Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on CBS
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The residents of Jericho receive a visit from a group of questionable outsiders and they realize that they need to form a plan to keep the outsiders out. Emily has a dream about her wedding morning to Roger. She wakes up and realizes that he is probably dead.


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  • This episode was ok. Can't say it was great.

    Jericho has got a great storyline. But this episode is kinda dull. The olny thing big that happened was that the Raven Wood guys came back to kill or do something to the people of Jericho that they now know are alive. Jake and everyone else try to stop them with the help of Hawkins,towns people and Jonah. And in this part we know that when Emily and Jake was young they were going to marry.

    The other thing is that the future flashes that Emily get are just too much, i mean it's one thing to see them. But to hear them talk with there own mind. It's a bit too much for me. But the episode wasn't bad bad.moreless
  • Ravenwood is coming to Jericho, and without the guidance of the mayor, Jake and Eric clash over what to do to resolve the problem. Emily has flashbacks throughout this episode about her wedding, which was planned for this day.moreless

    I label this episode as a dream sequence because half of it focuses on Emily and her marriage plans. If you've been watching, you know that Emily was engaged to be married in Jericho today, and since this day comes and goes without Roger, she has only her memories and dreams to comfort her. The flashback sequences are done well, phasing seamlessly from one setting to the other. If you like Emily, this episode is pivotal to your understanding of her, and she gets quite a bit of time on screen.

    The second half of this episode revolves around Ravenwood, the mercenary organization that followed Jake and Eric back to town. It's set up nicely around a bridge that seperates Jericho; Stanley's farm on one side, and the town on the other. It is a good setup, because the solution entails sacrifice, and in my view, that is where the show shines.

    This is a good episode, even though I am a little bored with Emily.moreless
  • The town is besieged, can it survive?

    Ravenwood come calling on Jericho. This group claims to be working for the government and they need Jericho's supplies. The overall concensous is to blow up the bridge but Mitchell's boss puts a stop to it.

    Eric seeks Jonah's help for the bridge but also ends his relationship with April, a real downer in this mini soap opera like story. I don't do soap operas well so I am evidently getting tired of some the story arcs that need closure. Eric makes one good decision and then one bad. That seems to be Eric! Emily was supposed to be married this day. Roger was intially thought to have survived but if so where is he? Emily may prove to be Heather's competition with Jake.moreless
  • The town has to repel a possible attack from Ravenwood, a 'government-hired' group of thugs.

    In this exciting episode several storylines are combined.

    One is that today's was supposed to be Emily's wedding day. She spends the night with her friends, drinking and having 'visions' of Roger, her husband to be. He poses some interesting question, the most important one of which deals with why she was never willing to leave Jericho. The implication is, which is later confirmed, is that it is because of Jake.

    I seriously hope the writer won't go down this road. I like Heather and Jake and even though I like Emily too, I see her more as a friend than as something more.

    Eric finally tells April he's leaving her, just before she can tell him that she's pregnant. Much to the dismay of his mother.

    The third storyline involves Ravenwood, the group of thugs, who claim to work for the government and want to ransack Jericho for supplies. In defiance of Eric, the deputy mayor, some of the citizens, including Gray and Jake want to blow up the bridge. It doesn't some to that, due to Eric getting help in the form of Jonah...

    Johnston does agree with Jake that they need a security force...moreless
  • Review

    I thought it was the best episode the show has made to date, with two very good plots to follow throughout the entire episode (three if you count the stuff at home between Eric and April drama)

    I thought the bridge scenes were really intense and I love the way this show encompasses music into the dramatic scenes that are going to be pivitol to the show. I loved the man on the other side of Jake, the leader of the other gang. It gave me chills when he said "When the government sends someone, itll be me". I thought the writing and acting in all of those scenes leading up to the showdown were perfect. And then Eric saving the day by bringing an unlikely ally.

    I thought the Eric/April situation was good because he said his feelings right before he broke it off. It should be interetsing when he learns the truth about her having a baby. Hopefully in the next episode.

    Then the dream scenes with Emily thinking about Roger were also really well done. I liked seeing how things would have played out, with some added scenes at the end of the dreams that show they were never real. The scene at the end with her in the church thinking about Jake was amazing. I didnt make the connection until the reveal, it was intense. Dont know why this is only a 9.0 episode, it was amazing.moreless
D.B. Sweeney

D.B. Sweeney


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Alicia Coppola

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Darby Stanchfield

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Nitpick: Two Ravenwood Hummers are at Stanley's ranch getting gas, but the Hummers are diesel.

    • Goof: When Heather gets up from the bar, leaving Emily, the bottle of the single malt scotch is about three quarter full. In the next scene, when Kenchy comes over and Emily grabs the bottle to pour them a drink, the bottle is only half full.

