Season 1 Episode 14

Black Jack

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • Jericho gets more information about the outside world...

    Again, it's about time we get more answers about the outside world, however, I do think that if the town of Jericho ever needs to go back to Black Jack, it'd better not be any of the gang who went to it in this episode. I doubt that any of this group will be allowed back into Jericho, if they even make it to the gate again.

    And it's all thanks to Dale Turner -who tried to steal the part that they needed.

    And the hasty exit the group made...

    Still, it's nice to see Jake and his father actually start to really bond; not that they hadn't before this episode, but it's really starting to show here... I just hope that more information, like that learned in this episode, actually starts to filter into the series sooner or later. Of course, that could also take years to do, especially as there seems to be a fight to become the new president...

    One question is: what's actually going on world-wide? We got to see some of what's been happening in the States... but what about those American's who live abroad... like those who'd been fighting in Afgahnastan (Sorry if that's misspelled) and Iraq, amoung other places.

    And what about Canada and Mexico? Are the boarders open or closed now that the worst terror attack on US soil's happened? Not that that matters, but in some respect, it does, as more and more americans move south to warmer climates. Not everyone whose survived the attacks are going to be able to move to the southern states and survive; food & shelter will be just as big problem there as it is in Kansas...

    Just a thought.
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