Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Emily Sullivan is walking down the street with an empty gas can. Jake Green is climbing a ladder. Robert Hawkins is outside of City Hall looking up at the sky. Robert says he needs to speak to the mayor. Jake is on the roof of a building and can see the clouds in the sky. (Robert and Jake both know that radiation rain is coming)

Jake goes to the clinic looking for April Green and he runs into his mother Gail. Jake asks Gail to get his father on the radio. Jake finds April and tells her that there is a bad situation coming. Jake asks April if the clinic has a fallout shelter.

Johnston Green (the mayor and Jake's father) is at City Hall. Jericho has two fallout shelters. One is in City Hall and the other one under the Medical Clinic. Robert Hawkins is with the mayor and has knowledge and advice for everyone about radiation. His explanation for his knowledge is that he was a cop from St. Louis with post 9/11 training. Johnston and his people figure that they have about two hours before the rain will reach Jericho.

Mayor Johnston Green, Eric Green and staff go into the fallout shelter under City Hall and figure that 300 people can fit in the shelter.

Jake and April go into the fallout shelter under the clinic. There is no ventilation system working in the shelter. The fan doesn't work.

A Jericho police car drives by Emily Sullivan on the road and she waves at it. The car stops to pick her up. The "police men" tell Emily about the mushroom cloud and the fact that they were nuked. Emily is in shock. The "police" asks Emily if she knows were to get gas. Emily gets in the car and they drive off.

Dale is asleep at the grocery store. When he's awakened by Gracie Leigh his first word is "Mom?" (His mother died in Atlanta from a nuclear attack on the city) There is a man asking for food to stock the fallout shelters; at the same time a Fire Truck drives by warning everyone about the radioactive rain that is coming. Everyone has less then 90 minutes to get indoors.

Jake asks his mother to go to the other shelter in City Hall because he's not sure that he can fix the air in the shelter under the Medical Clinic.

Eric Green shows up at Mary Bailey's bar to evacuate everyone. Mary won't leave her bar unless everyone else leaves. Eric warns everyone about the radioactive rain that is coming. He tells them that he's the deputy mayor and that if they do not evacuate they will die of radiation poisoning. After Eric's speech he takes Mary to the back behind the bar and he's kissing her. They are seen by the "out of town" woman that was in the bathroom.

(Eric is married to April)

The police car with Emily inside stops at Stanley and Bonnie Richmond's house. (Bonnie is Stanley's deaf little sister) While Emily is sitting in the police car she can hear the police radio. Emily can hear about the prison bus and the missing deputies. Emily is suspicious of the two "police men" that are with her. One of the officers goes to the door with Emily and the other goes to the trunk of the police car. The two real deputies are tied up in the back of the police car's trunk and one of the convict officers warn them that if they make a sound they will die.

Emily and the other officer are at the door. No one is answering the door but then Bonnie shows up from around the corner. Emily can see the blood and the uniform shirt and knows there is something wrong with the "police men".

April, Jake and Heather are at the clinics shelter. Jake is trying to fix the ventilation system with another guy but Heather has some knowledge about electrical systems so Jake has her taking over. Jake goes upstairs to April and April is having trouble getting a patient to evacuate with her baby. Jake convinces her to find shelter. Jake then runs into Emily Sullivan's Aunt. She tells Jake that no one has seen Emily. Jake leaves and says that Emily should be fine.

The "police" are in Bonnie's house and Bonnie says that Stanley has the key to the gas pumps. The "policemen" didn't know that Bonnie was deaf and can not understand what she is saying. Emily suggests that they make breakfast for everyone. She notices a case with two guns and 6 bullets in the living room.

Mayor Johnston Green is busy trying to organize the evacuation plans between the two shelters. Gail thinks that he should take it easy. They begin to research about nuclear radiation with books from the library. Robert chimes in with his information about what they need to do after it rains. One of the staff members confirms his information with a guidebook. Robert volunteers to work on the radio. Johnston is going to church to make sure they find shelter.

At the Medical Clinic shelter Heather is trying to instruct a guy on how to fix the fan but he's not listening to her and he shorts out the circuit. The ventilation system is gone. April is trying to get the patients into the shelter but Jake tells her that she can't bring them down or else they will die.

Jake is trying to call his dad at Town Hall but gets his brother Eric. April then tells Eric that they have no where else to go and that they are coming with the clinic patients whether they are ready for them or not.

Eric is at Gracie's store getting food and supplies for the shelter.

