Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • great episode

    After Jake gets his promotion from the allied states army, he steps up as the new sheriff in town. The first president of the cheyenne comes to jericho to build up his support with the local townsfolk. Chavez helps out Hawkins in finding the secret about the cheyenne government and their new president. It's a really exciting episode. The writers came up with a really cool episode this week. When the town of Jericho faces the possibility of continuing without the old usa, things get really interesting. This plays out well for a tv show serial. I really loved this episode, i can't wait for the next one.
  • Why I like this show

    I may not be an American, and not even like anything about war, but this show has me hooked and the plot twists, authenticity and values keep pouring out of this show, making it so real. Few shows today on air can make the same claim.

    Perhaps what I like best is the characters. Like many other shows I like (House, LOST) it's not always what they do or if I agree, but rather how they do it and the reasons behind it.
    I really do hope more people discover this gem of a show, especially now when so many other shows are awaiting new scripts since the strike-ended; and really besides the tacky 'real shows', this is refreshing to watch, and is more real.
  • New history, new lives, new government.

    This episode was perfect to me. The drama is getting more intense, the characters are getting more intense and the plot lines are getting very intense! Jake keeps busy with the town's security until a mysterious soldier shows up. Then things heat up for Jake and for Hawkins. Hawkins just needs to keep the fact he is still alive hidden from the split governments.

    The new President from Cheyenne arrives in town much to the dismay of Gray. This new government is rubbing Gray the wrong way and it shows.

    Ravenwood returns. Eric and Jake are quite aware of how Ravenwood acts so I expect more things will go awry with this development. Overall, this show screams why fans wouldn't shut up about it and why CBS brought it back. Excellent show!
  • The Return of Ravenwood

    It seems as though as the new nation is the devil wrapped in a gift box with a nice little bow on top. But, citizens of Jericho are starting to unwrap the box and discover what the Cheyenne government is really about, a government greedy for power, and killed millions of Americans just to get to where they are now. The plot is really thickening and picking up pace even more rapidly. The show proves it's got the guts to have another season, but why the bloody hell does it have to all be about ratings? Another shocker is that dude from Ravenwood is back, and taking charge of the town, and this doesn't look good for anybody in Jericho.
  • A set up episode revealing more as to where the show is going to go.

    This episode wasn't ground break, it wasn't amazing, but it moved the season forward. It did a good job introducing and continuing the main episodes for the season.

    The first thing that it continued was the Hawkins and colleague thread with trying to align Texas with the Eastern side of the Mississippi and keep Texas from aligning with Cheyenne. I'm a little surprised that Hawkins' colleague survived the episode, but now things are probably going to quite down on that front, with Hawkins storyline now becoming more about avoiding being found out that he is still alive.

    The next story line, one that they introduced, was that of Gray and the new government. There are obviously going to be sparks flying about when he goes to the constitutional meeting as a representative, and it also puts Eric back into a position where he is going to be helping out running the town a lot. He could end up being a more key character then he had been in the past couple of episodes, he was in them, but he didn't play an important role.

    The final story line that this episode brought up is that of the return of Ravenwood. I don't know if it is the same guys as before (it could be a different actor, but I felt like with how they shot it they were implying it was the same guy), and both Eric and Jake have obviously run into Ravenwood before and knows what type of people are in Ravenwood. So there are going to be a lot of sparks flying there with people butting heads of what is being done with the town and how Ravenwood tries to run/control it.

    Overall this was a good episode. I feel like things will pick up more after this episode, but there obviously is going to be some falling action after the episode that showed them still at war with New Burn.
  • Flows much better than the premiere. Spoilery review as usual.

    Great episode, better than the already good premiere. My main gripe with the premiere was that it just didn't flow well. Well, since the previous episode done a good job setting the plot up, this episode flows much better!

