Season 1 Episode 22

Coalition of the Willing

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 02, 2007 on CBS

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  • Theyre not in Kansas any more... Or at least the one they knew before the bombs.

    People will look back and see this is the episode where everything changed. Things go from bad to worse: First New Bern tries to force Jerichos surrender along with taking most of its farmland. The the mortars begin landing in Jericho... and everything changes.

    Gray Anderson proves once and for all he is not fit to lead Jericho in times like these. In fact, hes downright dangerous - Gray shifts from decisions that are recklessly impulsive to freezing up like a deer in the headlights; after his actions result in the deaths of several Jericho men whom Gray ordered stop the mortar attacks against the sound advice of Johnston Green. During an attempt to capture a New Bern supply truck for use as a Trojan Horse to stop the mortars, a face from the past, Jonah Prowse, joins up with Jake, Emily, Hawkins and Johnston to stop the mortar attacks in one heck of a fire fight. Ending with Jonah brutally dealing brutally with a wounded man and taking nearly all of the captured materials. At heart, Jonah admits to Emily hes just a thief.

    Constantino reacts predictably with the ominous words "This is War" and says they will show no mercy toward Jericho. Gray Anderson finally admits he is in way over his head and says "Johnston, I need your help." Johnston Green then takes effective control of Jericho with a stirring speech that inspires the people to take up arms to defend their own existence. One by one they step forward to take an M-16 from the Hawkins arsenal. Even Dale steps forward after Johnston looks him square in the eye. Allison Hawkins steps up and take an M-16 from her father to fight beside him as he kisses her on the forehead - she is clearly a chip off the old block. Finally, in the darkness, Stanley peers though binoculars into the New Bern camp that is preparing to attack Jericho. Episode was tense from start to finish; the hour just flew by. What would we do in a similar circumstance? Would we fight our former neighbors? Could we pull the trigger? Or would we flee? Next weeks finale is looking like the best episode of the series with the return of popular character (you know who!) and one heck of battle where they finally deploy the TANK... New Bern doesnt realize what theyve gotten themselves into. Its the calm before the storm: Looks like rain.