Season 1 Episode 22

Coalition of the Willing

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 02, 2007 on CBS

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  • isn't that nice!?

    what a jerk, ... this Constantino, how he shoot with those amorses, he made a lot of damages! Luckly for Jericho cause Hawkins lives there ;) cause without him ... a lot of negative things would happened to Jericho and to green family! It was a touching moment when Hawking and his wife were kissing :D i'm glad theat they are bad together! And Grey Anderson ... damn, he is so stupid, Stanley almost died because of him! He's lucky with Johnston, cause otherwise ... he doesn't manage to lead this city alone, because of his foolish!

    And to don't forget about Emily and hes father, cause if her father wouldn't get there on time to help the good guys, probably they were dead by now! well ... he did show some selfish by tacking everything .. guns and things like that, he could let something like his daughter to be safely!

    It was a good episode! Hope we will see some action on the next episodes!
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