Season 1 Episode 22

Coalition of the Willing

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 02, 2007 on CBS

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  • In an episode which essentially depicts two societies at war with each other, I would accept nothing less than the defining moment of the series. If it's going to be realistic, it will be now. If this isn't the best, I've written Jericho off.

    1) Nice to see Constantino delivering his ultimatum via walkie talkie, Somehow very chilling that he would use his son to give Anderson this message. When Henry is walking up the road lantern bbing, iys sets a very evocative and creepy mood.

    2) Finially Jericho has patrols and a border defense set up.

    3) Minor quibble in that I don't think these semi industrially made mortars would have a range of 2 miles.

    4) Dale is turning out to be quite the prick If he defends the farm. it's his. Who would have thought the kid had a pair of stones that large!

    5)Again, Dale is turning out to be quite the venture capitalist. Assuming that he 'holds' the farm, I wonder if the legal system would let him keep it

    6) And the shells start falling. I wonder of anything is pre targeted, or if the wind turbines will get destroyed?

    7) Assuming Constantino holds up on his promise, Jericho could be in troublw (but I'm betting the town will be okay). With a mortar being manned by 2-3 people, New Bern could easily have 20-30 (or more) mortars out there.

    8) Nice to see a bit of Hawkin's mystique stripped away. About time.

    9) Nice to see a bit of a power struggle between Anderson and Green. It should end up with Green back in charge if the ambush fails.

    10) And the mortar rounds still fall. Other mortars, or was Stanley ambusged? Does this mean Green will end up back in charge as mayor?

    11) So just how many people died?

    12) I wonder just what the citizens of Jericho are going to fight with *other* than a tank? (which may or may not have ammunition).

    13) Things look like they're starting to spin out of control when everyone pulls guns in Anderson's office.

    14) Another minor qquiblle; even with Jonas on their side, I doubt they know *all* of New Bern's positios given the largely mobile or fluid nature of their 'army'.

    15) Trojam Horse?

    16) Another minor quibble; just where did Jericho get fully automatic AK's from?

    17)Looking at Jonas's men arriving into the New Bern camp, it seems apparent that no one has erv heard of a skrmish line.

    18) Shooting the wounded; not nice, but a realistic touch.

    19) Green has taken out *some* OF THE MORTARS.

    20) Jericho Delenda Est?

    Quite simply, this was the best episode I have seen of Jericho. Nothing better as of yet, and I'm only a bit peeved that it's taken us 21 episodes to arrive at this point. Societal collapse and social disorder/decay are finally being dealt with. I would still like to see more of the inevitable health issues presented, but I can put them aside for the moment.

    Nicely done, and I expect to see the finale even better.