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Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on CBS

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  • This episode was ok. Can't say it was great.

    Jericho has got a great storyline. But this episode is kinda dull. The olny thing big that happened was that the Raven Wood guys came back to kill or do something to the people of Jericho that they now know are alive. Jake and everyone else try to stop them with the help of Hawkins,towns people and Jonah. And in this part we know that when Emily and Jake was young they were going to marry.
    The other thing is that the future flashes that Emily get are just too much, i mean it's one thing to see them. But to hear them talk with there own mind. It's a bit too much for me. But the episode wasn't bad bad.
  • Ravenwood is coming to Jericho, and without the guidance of the mayor, Jake and Eric clash over what to do to resolve the problem. Emily has flashbacks throughout this episode about her wedding, which was planned for this day.

    I label this episode as a dream sequence because half of it focuses on Emily and her marriage plans. If you've been watching, you know that Emily was engaged to be married in Jericho today, and since this day comes and goes without Roger, she has only her memories and dreams to comfort her. The flashback sequences are done well, phasing seamlessly from one setting to the other. If you like Emily, this episode is pivotal to your understanding of her, and she gets quite a bit of time on screen.

    The second half of this episode revolves around Ravenwood, the mercenary organization that followed Jake and Eric back to town. It's set up nicely around a bridge that seperates Jericho; Stanley's farm on one side, and the town on the other. It is a good setup, because the solution entails sacrifice, and in my view, that is where the show shines.

    This is a good episode, even though I am a little bored with Emily.
  • The town is besieged, can it survive?

    Ravenwood come calling on Jericho. This group claims to be working for the government and they need Jericho's supplies. The overall concensous is to blow up the bridge but Mitchell's boss puts a stop to it.

    Eric seeks Jonah's help for the bridge but also ends his relationship with April, a real downer in this mini soap opera like story. I don't do soap operas well so I am evidently getting tired of some the story arcs that need closure. Eric makes one good decision and then one bad. That seems to be Eric! Emily was supposed to be married this day. Roger was intially thought to have survived but if so where is he? Emily may prove to be Heather's competition with Jake.
  • The town has to repel a possible attack from Ravenwood, a 'government-hired' group of thugs.

    In this exciting episode several storylines are combined.

    One is that today's was supposed to be Emily's wedding day. She spends the night with her friends, drinking and having 'visions' of Roger, her husband to be. He poses some interesting question, the most important one of which deals with why she was never willing to leave Jericho. The implication is, which is later confirmed, is that it is because of Jake.
    I seriously hope the writer won't go down this road. I like Heather and Jake and even though I like Emily too, I see her more as a friend than as something more.

    Eric finally tells April he's leaving her, just before she can tell him that she's pregnant. Much to the dismay of his mother.

    The third storyline involves Ravenwood, the group of thugs, who claim to work for the government and want to ransack Jericho for supplies. In defiance of Eric, the deputy mayor, some of the citizens, including Gray and Jake want to blow up the bridge. It doesn't some to that, due to Eric getting help in the form of Jonah...
    Johnston does agree with Jake that they need a security force...
  • Review

    I thought it was the best episode the show has made to date, with two very good plots to follow throughout the entire episode (three if you count the stuff at home between Eric and April drama)

    I thought the bridge scenes were really intense and I love the way this show encompasses music into the dramatic scenes that are going to be pivitol to the show. I loved the man on the other side of Jake, the leader of the other gang. It gave me chills when he said "When the government sends someone, itll be me". I thought the writing and acting in all of those scenes leading up to the showdown were perfect. And then Eric saving the day by bringing an unlikely ally.

    I thought the Eric/April situation was good because he said his feelings right before he broke it off. It should be interetsing when he learns the truth about her having a baby. Hopefully in the next episode.

    Then the dream scenes with Emily thinking about Roger were also really well done. I liked seeing how things would have played out, with some added scenes at the end of the dreams that show they were never real. The scene at the end with her in the church thinking about Jake was amazing. I didnt make the connection until the reveal, it was intense. Dont know why this is only a 9.0 episode, it was amazing.
  • Can they fight off Ravenwood?

