Season 1 Episode 20

Casus Belli

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The Morse code message heard over the title is:

    • The episode title "Casus Belli" is a modern Latin language expression meaning the justification for acts of war or the reason for going to war. Casus means "Case" and Belli "for War"; "Case for War"

  • Quotes

    • Hawkins (to Jake): You can't just ride into New Bern and start breaking china.

    • Jake: Was that doing it your way?
      Hawkins: You asked me to come along.
      Jake: What were you gonna do?
      Hawkins: To get the truth? Less than you would have. You see, I've done—I've done enough, Jake, to know better. It's the fear of torture that gets results. Actual torture...only works in the movies.

    • Stanley: I guess if Sean Henthrone is my biggest problem, then...I'm a pretty lucky guy.
      Mimi (signing): Want to get luckier?
      (Stanley chuckles)

    • Skylar: I made my decision. Are you saying laws don't apply anymore?
      Gray: You didn't make a decision, you signed a piece of paper! Do you really want your parents to be dead that badly?
      Dale: Okay, stop it.
      Gray: No! You're advising her, Dale. Did you also tell her how her parents died? Because New York survived. So I guess you-you probably had to get pretty creative, right? Were they killed there? Or were they murdered on their way back to the child who meant everything to them?
      Skylar (teary-eyed): It's just a piece of paper.

    • Bonnie (signing): Thank you.
      Stanley: For what?
      Bonnie: Letting Sean stay.
      Stanley: You're welcome.
      Bonnie: And for not calling him an idiot, even when he is one.
      Stanley: Okay, if you know that...
      Mimi (clears throat): Sorry, just a little frog in my throat. Don't let me interrupt your nice sibling bonding moment. That's what it is, right?
      Bonnie (continues signing): Sean can be an idiot, but he can also be really great. All guys are like that, you have to put up with the "idiot" get to the "great" stuff.
      Stanley (chuckles): Yeah? And where did you come by that little pearl of wisdom?
      (Bonnie points at Mimi)
      Mimi: What'd she say about me?

    • Stanley: You need someone who knows their way around New Bern, Jake.
      Jake: I'll find Heather soon as I get there. She knows it better than anyone else.
      Stanley: It's not safe out there. You can't go by yourself!
      Jake: I'm not. (Scene cuts to Hawkins opening his front door) I need your help.

    • Jake: (about Eric) What the hell's going on over there, Russell? Should I be worried about him? (slams him against the truck) Answer me, should I be worried?
      Russell: I would be.

    • Gail: Is alcohol really a priority right now?
      Mary: Actually, it's not to drink. I was trying to make antiseptic for the med center.

    • Darcy: It's the least I can do to make myself useful. I feel like such a freeloader sitting around your house all day.
      Jimmy: Are you kidding me? You're like the best house guest ever. You cook, you do the dishes, you never get bored playing Boggle. We're dreading the day you and your husband work things out. (laughs awkwardly) That sounded a lot less insensitive in my head.

    • Mary: (about fixing the still) How'd you learn this?
      Johnston: Well, like most things that are fun and illegal, from my dad.

    • Stanley: And this one guy, he was so skinny you could count his ribs through his shirt. I tried to give him food when I could, but none of us had much, so… And then one day I could just see it in his eyes. He'd given up.
      Mimi: I never thought I'd be so thankful to live on a farm. From now on I promise I'll only complain intermittently.

    • Johnston: So anyhow, it's like 3 am, I've got this flashlight in my face. Gail's over on her side of the bed trying to find the phone to call the cops and finally I located the light switch. It's Eric, who's standing there and he says, 'I can't go to sleep until I confess – I'm drunk.' I said, 'You're what?' He said, 'I'm drunk. It won't ever happen again, I don't know what I was thinking.' Meantime he looks perfectly normal, his speech isn't slurred or anything. Gail starts grilling him, turns out he has had a beer and a half. I said to him, 'Son, do you have any idea how much beer it takes to get drunk?' He said, 'No, I don't. I said, 'Well get out of here and don't wake me up again until you do!'

    • Stanley: (about Sean) When did he learn how to sign?
      Mimi: (looks at him derisively) He's sleeping with a deaf girl.

    • Johnston: (about Mary) You told Eric we'd take care of her.
      Gail: What I meant was that we'd help keep her alive. What I didn't mean was that we'd run over there and spend the entire day every time she needed someone to do a little heavy lifting. (Johnston starts to walk away) Wait! Johnston. You don't think I'm the reason Eric left, do you? Is that what you think?
      Johnston: I think Eric left for a lot of reasons. But Mary may be why he comes back.

    • Constantino: This place is the only reason New Bern made it through the depression. (referring to the factory) This factory whistles like a heart beat to this town. We put the wind turbines together just down here.
      Deputy (Comes around corner with Ted by his side): Sheriff!
      Jake: Ted!
      Hawkins: Who's that?
      Jake: He's a friend of Heather's, we met him at Black Jack.
      Deputy: Good news. Guy knows where your brother is.
      Jake: Really, where?
      Ted: Uh, Eric went home. He and Heather both, they left this morning.
      Jake: Home? To Jericho?
      Hawkins: Why would they do that? Why didn't they go with the convoy?
      Ted: Well, Heather had to talk him into going, so, by then the other guys had left. So, I lent them my car and my rifle.. They didn't seem worried at all. They're probably back in Jericho by now.
      Deputy: Yeah.
      Ted: Hope they're okay. (Shakes Jake's hand)
      Jake: Thank you.

    • Johnston: You remember that book, ehm, something about women are from Venus and men are wrong?