    I liked almost everything about this episode. Let's start with the bad:

    -- The actor who plays the new president. Well, I understand the budget of the show has been hammered, but that actor isn't very compelling - no offense.
    -- The cinematography. Again, we can blame the budget, but I think the directors should try a bit harder. The show feels... well, to put it simply: cheap. Some shots are really bad. I don't understand why aren't they using the same filters from season 1? It gave the show an "orange" feel. Whatever... it might only be me who notices this. But this isn't really important anyway.
    -- Mimi and Stanley! AAahh, please, don't overdo their relationship! Their storyline breaks the pacing really bad. They're sweet I agree, but we need MUCH less of them.

    The good? Well, the 24-esque storyline continues. The old, slow paced, family drama filled mythology is gone. Instead we have conspiracies and political drama. Is it good? Hell yes. Mr Hawkins is awesome. The scene where he's downloading the files was very well done I thought. I also like the "concept" of the show, with the USA being split up. The reporter guy sure did say some intriguing things.

    It all feels like a well thought out endgame for the show, and let's face it. After the ratings from the previous week, this very well might be it: I can't wait for the plot to unfold. And one more thing. The ending? Oh my god. I got goosebumps!Ravenwood is back!
  • And it looked things are going better...

    Oh, the excitement goes on and this time it is again, on the limit. And even if on the long run it looks there is hope for them - as life is getting normal again, the question remain - is it? New history, new name for the country, new constitution. Where are they going? It is really getting so huge and it makes me wonder, how will they keep it logical? Couple of men keeping alive little town - yes, but now it will be saving a whole country soon enough. And I do not know.

    This episode, all the president thing and Jake realizing what kind of a game they are in - it was worth it. But they are getting caught, sooner and later and now Ravenwood back - so, I think rather soon....
  • The president pays an unwelcome visit and Jericho gets a glimpse of what the future will be according to their new government.

    An important episode (and my first) - Hawkins gets critical files and finds a way to distribute them, Jake helps and manages not to get caught and we find out the future according to the 'Cheyanne government'.

    The new flag is actually quite striking but it's a very minor issue compared to the 'new' history textbook which literally is not just rewriting history, but is blatantly judgemental. Gray argues that they've earned a right to a point of view – but that doesn't mean they have the right to impose that point of view on everyone else. As for the constitutional convention, given the history book it's easy to guess what this 'convention' is going to be: writing their personal version of the constitution. Gray is not fit to be mayor – he didn't utter a defiant word, ask a single question, he appears spineless until he admits it was deliberate, so that he can go to the convention. Doesn't even remotely change my opinion of him, he puts my back up. The entire so-called 'Cheyenne government' was never elected, this is no longer a democracy, they came into power by force so now they can pretty much do whatever they want. They only rule half the country, 'from the Mississippi to the Pacific' and they go that final step: they rename the country! 'The Allied States of America'.

    Jake is put in a difficult position since he's sheriff but he also wants the truth out and once Hawkins got the files, he finally has real confirmation that the attacks were blamed falsely on North Korea. The only way to get the information out is to trust a reporter who may or may not be willing to go public. Before the reporter can commit one way or another, he is killed – he either talked or was already under surveillance. Jake got him killed and he's going to have to live with that.

    The speech at the farm is nothing but a farce. This isn't a president that has been chosen by the people so these people don't and will never believe in him. The looks on the faces of Gray, Mimi and Eric show blatantly how they feel. But they are not the only ones, watch the reactions of the people in the audience, and a lot of the people clapping are his own staff. The presentation of the flag was in extreme bad taste and even worse, a meaningless gesture. Even when he finishes his speech, there are a significant number of people not clapping. Tomarchio is pretending (and not very well) to be something he is obviously not, every gesture and comment feels forced and false. But therein lies the problem: this will be reported to other cities and from a distance, it will look real.

    Parker is black ops and kills Beck's men escaping, gets the flash drive from Hawkins, and we'll see what comes of it. The mysterious file on the flash drive that Hawkins couldn't open will obviously be critical somehow. Beck is being replaced to go look for Mason which means they're trying to take over Jericho too. This is fast becoming a military state. And welcome D.B. Sweeney to the cast! I love him so what a wonderful addition!