    • Nitpick: Why not explode a portion of the eastern end of the bridge approach, effectively preventing the Ravenwood detachment from entering town? This would leave damage that could easily be repaired later without mechanized equipment. As Johnston Green wisely pointed out, the bridge might be needed as an evacuation route; not to mention the foodstuffs available from the farms on the other side of the bridge.

    • Nitpicks: When Emily enters the church at the end of the episode, most of the candles are fairly freshly lit--some looking like they've been lit within the last few minutes. This implies that someone else (the priest?) is there, and yet we see no one. It also seems highly unlikely that they would waste so many candles on an empty church when there's no supply readily available.

    • The Morse code message heard over the title is:
      AOV stands for Area of Vulnerability.

    • Based on Dr. Dhuwalia's words, Las Vegas apparently still exists. He was living there until the bombs and joined the Red Cross to get out which brought him to Rogue River.

    • The boat underneath the bridge had California registration on it "CF".

    • At the end of this episode there are 11 known Ravenwood men who are still alive out of this dispatch.

    • U.S.

      This is what the title of the World War 2 book read that Johnston gave to Jake which was from Jake's grandfather.

    • Emily Sullivan's name would be Emily Hammond if she married Roger, meaning Roger's last name is Hammond.

    • Jericho Geography: It is revealed in this episode that both Stanley's farm and Jonas's compound are located east of the town on the other side of the bridge, between Jericho and Rogue River. There is also mention of several other food-producing farms that lie on the other side as well.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Heather: We're not hiking today. Everyone is supposed to stay indoors. Something is going on outside of town and the roads are blocked.
      Emily: Let's go home.
      Heather: Home? They didn't say home, they said indoors.

    • Heather: Em, Em, Em, turn it off! Turn it off!
      Emily: Sorry, um but there was a truck with these guys with guns.
      Heather: Yeah.

    • Jake: I'm not here to fight.
      Johnston: What are you here for?
      Jake: We need a security force. A real one. Trained. Sanctioned by you.

    • Dhuwalia: Here's to the future. Rest in peace.

    • Dhuwalia: Las Vegas. Don't laugh, don't laugh, it's a wonderful town. It's really a wonderful place. Not quite so wonderful without water and electricity. Practically threw myself at the Red Cross to get out. Noble gesture, designed to save my own ass.

    • Heather: Oh, and, um, if the engine starts to shake, just slide over and gun the gas. And, uh, keep your eye on the temperature. If the needle hits the red, cut the gas 'cause you've got about two seconds before its about to explode. Okay?
      Emily: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Why can't I just go in?
      Heather: Aw, no, no, no. I don't want you to go through the trouble.
      Emily: Right.

    • Emily: Do you think your parents will ever get used to a small town girl stealing away their big city boy?
      Roger: Sure, as soon as we move back to civilization.
      Emily: Right, noise and traffic and pollution. (throws pillow at Roger)
      Roger: Don't forget about the crime. (throws pillow back at Emily)
      Emily: I'm not kidding Roger. This is it, when we're married, this is where we live.
      Roger: Sure that's what you want?
      Emily: What's that supposed to mean?
      Roger: Sure it's what you want?
      Emily: Roger, Roger! Roger!

    • Stanley: You're on private property, this isn't a gas station.
      Goetz: I'll see to it you're reimbursed sir. We work for the federal government.
      Stanley: Yeah, what kind of work?
      Goetz: Just making sure folks have everything they need, medical supplies, clean water, food. A friend of mine told me to look him up if we came through, do you know Eric Green?
      Stanley: I'm sorry, I can't help you.
      Goetz: Thanks for the fill-up.

    • Jake: How'd it go with April? Did you tell her about you and Mary?
      Eric: Didn't think it was the right time.
      Jake: Yeah, it's never gonna be.

    • Stanley: Some guys showed up at the farm last night. Couple Humvee's, guns, they knew Eric's name.
      Eric: Ravenwood.
      Stanley: Who?
      Jake: Mercenaries. We ran across them in Rogue River.
      Stanley: Okay, well, what the hell would they want?
      Jake: Everything.

