episodes like this. Also address the prevalence of age related diseases and how people are going to start dying because they don't have any antihypertensive meds (or insulin or cholesterol meds). It isn't that hard to do a gaussian curve of age in a 5000 size population group and extrapolate from there.

    Otherwise, a damn fine episode. More like it please.

  • The gang (Jaake, Heather, Jaake's father and Dale) go on a road trip to get some parts for the windmill so the town of Jericho isn't dependent on Gas.

    HAHAHAHAHA. Who thought I'd be reviewing this eposide thanks to loser of a channel 10 but thanks to my close knit sources I am currently watching this eposide via the internet.

    All I can say is the Jericho writers are keeping their promise to solutions they've already did that in the previous eposide. Now onto reviewing this eposide - Jericho I must admit is going in a good direction.

    I did not get bored once Dale is defiantly becoming the next Artful Dodger and wow the ex-mayor gets a good beating.

    hmm who knew Heather looked like a hooker? I didn't I'd say more like a tomboy. But hey that's me I'm sure guys everywere are thinking she's sexy.

    Wow Hawkin's wife told him to kill that girl.... how times have changed. Awwwww Hawkin's youngest is a swell little guys.
    Hmmm our Artful Dodger seems to have a plan interesting...
    Oooo the new lady is baddd.

    Watching it now this eposide was good and deserves the rating I gave it hopefully next review will be on time
  • Contact with the outside world.

    This was a great episode to follow up last week's flash back episode. Last week, we had some holes filled that concern the past. This week, we had some progression in the story line...some major progression. It was particularly interesting to get news from the outside world. It is evident that not only Jericho is having trouble.

    We learn that there are six people claiming to be president...SIX! That makes for a great story! The writers have created a great situation where they can develop some extensive story lines that will entertain us for years, I presume. This episode also had some action that was helpful to make up for some of the slower moment. This episode also had a significant amount of character development.

    Great episode.
  • Black Jack is the best episode yet.

    This episode was the best episode yet with long awaiting news of the general condition of America after the bombings. First off Jake, Johnston, Dale and Heather head off to a trading post where an amusement park has been turned into a barter town where people trade items like a post apocalyptic version of Ebay. The best part was the huge news board containing news provided by people passing thru the trading post ranging from regional/national news like the Northwest Power grid being beyond repair and news concerning the political fight over various claims to the US Presidency to world news like an expected 3rd round of Chinese aid airdrops. Nearby can be seen bulletin boards reminiscent of those around Manhattan after the World Trade Center collapse when people posted photos of missing relatives. The best part was the big US map of cities hit along with 6 competing capital of the new Federal Government led by the surviving Director of Homeland Security and 5 Senators. After Dale tries to steal the part needed to generate windmill power they make a daring escape from the trading post with help from an old friend of Heather who reported they received air drop aid from Germany. Heather decides to go back with her friend whos town has the machine shops to make the windmill parts which will be purchased by Jericho using salt from their mine. Salt is a much desired commodity.

    Next, the plot surrounding Hawkins thickened with the arrival of his friend Sarah. Its clear she is no longer on Hawkins side after allegedly escaping from 3 of the bomb plotters since she is secretly communicating with the plotters trying to find the bomb in Hawkins basement that he stole (this bomb was supposed to nuke Columbus Ohio, one of the 6 new capitals). Hawkins and Sarah are now headed for the "old man" who was feeding them information before the bombings. Who is he? The suspense is killing me! Hawkins told Sarah that if the "old man" was behind this he was going to "take him out". Hawkins apparently told his wife Darcy alot of what is really going on as, before he and Sarah left, she said that Hawkins should kill Sarah if she is a danger to the family.

