Season 1 Episode 14

Black Jack

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • Black Jack is the best episode yet.

    This episode was the best episode yet with long awaiting news of the general condition of America after the bombings. First off Jake, Johnston, Dale and Heather head off to a trading post where an amusement park has been turned into a barter town where people trade items like a post apocalyptic version of Ebay. The best part was the huge news board containing news provided by people passing thru the trading post ranging from regional/national news like the Northwest Power grid being beyond repair and news concerning the political fight over various claims to the US Presidency to world news like an expected 3rd round of Chinese aid airdrops. Nearby can be seen bulletin boards reminiscent of those around Manhattan after the World Trade Center collapse when people posted photos of missing relatives. The best part was the big US map of cities hit along with 6 competing capital of the new Federal Government led by the surviving Director of Homeland Security and 5 Senators. After Dale tries to steal the part needed to generate windmill power they make a daring escape from the trading post with help from an old friend of Heather who reported they received air drop aid from Germany. Heather decides to go back with her friend whos town has the machine shops to make the windmill parts which will be purchased by Jericho using salt from their mine. Salt is a much desired commodity.

    Next, the plot surrounding Hawkins thickened with the arrival of his friend Sarah. Its clear she is no longer on Hawkins side after allegedly escaping from 3 of the bomb plotters since she is secretly communicating with the plotters trying to find the bomb in Hawkins basement that he stole (this bomb was supposed to nuke Columbus Ohio, one of the 6 new capitals). Hawkins and Sarah are now headed for the "old man" who was feeding them information before the bombings. Who is he? The suspense is killing me! Hawkins told Sarah that if the "old man" was behind this he was going to "take him out". Hawkins apparently told his wife Darcy alot of what is really going on as, before he and Sarah left, she said that Hawkins should kill Sarah if she is a danger to the family.

    Roger (Emilys fiance) apparently saw the high altitude EMP bomb blast that knocked out the power for good and it ironically led him to the FEMA camp and saved his life. Roger and Emily are apparently rekindling their relationship........... With the developing Hawkins plot I am really looking forward to the upcoming episodes as we come closer to knowing who is ultimately behind the bombings and what role Hawkins really played; was he a CIA infiltrator or part of it? Also looking forward to the episode where a detachment of US Marines comes to Jericho - they should have information on the US military.
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