    Later revision: After watching season 1, I now know that D.B. Sweeney is an old enemy, and man, I can't wait for the reunion!! Seeing Goetz and Jake face off is going to be awesome! Also, my first instincts about Gray proved to be right on the money. This episode makes a lot more sense now.

    This is the first episode I've watched and I enjoyed it. I'll definitely continue watching it.
  • Season 2 is much stronger?

    During season 1 my support for the show was lukewarm. I was not all broken up when it was canceled. Now I would be. Is that because it gets more attention now (more money), or because some (unspecified) writer(s) left the show?
    Action is getting to be stronger, while it is still paying attention to characters, their motivations, fears..It's like, more is being said with less...
    Which is why I am surprised I have to meet the 100 words minimum for this review...what is this - SAT? One thing I am curious about is - is Hawkings really committed to putting his family first, or is he ready to be dragged into fighting the conspiracy again? So far this two goals coalesce, but should he have to choose...
  • Review

    I thought the first episode was better then this one, but this one was still solid. Im still not really seeing the whole "This season is going to be all A-Plot". Watching about 12 minutes being devoted to Hawkins getting a walkie talkie isn't my idea of "all A-Plot." I will say though that I am a person that was recruited because of the nut campaign and have enjoyed the show since the first episode. I dont think these episodes are bad, but since they are fighting for there life here I think they just should have sacrificed some of this conspiracy storyline and gotten more peope involved into it. People cannot jump into a story that is so focused from season one and enjoy it. I still am enjoying the episodes of Jericho, but I can see why the ratings are just as low as they were at the end of the yeat.
  • More disturbing right wing properganda from the Allied states of america.

    The president vists stanley's farm the site of the battle between jericho and new bern.Now that the goverment seem to belive jerichos version of events the town is hailed as heros.The president speech is slightly unnerving and jingoistic as is his propaganda book given to the town as history.Grey and the mayor argue about what to do about this unelected president in thier town.
    Sheriff Jake meanwhile is busy helping the towns security forces.Until a soldier runs him down at the town hall and is arrested.He confronts hawkins and discover the attackswas a pretext for passing him a password to the computer files in hawkins possesion.Evidence about the true nature of the bombs and their origins .The officail story is false they were ,inreality,warheads from russian ICBMs.Meaning north korea and iran were wiped out to cover up the secret.A reporter jake tells the story to ends up dead and the soldier escapes and goes back to hawkins for the evidence and then heads down to texas to convince them to join the ohio goverment.Oh and then ravenwood turn up.
  • An episode Jericho can be proud of...

    To date, there are two episodes of Jericho that have stood out. The first, in my opinion, was the infamous "nuts" Season Finale. The second was this episode. I have been complaining since Day One about the over the top smaltzy writing and bad acting (Jake and Hawkins!!!)that has plagued this show. The acting continues to be difficult to watch. Those scenes which Jake and Hawkins star are just so terrible to watch. However, this episode really switched gears a bit. The storytelling is slow, aging like a fine wine perhaps, and the drama is just now starting to really unfold as the corruption of the American government starts to reveal itself. A government self-appointed, a government that would create such a maelstorm simply to take power for the "betterment" of society, a government willing to rewrite history: it's not that shocking. It could be, to a certain degree, characteristic of any democratic republic. Our own history is full of covert, terrible acts, originally intended to "protect" the American way. Jericho has shown what can happen if you let these "little" things go. This is what can happen eventually. Sidenote: Esai Morales is a welcome addition. He was great in American Family and has found a role that suits him here. They couldn't have found anyone better.

    Sidenote: Being a history teacher, I was extremely disturbed by the new textbook. I have no problem with revisionist history. It's the rewriting of history based on current perspectives. Everyone is surely entitled to their own opinion. However, using a textbook to create a society of soldiers, a country of violence, is unacceptable. Sidenote: I can't imagine a world without my family in it. That a very sweet poignant moment between Bonnie and family. Eric at the President speech...those tears looked real. Some tender moments in this episode...believable moments. Sidenote: What is Project Boxcar!?! Sidenote: Book Recommendation for all those who love the premise of Jericho..."Judgement Day" by Jane Jensen.