    Roger (Emilys fiance) apparently saw the high altitude EMP bomb blast that knocked out the power for good and it ironically led him to the FEMA camp and saved his life. Roger and Emily are apparently rekindling their relationship........... With the developing Hawkins plot I am really looking forward to the upcoming episodes as we come closer to knowing who is ultimately behind the bombings and what role Hawkins really played; was he a CIA infiltrator or part of it? Also looking forward to the episode where a detachment of US Marines comes to Jericho - they should have information on the US military.
  • I like watching this again and again! And unlikely team led by Jake (of course) heads out into the dangerous new world and learns more about what is going on than they can ever imagine. (SPOILERS!!!!)

    Great eppy! Heather confronts Jake about their kiss a few episodes back and when she runs into an old friend at the Black Jack trading post, one could sense an inkling of jealousy in Jake (heehee). While at Black Jack (a bone chilling scary place) the audience gets more answers about what is going on than what Lost provides its viewers in a month! America is on the edge of a six way civil war and Jericho will no doubt be in the middle. I wasnt all surprised that Hawkin's mystery woman friend is the possible traitor of the whole operation. Lots of character relationship troubles which will continue to be tested as the series moves along. I cant wait for Wednesday again! AAARGH!!
  • People lived happy and along came the sudden winter and froze an old bible fanatic ..

    We're back to Jericho. Featuring a premature shot of that policeman guy and Jack discovering a dead old guy with a bible in his hand. Then, explaining that, we learned that a sudden winter came and the town needs fuel for the generator if they plan on surviving the winter. Too bad they don't have any yet. That teacher, what's her name .. whatever, suggested to make wind generators. Too bad they don't have that either .. so they set out to the screwed up wilderness in ventures to find one soon. The team included Jack, Ex-mayor Green, that teacher chick and that neurotic Dale kid. That's a real dream team they got there. Referring to Dale of course. And then we learned what's the outside world like. Raping and murdering and prostitution. The teacher almost got herself a little bit of the above. Jack saved the day again. I am really getting bored of that picture.

    So, we learned all kinds of things, concerning the outside world and that that black woman from Hawkins' flashbacks are some sort of .. umm .. DAMN! I should have paid attention!
  • Civil War already....?

    I liked Heather was back, now gone again. Atleast Emily is focusing on her fiance now. And the storylines are getting back into place. The only thing I don't really understand, is that so much stuff has gone on outside of Jericho, wars, killing..etc. And Jericho has only been touched once by Ravencroft? They have no idea what is going on, even for such a big town. Everyone else seems to know what is going on. It's only been a few weeks and there are battles and war style 'flea markets'. And in Jericho they are like, ah it sucks our carrotts are rotten. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy the episode, because it explained alot of questions, but I find if there was bombs that went off, the citizens are quick to start another Civil War already, but now with 6 sides to pick from.
  • Things will get much more worse before they get even better.

    It is really getting reckless in Jericho as we see
    The chaos and how people are trying to deal with
    What is going on in their town. Knowing that a lot
    Has happened and afraid that there is much more worse to
    Come as before it gets any better, it will get much
    More worse. Good thing that Jake's family are seeing him in
    A different light. A take charge role for a change.
  • This excursion into the outside world gives us insight into how things are beyond Jericho, and of things to come.

    Something as simple as salt has become more valuable than gold. Food, fuel, and energy production have replaced the greenback as the grease that keeps the wheels of daily life going. Aid has been coming in from around the world, but there are still many challenges at the community and regional levels. The U.S. is fractured into parts not unlike before the American Revolution. Who is in control at this high of a level seems to still be unclear. Hawkins' family is in danger and the 'package' - which we saw briefly in the 'Fallout' episode - seems to be the focus of his pursuers.
  • More great info

    We find out some awesome info about the outside world. Love how little facts pop up through the entire show, little pieces like where the aid comes from, and how the US is divided now apparently. Loved to see how the trading post worked and to see what happens without law to control people. Don't really understand what was going on the back room there, anyone else get it? Overall though, I love how the show blended the everyday necessities with some of the personal lines going in the show. Great episode and made some good progress in the story line.