Season 1 Episode 22

Coalition of the Willing

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 02, 2007 on CBS

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  • What was that popping soun? Oh, Gray finally got his head out of his butt! And Hawkins is officially the man! And when you make a deal with the Devil, you will get burned!

    Jericho is attacked by mortars from New Bern. Gray sends a bunch of farmers out to supress them, without Johnston. No military guy, they get repelled, with extreem predjudice! This weighs heavy on Gray as he is FINALLY beginning to figure out there's more to being a mayor (in this New World Order) than just talking tough and sending in the troups. When he asks for Johnston's help, it's about time!

    We also see the return of Jonah and he remains a snake. Makes a deal, helps them, then renigs. I can't say I disagree with his murder of the truck driver, it's war and war is not pretty. There's a whole philisophical discussion on negotiation, civil disobedience (on New Bern's part) and peace vs. war but that's not what this show is about. However, this part did lead to THE best revelation in the show. When Jake ponders what they're going to do without guns, Hawkins simply replies, "Guns are easy." and shows him an amory full of weapons. More than enough to equip Jericho. That really blew me away. And speaking of Hawkins, I'm glad to see his wife finally gets it! He hasn't been away playing with toy soldier or reinacting Civil War battles, he been trying to save the country! When the mortars hit, I think that's when reality finally sank in, that what he does is real and failure has had major consequences. The barbarians are at the gate, Rome is falling. Now isn't the time to complain to your soldier husband why he's never been home. Now is the time to stand behind him because he's the only thing between you and certain death.

    A second popping sound was heard, that was Dale snapping back to reality. Nice to know you can own so much land, won't mean much if you're DEAD! The finall scene where he and his men join the fight, Hawkins gives a gun to his daughter, Jake gives one to his dad, if that wasn't wrenching your gut don't know what will. One last note, that tease with Heather in the previews better not be some flashback or something. She better be alive! and stay that way! However, I do fear that Johnston is going to fall in the seaons finally. Gray may fall too. This would leave Jake "in charge", with Hawkins at his side. I really can't see these two going anywhere.

    Also, why do I get the feeling Jonah's going to pull a Han Solo?