    • Robert: Hold his knees please, Jake.
      Deputy Perkins: Why would I be staking out a trailer park if we had him? (shouts) Constantino put us on alert, he gave an SOS!

    • Constantino: Have you got what you need?
      Robert: Yes, mystery solved I guess.
      Constantino: Good, glad to hear. If there is nothing else, Deputy Perkins will escort you out of town.
      Robert: Oh no, we don't need to be escorted.
      Constantino: No, it's policy.
      Robert: You're big on policy.
      Constantino: We almost lost everything when Ravenwood came through here. I'm big on anything that keeps us alive.

    • Constantino: There have been a lot of rumors flying around about your town.
      Robert: What are people saying?
      Constantino: They're mad that Jericho didn't warn us about Ravenwood. They think that you're going to back down on your part of the food deal. We've had it rough here, okay. They're just looking for someone to blame.

    • Mary: The men came back from New Bern and Eric wasn't with them.
      Gail Why not?
      Mary He decided to stay a little longer.
      Johnston: He decided to or Constantino insisted?

    • Jake: Where's my brother?
      Russell: I don't know.
      Jake What?
      Russell: I know he hasn't been seen for a few days.
      Jake: Did you even try to find him?
      Russell: I asked Constantino.
      Jake: And...?
      Russell: And they told me that they were looking for him and this morning they told me to bring the rest of your guys home.
      Jake: What the hell is going on over there Russell?

    • Constantino: They want to see us destroyed. I looked their mayor in the eye. I told him how desperate our situation was. But on the day we made good on our end of the deal, what'd they do? They tried to destroy the factory that keeps this town alive. Here's your proof. These are the sons of Johnston Green, sent from Jericho to wreak havoc on this town. Now we know if these people had their way, New Bern would cease to exist. With your help and sacrifice, I will make sure that never happens! (Crowd chants and cheers.)

    • Eric: We wanted to break the machine, stop the factory. And then they caught us. They brought me here.
      Jake: So where is she? Where's Heather?
      Eric: She's dead, Jake.

    • Hawkins: They're making mortar rounds.
      Jake: They're running a munitions factory.
      (Men talking as they approach)
      Hawkins: They're getting ready for war. We need to get back to town.
      Jake: No, we need to try to stop them. Cover me.

    • Russell: You've got a salt mine with no real distributor. I've got men, trucks, guns, but no supplies. If we became partners...
      Skylar: Partners?
      Russell: I'm asking you for half of your share of the mine.
      Skylar: We're doing OK now.
      Russell: OK, but the people of Jericho only need so much salt. I know the trade routes, where to find the highest bidders, and how to make it back here in one piece.
      Skylar: What's in it for us?
      Russell: Bigger profits. I can get you five times what you can make here. And I'll deal with Gray Anderson.
      Skylar: (Looks at Dale inquisitively) When do you need an answer?
      Russell: Before we leave in the morning. Believe me, this is good for everyone.

    • Jake: We need answers.
      Hawkins: Getting answers is easy. Getting the truth -- that takes work. (Ominously starts sharpening large knife)

    • Mimi: You know, you listen to me, Stanley. Your sister's not a child any more. You can't just throw this fit and kick Sean's ass and think that's going to be the end of it.
      Stanley: Well, I hope you're going to explain to me why I can't.
      Mimi: Because if you do, she's just going to latch on that much tighter; unless they get really angry, in which case the age-old teenage remedy is to run away, which used to mean that you'd hear from them in a few days when they ran out of bus money. Nowadays, chances are much better that you'll find their bodies on the side of a road. Look, right now it is under our roof and it's a pain in the ass, I know. But it's a safe and manageable pain in the ass and I suggest you let him stay here before it turns into more than that.

    • Mary: Stanley, hey! Welcome home!
      Stanley: Thanks.
      Mary: Where's Eric?
      Stanley: Uhh. He didn't come back, Mary. He said he wasn't ready. But I'm sure he'll be back soon.

    • Russell: Thought you might be needing these. Your windmills. (Cheering and applause in background)
      Gray: Good to see you guys back. It's gonna take some time for me to find the guys to replace them.
      Russell: You don't need to replace them.
      Gray: W-wait. Our agreement was we get ten windmills for 10% of our crop.
      Russell: You'll get your windmills, but we won't need your men. Constantino calls this an act of good faith.
      Gray: I didn't think Constantino knew that term -- but I'll take it.

    • Johnston: Sorry I'm late for dinner.
      Gail: Or lunch, take your pick.

    • Sean: It's weird Stanley, 'cause, I'm much more of a vibe guy.
      Stanley: What the hell is a 'vibe guy'?
      Sean: You know, I mean, I've never been into like, physical labor. I'm more the guy people have around for my vibe.

    • Jake: My brother's been missing for three days, and I came to you for help.
      Robert: Fine. But if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it my way.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: January 9, 2008 on SBS Net
      - The Netherlands: July 21, 2008 on Veronica
      - Australia: July 24, 2008 on TEN HD

  • Allusions

    • Johnston: You remember that book, ehm, something about women are from Venus and men are wrong?
      Johnston actually means the famous bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus from John Gray, a book about the differences of the two genders and how to cope with those differences in a relationship.

    • With possible civil war brewing between Jericho and New Bern - the name of New Bern may be alluding to a minor Civil War battle where Union forces took control of the city of New Bern, NC March 11-12, 1862 using superior weapons (on Jericho that would be the Marine tank, automatic weapons and whatever is in Robert Hawkins' arsenal).