Season 1 Episode 14

Black Jack

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on CBS

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    I like the road trip idea, and the people that they decided should go on it for the good of the town. I like that the mayor (former mayor) went with them just to show he still cares about this town. The young boys actions once again confuse me - hes becoming what Jake was in his past it seems, killing a man a couple of episodes ago and trying to steal something right in front of someone in the episode.

    Hawkins storyline has been exciting for pretty much the entire series, minus only two episodes I can remember. While some of the scenes are just filler, I like the overall story arch that he has for himself. Im excited to see how this whole "mole" thing works out and if this old man is someone that we all ready know or if it is going to be someone new. All in all - I thought it was a really strong episode behind only the mid season finale and Crossroads.