Season 1 Episode 14

Black Jack

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • People lived happy and along came the sudden winter and froze an old bible fanatic ..

    We're back to Jericho. Featuring a premature shot of that policeman guy and Jack discovering a dead old guy with a bible in his hand. Then, explaining that, we learned that a sudden winter came and the town needs fuel for the generator if they plan on surviving the winter. Too bad they don't have any yet. That teacher, what's her name .. whatever, suggested to make wind generators. Too bad they don't have that either .. so they set out to the screwed up wilderness in ventures to find one soon. The team included Jack, Ex-mayor Green, that teacher chick and that neurotic Dale kid. That's a real dream team they got there. Referring to Dale of course. And then we learned what's the outside world like. Raping and murdering and prostitution. The teacher almost got herself a little bit of the above. Jack saved the day again. I am really getting bored of that picture.

    So, we learned all kinds of things, concerning the outside world and that that black woman from Hawkins' flashbacks are some sort of .. umm .. DAMN! I should have paid attention!