    • Jake: They'll probably come from the East across the Tacoma Bridge; I think we should block it.
      Stanley: My farm is on the other side of that bridge and so's 30 other families.
      Jake: Well, everyone on that side will have to come into town. It's not safe to stay over there.
      Stanley: You want me to abandon my farm, Jake; you've got to be kidding.
      Eric: Just for now Stanley…

    • April: Gail, do you think he'll… well, the timing just seems so…
      Gail: You're talking about my first grandchild. The timing couldn't be better. Now tell him.
      (Gail and April both smile)

    • Robert: This isn't your first run in with Ravenwood, is it?
      Jake: Why?
      Robert: You go off on your road trip; all of a sudden they're headed for Jericho. Would've thought you'd be more careful is all.
      Jake: You think I led them here on purpose?
      Robert: Hey, I'm just trying to put the pieces together, Jake.
      Jake: Let me make it easy for you, my family lives in Jericho.
      Robert: So does mine.
      Jake: Everything I do, I do to protect them.
      Robert: Same here, man.
      Jake: Well then let's stop screwing around and get it done.

    • Jake: Let me guess—this isn't your first run in with these guys either, is it?
      Robert: You know there's only one thing I need to know from you, Jake.
      Jake: What?
      Robert: Would you even know when you're in over your head?

    • Eric: Okay, let's talk.
      April: When I, uh…had the divorce papers drafted. I did that because I couldn't see a future for us, (holds Eric's hand) but now I can.
      Eric: I can't.
      April: What?
      Eric: Look, the last thing I want to do on this Earth is hurt you April, but I'm in love with someone else.
      April: (gasps) Who?
      Eric: Mary Bailey. April, look April….April..I'm sorry
      April: No, you don't get to do this. You son of a bitch. (April walks away)

    • Goetz: Somebody here want to talk to me? Whoever's in charge, this road needs to be cleared. We're under government orders to collect supplies.
      Jimmy: Breathe.
      (single gunshot followed by multiple gunshots)
      Goetz: Cease fire, cease fire, hold your fire. Listen up, we're here on government orders to collect supplies. Your cooperation is mandatory. Understood? Mandatory.
      Jake: Damn it.
      Goetz: When I get back here, this bridge better be clear or I'll clear it myself. You got four hours. Understood? Let's roll!

    • Eric: Bill, lock up the explosives.
      Gray: Now wait a minute.
      Eric: Listen, nothing happens to that bridge. We can face them with whatever we can muster.
      Gray: How can you….?!
      Eric: The answer is no.

    • Heather: Hey, it's not the end of the world, right? 'Cause that already happened.

    • Stanley: Jake, I'll hold them off, I did it before.
      Jake: Look, it's not going to be a couple of guys this time. All right, they left a pile of bodies in Rogue River. You wanna wind up like that?
      Mimi: Stanley, please don't get yourself killed for a house.
      Stanley: Hey, my grandfather built this house from the ground up. And that room you've been sleeping in, that was my Dad's room when he was a kid. They put that in your audit file? I'm not about to give it up without a fight.

    • Emily: Pretty bad out there isn't it?
      Kenchy: Oh, poverty, murder, disease. It's bloody miserable. Sorry. Sorry. I am drunk, and I haven't slept in weeks.
      Emily: Me, too.

    • Heather: Before we head over to the church, I'd like to make a toast to the blushing bride and banker boy.
      Emily: Banker man.
      Heather: Well, it's still a banker any way you slice it. Who here would ever match Roger with Emily. Talk about high risk investment.
      Emily: There's nothing risky about him.
      Heather: Exactly. To Emily and Roger, may they live happily together in eternal blandness, never questioning their life, never looking too closely, never wondering if they weren't meant for something else. Down the hatch, everybody.

    • Jake: What's this town worth to you?
      Goetz: You know, pretty soon, things are going to start to get back to normal. The government will put itself back together. And they'll be looking to help you all get back on your feet, and you know who they're going to send? Me. Let's go!

    • Jonah: Next time you want to destroy my route into town I'd appreciate a head's up. You're welcome. Really, don't mention it. Can I make a suggestion? Start figuring out how to fight for yourselves. If Eric hadn't come to get me you'd all be burying Jake in a shoebox tomorrow.

    • Johnston: Now, maybe one of you would like to tell me just exactly who you think is in charge here. If we're hit from the other side that bridge might be our only line of retreat. Help is on the other side of that bridge, our people; the whole world is on the other side of that bridge. We destroy that bridge we've already lost.
      Gray: Everyone here wants this to happen, including your son.
      Stanley: No, not everyone. You guys come up with a real plan to protect this town, you let me know.

    • Emily: What do you want to know?
      Jake: How did he propose?
      Emily: Crystal and caviar.
      Jake: Beats the hell out of malt liquor in a video store parking lot.
      Emily: We were teenagers what the hell did we know?
      Jake: Knew enough not to go through with it.
      Emily: Why did you come back, Jake? Hmm? Why couldn't you have just stayed away?
      Jake: Are you sure that's what you wanted?
      Emily: What did you just say?
      Jake: (leans in and whispers) Are you sure that's what you wanted?

  • NOTES (4)