Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • The president pays an unwelcome visit and Jericho gets a glimpse of what the future will be according to their new government.

    An important episode (and my first) - Hawkins gets critical files and finds a way to distribute them, Jake helps and manages not to get caught and we find out the future according to the 'Cheyanne government'.

    The new flag is actually quite striking but it's a very minor issue compared to the 'new' history textbook which literally is not just rewriting history, but is blatantly judgemental. Gray argues that they've earned a right to a point of view – but that doesn't mean they have the right to impose that point of view on everyone else. As for the constitutional convention, given the history book it's easy to guess what this 'convention' is going to be: writing their personal version of the constitution. Gray is not fit to be mayor – he didn't utter a defiant word, ask a single question, he appears spineless until he admits it was deliberate, so that he can go to the convention. Doesn't even remotely change my opinion of him, he puts my back up. The entire so-called 'Cheyenne government' was never elected, this is no longer a democracy, they came into power by force so now they can pretty much do whatever they want. They only rule half the country, 'from the Mississippi to the Pacific' and they go that final step: they rename the country! 'The Allied States of America'.

    Jake is put in a difficult position since he's sheriff but he also wants the truth out and once Hawkins got the files, he finally has real confirmation that the attacks were blamed falsely on North Korea. The only way to get the information out is to trust a reporter who may or may not be willing to go public. Before the reporter can commit one way or another, he is killed – he either talked or was already under surveillance. Jake got him killed and he's going to have to live with that.

    The speech at the farm is nothing but a farce. This isn't a president that has been chosen by the people so these people don't and will never believe in him. The looks on the faces of Gray, Mimi and Eric show blatantly how they feel. But they are not the only ones, watch the reactions of the people in the audience, and a lot of the people clapping are his own staff. The presentation of the flag was in extreme bad taste and even worse, a meaningless gesture. Even when he finishes his speech, there are a significant number of people not clapping. Tomarchio is pretending (and not very well) to be something he is obviously not, every gesture and comment feels forced and false. But therein lies the problem: this will be reported to other cities and from a distance, it will look real.

    Parker is black ops and kills Beck's men escaping, gets the flash drive from Hawkins, and we'll see what comes of it. The mysterious file on the flash drive that Hawkins couldn't open will obviously be critical somehow. Beck is being replaced to go look for Mason which means they're trying to take over Jericho too. This is fast becoming a military state. And welcome D.B. Sweeney to the cast! I love him so what a wonderful addition!

    Later revision: After watching season 1, I now know that D.B. Sweeney is an old enemy, and man, I can't wait for the reunion!! Seeing Goetz and Jake face off is going to be awesome! Also, my first instincts about Gray proved to be right on the money. This episode makes a lot more sense now.

    This is the first episode I've watched and I enjoyed it. I'll definitely continue watching it.