Season 1 Episode 14

Black Jack

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • After the garbage of the previous episode, it was nice to see some real issues addressed

    I was slowly becoming disappointed with this show because it was not living up to it's promise of survival in a post nuclear world. And it was irrelevant about what happened the day before.

    What I saw that I had wanted to see since day 1 (back in July when I watched the pilot);

    -trading for goods (got it in this episode).
    -a centre for trading or gathering/exchange of information (got it)
    -women being objectified (hey, it ain't pretty, but it's it)
    -some indication of just how many US cities were hit (got it)
    -an indication of what has or hasn't happened to the federal government (got it).
    -rule by law threatened by rule by gun (got it).
    -a recognition of fuel shortages (got it)
    -acknowledging that it will be a hard, long winter (got it).

    If the show keeps it up, and delivers us a pessimistic viewpoint about what happens socilogically *after* the bomb, it will be a fine piece of television. If it backslides into a show about interpersonal love relationships or lost style mysteries/flashbacks (please, none of them), well....

    Please, more episodes like this. Also address the prevalence of age related diseases and how people are going to start dying because they don't have any antihypertensive meds (or insulin or cholesterol meds). It isn't that hard to do a gaussian curve of age in a 5000 size population group and extrapolate from there.

    Otherwise, a damn fine episode. More like it please.