Season 1 Episode 22

Coalition of the Willing

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 02, 2007 on CBS

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  • The best episode since the first.

    The experience provided by seeing the mushroom cloud made the first episode a must see after setting up what looked to be a 90210/OC/et al copy cat series.

    Fast forward to now and have two towns fighting for their very survival. New Bern where unprepared when the mercenaries attacked and that setup this coming war needs what Jericho has to survive and the sheriff there has built up the notion that Jericho directed the attack they faced.

    Gray shows his lack of true leadership skills when he first sends Jericho men straight into an ambush rather than take the advice of the military men and later when he's willing to capitulate to the New Bern demands.

    Thanks to the work of Jake, his family, Hawkins and the town's criminal element they overcome the first attack.

    But all out war is coming... The season finale is going to be one hell of an episode if this is just the precursor too it.
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