Skylar Stevens and her friend are walking out of Gracie's store with Diet Cola's and didn't pay for them. Gracie stopped them and they returned the sodas. Dale was watching Skylar while he helped stock the shelves at Gracie's store.

The two "police men" are trying to figure out where to go when they get gas. Emily warns Bonnie in sign language that she's going to try to get help.

Robert is upstairs trying to get the radio to work.

Jake is in the school bus with Heather and other people from the clinic on their way to City Hall.

Eric warns them not to get off the bus. They can only hold 10 people. If they let everyone in they will suffocate. Jake figures they can go to the mine for shelter. Jake, Gray Anderson, Heather, Shep Cale and the clinic people are headed for the mine.

Emily and one of the officers are on the couch drinking coffee. Emily spills coffee on his arm to give herself time alone in the living room. When the other officer comes into the living room he sees Emily on the couch drinking but she used the time alone to get one of the guns from the case and three of the six bullets.

Jake suggests that they use dynamite to seal the mine. Gray and Shep are worried that it could cave in the whole mine.

Robert makes contact with the radio and copies down Morse code messages to a pad.

The "officers", Emily and Bonnie are going to eat breakfast but then Emily tells them that she has to go to the bathroom. One of the "officers" asks her where that is and she tells him that it's upstairs.

Jake then calls his brother Eric and tells him that the will need to dig them out of the mine. He asks him did he see dad.

Emily loads the gun and then goes out the window upstairs.

Robert is still writing down messages from the Morse code. Eric asks Robert if he's seen his dad. They still can't find Johnston. Robert asks Gail if she needs some help. Gail says they need Robert on the radio. Robert says he can't get the radio to work and then he takes the pad that he wrote the Morse code messages on and places it into his pocket.

Dale shows up at Skylar's door. Skylar is in denial about her parents. Dale tells her to stay inside and gives her some food from Gracie's store including the Diet Cola that she original tried to take. Skylar then asks Dale to please stay inside with her.

Emily jumps down from the roof with the loaded gun in her hand. She is on her way to the police car.

Jake is wiring dynamite when Heather notices what he is doing. She asks him where he learned how to do that and Jake says "he knew a guy".

Emily makes it to the police car and starts calling on the radio on different channel frequencies. Jake is on channel 2 and can hear Emily making a distress call but she changes channels before he can get to the radio.

The "police" channel is 8. Emily is going in order from 1,2,3,4....etc.

Jake heard the distress signal and is going after Emily. He tells Gray that when everything is all clear he'll seal the mine. Gray throws Jake a gun just in case. Jake has the detonator and when he hears the "all clear" he blows the dynamite and seals the mine.

Gail finds Johnston on the ground. Gail yells for Robert Hawkins.

Jake is on his way to find Emily speeding in a black truck.

The "policemen" realize that Emily has been in the bathroom for a long time and then one of the officers goes looking for her. Emily is still in the police car making distress calls channel by channel. She finally gets to channel 8 and the convict policeman can hear her. The officer goes into the bathroom and knows she escaped. Emily opens the trunk of the police car and sees the two deputies. She takes the tape off of one of the deputies' mouths and he tells her to run away.

Bonnie runs away from the officers inside the house but then one of the officers grab her and put a gun to Bonnie's head. The other officer is hiding on the side of the house and draws a gun on Emily, but Emily can't see him.

Jake makes it to the house and shoots the officer that was on the side of the house. The officer holding Bonnie tries to shoot Jake and pushes Bonnie out of the way. Emily then shoots the officer that was holding Bonnie.

Robert helps Gail bring Johnston into the fallout shelter and then Robert leaves.

Emily is in shock from shooting the "officer" but it's going to rain. Jake is getting everyone into the cellar. Jake is the last one to get into the cellar and when he does it immediately starts raining.

Robert is at home in his basement with his family and he's being questioned by Darcy about what he knows.

Dale is with Skylar and he's taping up the windows. Skylar admits that her mother might be dead from the nuclear attack.

Emily questions Jake why he is there. Jake says that he's there to keep her safe. Emily says that it's never safe around him.

Robert is reading the message that he received from the radio in Morse code and he grabs red push pins.

(In the background you can see April and Eric Green together with Mary looking at them, Johnston holding his wife, Emily staring at Jake)

Robert has a map of the United States up and he places a red push pin in the following cities, Denver, Colorado; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; San Diego, California.

Robert Hawkins also picked up 3 more push pins.