    For the first time since the bombs the inhabitants of Jericho are confronted with a danger they never knew before. But Jake knows what those Ravenwood guys are capable of and it obviously scares the hell out of him. I understand that he was willing to go against his family and blow up the bridge to keep them out ouf the town. But in the end a whole different solution turned up: Jona and his guys come to rescue, but I'll bet it's not going without price for the Jericho people. It's just not showing directly, but there will consequences...
    It was very nicely presented how Emily was having trouble on the day that should have been her wedding day. I just didn't expect that her day dreaming would end with her realizing she might just stick to Jericho because of what she had with Jake. It's gonna be interesting to see those two getting closer again, I guess. I like Heather as well, I really don't prefer either ship, so...
  • great episode

    Continuing the story from the last episode, Jericho faces a danger that threatens its very existence. The corrupt mercenaries of Ravenwood set their sights on this small town in search of any valuable loot that they can get their hands on. Emily starts to have dreams about her husband as she fears that he may be dead. Jake argues with Eric whether to blow up a bridge that might save them from Ravenwood. In this episode, it's like the wild wild west set on the present day. The storyline looks convincing enough to look suspenseful, the plot was well written.
  • The Redneck Protectors.

    Picked up where we left off. No huge unexplained time gaps for once. The Green boys have returned home and their father, the mayor is recovering. Everything's going on nicely till Eric remembers to have left his wallet with his address at the Rogue River hospital, where the mercenary group Ravenwood was. Of course now they invade Jericho. At leas try to.

    It was the day that Emily was supposed to get married, if not her fiance was missing. Dead probably. Now, crushed, she even "sees" visions/dreams about it. It was a bit weird. The show took a leap as seen in Lost or Six Feet Under; seemingly real unreal hallucination thingies. Though Lost and Six Feet Under did it better, it was still all good. Actually felt for her. Not considering that she's annoying.

    Eric confessed his affair to his wife. Who by the way is carrying HIS child. I'm against infidelity of course, but still, can't help to wonder, if that would happen to me. To find someone better. Would I if I could? Now that's a topic. A dilemma. This makes it harder for April, because she's pregnant. And the nation is at war, USA is screwed up and now her husband leaves her. Talking about American drama.

    Ravenwood came, stating that they're on a government mission to collect supplies and stuff. I didn't really understand the deal with them all. Why DID they drive to Jericho and what DID they want? Did they go freelance? Whatever.

    There was a grand plan to blow up the bridge. Which sucked! There are other entrances to the city. The only way that could work, if they camouflaged the wires, blowing the bridge up when those Humvees are crossing it. Ka-boom! No problems. But somehow Eric and the mayor were against the bombing plan? The question is, why the heck not? Then what is the alternative? To just get invaded by them? Pff.

    I'm just grateful there weren't no stupid pointless drama about Jake's past. That's getting annoying.
  • good episode, taking his speed...

    ... to develope, i liked the story of emily, turning a little on jake, lets see where that leads us. The development of eric and april is also gonna have a couple of surprises, i dont know the show has a 2nd season or not , but it has story for it, lets see where it goes, hope it keeps interesting =)
  • Crossroads filled in my Jericho fix!

    I really liked this episode and I thought it was creative and original. This time there are real bad guys, the Ravenwood gang. I was actually against their idea to blow up the bridge because as Mayor Green said, help and the outside world is in the other side of the bridge.

    Emily's dream about her wedding didn't quite fit in with the episode. I thought it was stupid how in the other side of town there's a major problem and she's just worrying about her wedding that would never be.

    This episode really got me guessing till the end. I thought they were going to blow up the bridge. The guy from Ravenwood was right, they're not gone yet. They're going to pass by Jericho again and next time they're just going to keep on driving. I'll definitely tune in to next week's episode.
  • Crossroads was really good in a fact of ambushes and proving that the town can defend itself or just get plain lucky!

    Jake knows that Ravenwood is coming to town when in the last episode he finds out that Eric left his wallet in rogue river, so the town sets up a road block at the bridge to make sure that no one get's into Jericho that's not supposed to. When ravenwood shows up they aren't even spooked and fire upon the towns people of jericho with their punny shotguns. Ravenwood then gives them 4 hours to clear up their roadblock so that they can go into town to get supplies. The town then regroups and Jake thinks that they should blow up the bridge. Not knowing that Ravenwood comes back soon he doesn't have the dynamite set all the way so he puts his life in stake only to be saved by Jonah's boys. They end of getting Ravenwood out of time for the mean time while Emily get's drunk and fantasizes on her wedding day. Jake talks to his dad and he agrees that they need to train some townspeople to better defend jericho. Really exciting and must see. For those who haven't watched Jericho you are missing out.
  • I found \"Crossroads\" to be very entertaining. There are many different character storylines that can blossom from this episode.

