Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • An episode Jericho can be proud of...

    To date, there are two episodes of Jericho that have stood out. The first, in my opinion, was the infamous "nuts" Season Finale. The second was this episode. I have been complaining since Day One about the over the top smaltzy writing and bad acting (Jake and Hawkins!!!)that has plagued this show. The acting continues to be difficult to watch. Those scenes which Jake and Hawkins star are just so terrible to watch. However, this episode really switched gears a bit. The storytelling is slow, aging like a fine wine perhaps, and the drama is just now starting to really unfold as the corruption of the American government starts to reveal itself. A government self-appointed, a government that would create such a maelstorm simply to take power for the "betterment" of society, a government willing to rewrite history: it's not that shocking. It could be, to a certain degree, characteristic of any democratic republic. Our own history is full of covert, terrible acts, originally intended to "protect" the American way. Jericho has shown what can happen if you let these "little" things go. This is what can happen eventually. Sidenote: Esai Morales is a welcome addition. He was great in American Family and has found a role that suits him here. They couldn't have found anyone better.

    Sidenote: Being a history teacher, I was extremely disturbed by the new textbook. I have no problem with revisionist history. It's the rewriting of history based on current perspectives. Everyone is surely entitled to their own opinion. However, using a textbook to create a society of soldiers, a country of violence, is unacceptable. Sidenote: I can't imagine a world without my family in it. That a very sweet poignant moment between Bonnie and family. Eric at the President speech...those tears looked real. Some tender moments in this episode...believable moments. Sidenote: What is Project Boxcar!?! Sidenote: Book Recommendation for all those who love the premise of Jericho..."Judgement Day" by Jane Jensen.
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