Season 1 Episode 20

Casus Belli

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on CBS

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  • The Truth about what happens in New Bern... Territory fight for the salt mine... some Mary-Johnston and Stanley back home moments.

    Definitely what you expect from Jericho. 2 major action storylines and 2 relationships ones.
    Jake and Hawkins sneaking back in New Bern after Ted explained something was off. That's the least you could say when discovering a weapon factory :? Somehow Jake ends up in trouble again (but hey it's Jake we're talking about here so what else could have happened right? I swear Mama Green is gonna have a heart attack someday) and good thing coming out of bad, he ends up in jail... with Eric. Unfortunately Heather seems to be dead.
    All this part of the story is really good. It just sets the plot for the upcoming episodes and the season finale (and yes I am saying season and not series !! no way it could not be renewed). Action is building up and things are not gonna be pretty. Constantino doesn't appear to be willing to let things run smoothly although Russel is struggling back in Jericho to get a deal keep the 'peace'. That's exactly why I am watching and loving Jericho. Tight plot, some disturbing news, a reckless Jake...

    So what back in Jericho ?? Dale and Skylar are trying to make a deal with Russel and let him use the salt mine. Of course Mayor Gray is not quite a reluctant about it and things heat up a little. Russel hints that it may still be better than the other option... oh oh not good !! I really think Russel would make a great Jericho citizen next season. Maybe they can make an exchange with Dale ?? I swear this boy is nothing but trouble. Quite the annoying type, playing around with everyone in order to get what's best for him : the perfect punching-ball - sorry personal opinion here.
    That story as well should be developing in quite an interesting manner next week, with both camps meeting at the salt mine to gain control over it... blood bath en vue.

    As for a softer tone... we have some interesting scenes between Mary and Johnston, leaving Gail quite jealous at home waiting. Back at Stanley's Farm finally comes the humour strand when Stanley finds out Sean settled in and he turns out to be quite the annoying type !!

    All in all. A very good episode, marking a new development in the main story. Definitely a must watch !! So just sit back and ENJOY !! And I'm going back to watching it, because I probably missed a couple things the first time :D