    All in all I found \"Crossroads\" to be entertaining however there continues the need for questions to be answered. \"Rouge River\" and \"Crossroads\" should have been a part I and part II episode per say. \"Rouge River\" revealed many sources of outside information while \"Crossroads\" concluded where \"Rouge River\" left off. I think that the lack of technical military advisory is really becoming an issue if the directors and writers are trying to keep with modern/current timelines. I feel that if Jericho enters into a second season it needs to have more accuracy overall and somewhat less soap opera type relationship issues. I did enjoy watching Robert Hawkins employing himself as a counter sniper. The Ravenwood Mercs I will say are completely outfitted as real world PMC's (Private Military Contractors) would dress and be equipped. Kudos to the wardrobe staff of Jericho.
  • Jericho back on form with gun fights and love triangles...

    This episode was one of the few that didnt have boring bits; usually there are a couple of scenes in each ep that i just tune out in, but this latest installment kept me riveted the whole time, from the first arrival of the mercenaries to the last of Emily\'s weird visions.

    The showdown on the bridge (jericho townspeople vs mercenaries) was exciting and i could not have guessed what happened, although obviously jake wasn\'t going to die. And this new love triangle? Argh! I love the Jake/Heather thing, so i\'m not too happy about Emily\'s intrusion. Speaking of romance, when are Stanley and Mimi going to get together? They have great chemistry, and you can tell its gonna happen eventually.

    All in all, this was a great ep, one i could easily point to when people ask we what it is i like about Jericho.
  • Emily Dreams, Hawkins shows his gun skills and Rouge Teams makes it return.

    I missed last weeks eposide in reviewing so I'm back for some more.

    Overall good eposide the only thing that bugged me is how Eric Green reacted to blowing a bridge up - dude there is many other ways to get into Jericho no need to painic!

    I liked the dreams involving Emily it showed us some more of her and also gave us some more information on the Emily/Jake thing.

    I was excited to see though Hawkins show his gun skills off just makes you want to know his full story sooner then later.

    I want to hit Stanley for acting so stupied when everyone was leaving to go into Jericho but at the same time I sorta understood were he was coming from even though Mimi had a point even though he loved the house so much he still should of went with Mimi when they were picking people up for Bonnie.

    A Good eposide though like always your usual Cliches but it's picking up pace but remember people it's a drama not real life based so don't go nuts over the mistakes.
  • Excellent followup to Rogue River.

    Jericho has become MUST SEE TV. Like LOST it adds suspense by introducing ever increasingly dangerous elements and people that are a threat to the people involved along with pieces to the puzzles of characters like Jake Green and Robert Hawkins. After a month the harsh realities of the new world have not yet hit Jericho full force but they are getting a taste of things to come. Last week things picked up with the dead town of Rogue River and hospital full of patients shot to death by the Ravenwood mercenaries who are now out only from themselves acting like predatory animals. The people of Jericho cannot afford to rest for a minute knowing THEY are still out there. There are increasing signs of cracks in town unity with some siding with Mayor Green and others with Gray Anderson who is a "shoot first and ask questions later" kind of leader - the Patton of Jericho. Hawkins is slowly positioning himself as a much valued citizen of Jericho - doing his part by picking off a Ravenwood sniper. Jake will also take a prominent role in forming a town defense force. It is all but certain Hawkins will become an integral part of that force. Jake earned the respect of Hawkins by his actions on the bridge.

    Hopefully more people from the outside world will show up in Jericho to deliver first hand news of the outside world to feed the towns hunger for information.

    Though there may be individual sub plots Im not crazy about the overall direction of Jericho is definitely much improved in the last 2 episodes. I also realize there are viewers who like these sub plot which can only help expand the fan base. Shows with a narrow fan base usually end up cancelled quickly. Hopefully they can maintain the balance of the last 2 episodes for the rest of the year.

    Granted, Jericho is up against stiff competition of a #1 show in the 8-9PM time slot, but it is doing remarkabley well considering the difficult and tricky nature of the subject matter seeing that it resembles a scenario that could actually happen. If nothing else Jericho is thought provoking and stimulates debate about who could launch such terrorist style attacks and how a small town to the entire globe would deal with such an unprecedented event; an event that could become a reality within my life time. Hopefully it never will.
  • Many people are saying that this series is going downhill, but to me its getting better and better.

