Season 1 Episode 20

Casus Belli

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on CBS

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  • Spectacular episode - good follow up to A.K.A with Hawkins and Jake teaming up. And.... Season 2 is a GO! "OohRah!"

    This episode is the set up for the story arc that will conclude Season 1 with a building conflict between Jericho and New Bern; and, according to Producers, the death of one of the town’s leaders. Who will it be?

    The Jericho men taken to New Bern are unexpectedly brought back early with 4 of the windmills they helped build --- but Eric is not among them. Russell, Heathers friend, says trouble is brewing because they think Jericho wont pay for the windmills with food and salt as agreed. The Crockett and Tubbs ("Miami Vice") of Jericho team up and head to New Bern to find out what happened to Eric and uncover the New Bern mystery. After a short visit to town they see the town hall all shot up and children who are very hungry. They are told they dont know where Eric is, so Hawkins and Jake get a tip to meet in a trailer park - they grab a deputy and Hawkins proceeds to do his Jack Bauer ("24") imitation to get answers; and explains to Jake it not actual torture that gets results, its the threat of torture. They are shocked to find that Constantino and his cronies are planning to conquer Jericho and divide up Jericho themselves like feudal lords. Jake manages to get himself caught by the guards while Hawkins escapes and makes plans to rescue Jake. Jake is put in a cell across from Eric and finds out that Heather discovered the factory was primarily being used to make bombs and mortars; and also reveals Heather is DEAD - or is she? Sheriff Constantino drags Jake and Eric before his people and tells them lies such as Jericho sending Ravenwood to attack them, hoarding food while the people of New Bern starve and sending Jake and Eric as spies. Hawkins lurks in the darkness waiting for the moment attempt a rescue. The visit to New Bern shows how desperate things have become in urban areas that cant grow their own food. You can survive without power, but not without food. One can only imagine what larger cities are going through with the food production and distribution networks in chaos.

    This episode sets up an action packed ending to Season 1 - The big news this week came from Jerichos producers with the news we have all been waiting for: Ask the Producers response to a Jericho Wiki viewers question about the final episode of Season 1 - "Episode most definitely not a series finale! In fact, by the time it’s over,you’ll have some great clues about where our story is headed in its second season." YES !!!!!