Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • Flows much better than the premiere. Spoilery review as usual.

    Great episode, better than the already good premiere. My main gripe with the premiere was that it just didn't flow well. Well, since the previous episode done a good job setting the plot up, this episode flows much better!

    I liked almost everything about this episode. Let's start with the bad:

    -- The actor who plays the new president. Well, I understand the budget of the show has been hammered, but that actor isn't very compelling - no offense.
    -- The cinematography. Again, we can blame the budget, but I think the directors should try a bit harder. The show feels... well, to put it simply: cheap. Some shots are really bad. I don't understand why aren't they using the same filters from season 1? It gave the show an "orange" feel. Whatever... it might only be me who notices this. But this isn't really important anyway.
    -- Mimi and Stanley! AAahh, please, don't overdo their relationship! Their storyline breaks the pacing really bad. They're sweet I agree, but we need MUCH less of them.

    The good? Well, the 24-esque storyline continues. The old, slow paced, family drama filled mythology is gone. Instead we have conspiracies and political drama. Is it good? Hell yes. Mr Hawkins is awesome. The scene where he's downloading the files was very well done I thought. I also like the "concept" of the show, with the USA being split up. The reporter guy sure did say some intriguing things.

    It all feels like a well thought out endgame for the show, and let's face it. After the ratings from the previous week, this very well might be it: I can't wait for the plot to unfold. And one more thing. The ending? Oh my god. I got goosebumps!Ravenwood is back!
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