    Crossroads was definitly one of the best episodes yet, it was fast paced, exciting and filled with adventure and mischief. Right now, I can see the town of Jericho falling apart, people playing others (even their own family and neighbors), enemies coming at all angles and right now you can\'t really tell whos good and whos bad. Lot\'s of unanswered questions for the show. Is this a bad thing? Probaly not, but lots of people are saying that this show can go nowhere with all the unanswered questions. But I think that just like Lost this show will answer the questions nicely and become a hit among people everywhere.
  • At least something is starting to happen! Good Follow up to last episode.

    There are still to many whinners and not enough action. Considering the world as they know it has come to an end, I find the people of Jericho way to calm. When confronted with mercs (ravenwood)the townspeople face them down with a couple of rifles and the threat to blow the bridge! Wow, if this was real, Ravenwood would have blown right through them based on what they did in Rogue River. The writing in my opinion is just uneven. I am looking forward to next week to see if we get a clue about what really happened. My other observation has to do with the EMP pulse that happened several episodes ago. I am truly amazed at the number of modern cars that are still moving. The Hummers in this episode would be dead as door knobs.
  • The best episode yet...

    i've seen all the episodes so far and this one is definity the best. very few shows grasp me the way this one did the action was just would have been a very hard decidion to blow the bridge or to not blow the bridge but, thanks to the mayor, the bridge stays and he's back to running the town. i think that this show is this years best new you think so?just agree with me on this review if you do.anyway, i hate to see the show dissapear for the winter but, oh well.this episode was grand. later.
  • This episode had just two competing storylines, defending the town vs the Ravenwood group and Emily's dreams about her wedding day. What could have been a good episode was painful to watch with the dumb dreams Emily was having.

    Jake, Gray, Hawkins, Jimmy and some other men defended the town from Ravenwood's advances to steal supplies by threatening to blow up the only bridge leading into town. Eric was the only one against the idea and ran off to get Jonah and his gang to come in and stop the bridge from getting blown up while at the same time saving Jake and the others from being in a massive gunfight. The Mayor is back in charge (or so he thinks) after amazingly recovering after just one day. As April is about to tell Eric she's pregnant he breaks the news about his love for Mary and boy does his Mom get mad at him!!!! Meanwhile they spend half the show on the dumb dreams Emily was having about her wedding day while Heather tries to get her to hang out and get drunk while the men are out there putting their lives on the line for the town. All this to show that Emily still has feelings for Jake. A painful episode to watch because of this part.
  • Jericho has officialy started!

    I thought that last episodes was as good as it got but after watching this one, I had to change last episodes score so this one would be higher! Last episode started the show Jericho after a hell of a lot of ramble in soap relationships and small town issues. Finally what we have all been waiting for, Jericho is realising it's surroundings and when Jake said that there needed to be a proper defense for Jericho, I wanted to hug him! Even though Erik's plan worked in the end, I absoloutely hate his guts for cheatings, giving Jake a real hard time and just for being such a wan**r! Johnston is also annoying but not as bad. I feel so sorry for April because I imagined what she was thinking but at least she has Gail around for full support! I can't wait for more intereaction with the outside world!
  • Mercinaries come to Jericho. Jake and several others decide to blow-up the bridge that they would be crossing.

    The mercinaries that Jake and Eric meet when they went to Rogue River are back. However, this time they want to take everything the citizens of Jericho have. Hawkins deducts that this isn't Jake's first encounter with the mercinaries from Ravenswood. When they are setting up the road block, Jake can see that this isn't the first time Hawkins has had to do this.

    After they wire the bridge to explode, everyone but Jake retreat. Where was Eric? He went off towards the enemy. He comes back bringing reinforcments from the theives. While confronting the merc's on the bridge, one of them pops up with a sniper rifle. There is a silenced rifle round and he falls dead. There is then a shot of Hawkins with a high-powered, silenced, sniper rifle. Why does he have this? No one knows...yet. The bridge is finally saved and in the end Johnston shows up and is back to his normal self. Jake then asks for a group of men who are actually trained and sanctioned by the mayor. Johnston gives him his grandfather's Army Ranger's manual and tells him to do it right. This was an OK episode.
  • The writing is not sharp enough.

