Season 1 Episode 20

Casus Belli

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on CBS

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  • I could have chosen a dozen classifications for what to call this episode. I chose a series classic because of what stood out the most. What we all have been waiting for since the day we learned Hawkins wasnt your typical man.

    Since the day Hawkins was let on to us that he was not your average Jericho civilian, we have noticed he is one of the two strongest all around characters in the show. With the other character obviously being Jake, tonight we got what we all have been waiting for. Jake and Hawkins working together, alone, with trust, and most importantly with no secrets. In the beginning we werent sure if they would go head to head or team up. In tonight's series classic we finally got to see a greatly written episode where the two team up to what leads to them having to stop the end of there town. I thought last week was great. This week blew it away. The show keeps getting better and the writers keep giving us every piece of storyline we need without shoving dribble down are throats just to fit something in. I cant wait for next week but Ill miss the time off. Hopefully we will get it back next season. By far, tonight.... series classic!
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