Season 1 Episode 20

Casus Belli

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on CBS

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  • Casus belli is a modern Latin language expression meaning the justification for acts of war.

    I had been live blogging this review when the power went out (and the batteries weren't in my laptop D'OH). So I'll try to write from memory what I had first written down. I was determined only to look for positive things in this show, and for the first time I did not go away disappointed. In short order;

    1) Some of the turbines come back, apparently operational (could they be sabotaged or boobytrapped), minus a few citizens of Jericho. Naturally this leads to a fact finding mission (jake and Hawkins, who else?). 2) Nice to see that Johnston Green is at least willing to cross the fence and make amnds and help out at the bar while his wife is still holding a pointless grudge.

    3) Upon arrival in New Bern, Jake and Hawkins encounter a perimeter defense. Smart move, and makes me wonder why Jericho isn't much more proactive at defense.

    4) Jimmy is smarter than might appera and that's a good idea at pumping a kid for information.

    5) Oh yeah, Jake and Hawkins find maps of Jericho, replete with resource dispositions on a map (unguarded naturally). Looks like planning stages for a war.

    6) And then money shot....the turbine factory is a munitions factory (which would explain why none of the Jericho hostages were allowed to go around unescorted)

    7)The use of torture to gain information is a valid tool of war (not nice, but hey), but it only becomes believeable if you believe someone capable of it. Hawkins seems credible.

    8) And the whole show comes together in the closing minutes as the citizens of New Bern are goaded into war (highly reminiscent of what Marcus Antonius was purported to have done after Julius Caesar's assasination with the Roman crowds). This is the esential definition of this particular episode; the how and why that societies go to war. Ignoring honor and history, you are left with the fight over scarce resources. Starting off slowly, this particular show seems a tad stale, but quickly picks up steam. Leaving behind Jericho, Hawkins an Jake leave behind the soap opera limitations that have hurt this show, Simply put, this episode got better and better as it progressed.

    Not much to complain about. Even Skylar and Dake weren't too annoying in this one.

    Now, a little bit more consistency in the writing please. more like this, Black Jack or Heart of Winter, and less like A.K.A. please.

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