    I like the show and the cast, but the writers are asking too much of me. Last week's leaving the jacket behind, too clumbsy. This week they're going to blow up the bridge, you gotta be kidding me. Why didn't anyone talk to the bad guys at the first bridge confrontation? Okay and the brother with the lover, why didn't his own mother say something like "hey kid, before you make up your mind about this you should know your wife is pregnant"? Asking us to suspend our disbelief is alright, but not in common sense things. They could write better, stop taking short cuts.
  • A possible turning point

    Last week, Skeet and Eric went 90 miles to get the drugs that would save Dad's life. Of course, in doing so, they tipped off a group of post-apocolyptic pirates that Jericho was out there. So, this week, said pirates decide to come rolling into town to collect whatever supplies Jericho has. The pirates are doing this under the auspices of the federal government, but honestly that statement seems a bit fishy to me. It looks more like they're making the best of a bad situation, being bullies becuase they've got the firepower and the trucks. So when they run into a larger group of bullies, they turn tail and run...but you can bet they'll be back.

    The town's reaction to the bullies is an interesting one, if a bit short-sighted. I find it difficult to believe that only Mayor Green would go--oh yeah, so if we blow up the bridge and they come in from the other side, we're kind of screwed. Of course, we have people running about in a panic, desparate to keep out the bad guys and seal off the town. But yet no one thinks twice about the possible long-term ramificatons--not even Hawkins or Skeet. Of course, they're both too busy having the who has the bigger you-know-what contest in the episode to stop and think twice about it. Also, it seems to me you're giving the bad guys an idea of how to isolate and take over the town should it come to that. And don't even get me started on the stupidity of leaving the bridge primed to blow. Hopefully we'll get some lines of dialogue next week talking about how they un-wired the bridge so that a stray spark doesn't accidentally blow it up.

    Meanwhile, some characters are at a crossroads. Eric finally gets up the nerve to tell April he's leaving her--just as she's about to reveal she is pregnant. Ouch, that had to hurt. This earns the wrath of Mom. You know, if I were Eric, I' d have maybe got with bar-tender lady and made sure that she was going to take him back BEFORE I got thrown out of Mom's house. That's all I'm saying. I am sure much angst will result when Eric finds out the big news, which in keeping with the find tradition of Jericho, everyone dances around in front of Eric. At this rate, he may not find out until the baby arrives and even then, I bet they somehow keep it from him.

    And in other news, it's Emily's wedding day. But her fiancee might be dead. Or he might not. And Emily might be wanting her some sweet, sweet Skeet lovin'. This after giving Heather the big high sign to go after Skeet. I knew this love triangle was coming. I will admit I did like Emily's fantasy sequences of what could be like and what she hoped her wedding day would be like. It was interesting that Heather serves as the voice that has these doubts and expresses them. It seems like these two have gotten pretty close, which just means the friendship will be shattered beyond belief when Skeet comes between them.

    Which brings up the interesting question--how in the hell does mopey, brooding, looking like I haven't slept in three days Skeet get not one but two hot women after him?
  • The bridge is saved. Emily daydreams and questions her love towards Roger. Johnston recovers from his illness. Eric leaves April and does not know of her pregnancy. Jake starts a "security force" of his own.

    I thought this episode flowed pretty well. To see the confrontation of Ravenwood on the bridge was riveting, but the accidental discharge was pure lousy in moving the situation. Eric breaking up with April was expected, but him not being told of the pregnancy was kind of suprising. Jake and Robert's nonverbal communication indicated to me that both may have had some history with a "private military contractor" in the past.

    Johnston's confrontations with Gray Anderson is getting old with me as Johnston has been out of the picture for the past month. Emily's feelings for Jake have been obvious to me, but I could care less about the "love stories".

    Jake being given a copy of the "ranger's handbook" by Johnston makes me wonder if Johnston actually knows about Jake's 5 year escapade.

    Overall, this episode was very good although I must admit that the history and desires of Jake as well as Robert has my attention.
  • Jericho officially "hit stride" tonight

    After a kind of jerky, hit-or miss (but still watchable beginning) the show really clicked with tonight's episode. The townspeople joining together to try and fight the much better armed mercenaries, the contintuation of the brotherly conflict, and the sadness of Emily's story all provided one great hour of tv, setting up so much for the future. I thought the Emily's wedding subplot was especially nice, where we got to see a little bit beyond the everyday reality, (and provide the writers with a chance to expand some characters ala the "Lost" flashback scenes). We will probably see Johnson Green actually have to run for some kind of re-election in an attempt to continue some semblence of normal small-town democracy against Gray.