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Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • Day 1: the rain is coming…

    As Jericho still reels from the knowledge of the two explosions, there's exceptionally bad news: there's a storm coming from Denver… and it's bringing the radiation with it. The leaders of the town are startled to discover they have an expert in their midst: Hawkins, who provides much needed help on the subject. Though the town has two fallout shelters from the 50's, only the one at town hall is working, the one under the med centre (which should have been the one maintained of the two!) has no working ventilation system.

    Not surprisingly, Jake takes the lead again and starts trying to fix it and when they can't, Jake comes up with plan B – the salt mine. Clearly Jake and Hawkins are men to have around in a crisis! As if there wasn't enough to worry about, Emily – who somehow didn't notice the mushroom cloud and dead birds weren't enough to freak her out – manages to get picked up by the escaped prisoners and then, thanks again Emily, takes them straight to the Richmond farm… where Bonnie is alone. Emily gets a message out and Jake has to ride to the rescue. Though the group gets in out of the rain, Stanley doesn't arrive. Hawkins works on the radio, intercepting a message which seems to be a list of cities attacked, including Chicago, Philadelphia and San Diego. He then lies about the radio, saying it's not working.

    Last thoughts:
    - We discover Eric is having an affair with bartender Meg. This destroys my 'good brother/ bad brother' theory. So many shows fall into that trap, but this show quickly establishes that Eric isn't the perfect son.
    - An unlikely love story appears to be starting – teenage loser Dale and spoiled brat Skylar.

    A very exciting episode, fast paced and riveting.
  • This is an adrenaline rush!!!

    This is an adrenaline rush just to watch. There was so much happening in this episode that it went by in a flash. That's what shows are supposed to do ... they're not supposed to drag on and on each episode so you're ready to fall asleep. They're supposed to be packed with action, drama, suspense, or fun. This episode didn't fail to deliver. We definatly had action, and suspense, and plenty of drama. Between trying to find shelter from the fall out and outlaws trying to plunder whatever they can get ... you see peoples true colors coming through. The writers did a terrific job in showing how differently people react to stressful situations. This was even better than the pilot. I look forward to what happens next week.
  • A lot of interesting things went on during this episode. Emily has her problems.

    A lot of interesting things went on during this episode. Emily has her problems. She thought she got a lift by two policemen, but ultimately she realises they are two escaped convicts. Whilst using the radio for help, Jake gets her plea for help, but the convicts get her plea as well and go after her. Jake manages to arrives just in time to help her and kill the convicts.

    Rain is coming, and everyone needs to get into a shelter due to the nuclear. Unfortunetely the one at the hospital can't be used. Hawkins manages to get a morse code message, but doesn't tell anyone about it. He seems to know more about the nuclear than he is really telling. His character is quite interesting, but I am not trusting him. And the fact that at the end of the episodes he starts putting pins where cities were hit by nuclear continues to raise my suspicions in him.
  • More trouble in Jericho.

    Fallout is exactly what it says. The fall out of a nuclear war. After the mushroom cloud in Denver, there is some pretty bad nuclear rain heading straight for Jericho. Most shelters are degraded to the point where they are unusable. The coal mines seem to be the logical point to escape the killer rain. The cop scenerio was an interesting twist as was Mr. Hawkins, whom seems to know just how bad it is getting in the rest of the United States. Jake races to save his girlfriend while he seems to be hooking up with another. A great show that leaves you wanting more.
  • Nuclear rain is coming.

    The fall-out shelters are in a bad condition. The one at the hospital is unusable so Jake decides to take shelter in the mines. While wiring up explosives to collapse the entrance, he hears Emily on the radio.

    Emily had an encounter with the escaped prisoners and in the resulting gunfight she is forced to kill one of them while Jake shoots the other one. They manage to get into the storm shelter just in time before the rains begin to fall.

    Dale goes to the house of the girls he loves. She's a rich, spoilt brat who refused to go to the shelter, so he tries to save her. She does relent and even asks him to stay and they tape the windows againt the nuclear fall-out.

    Hawkins hears morse code on the radio and the episode ends with him sticking pins in a map, presumably cities hit by a bomb.
  • Review

    Other then Jakes seemingly rapid dash over to the farm. I thought everything in this episode was really good. I liked having more then one storyline going on at a time and I think this entire cast does a very good job at expressing panic and frustration during the crisis. While it would be nice for everyone to be clam, no one would so I like the writing in that part. Jake going to save his old girlfriend was pretty cool, with the exception of the mad dash to make it there. He managed to blow up the shelter to save everyone, jump in his car, and make it there all before the cops realized she was taking a long time in the bathroom. Ill forgive the show for that one.

    I thought Hawkings getting something over the radio showing that several cities were hit by the bomb was really good way to end the epsiode. Just staring at him for each tack he continued to grab was just shocking in itself. The random scene with the Mayor laying in his office was...odd.

    I liked Heather carrying over from the previous epsiode. It seems Jake might get himself itno a love triangle, which might add some more drama to the show. I thought this was a step up from the pilot - I like the storylines that have been started here.
  • Nearly as surprising and suspenseful as the pilot, this episode added to the mayhem in Jericho.

    "Fallout" was a great second episode, continuing the natural progression of events that might result from a nuclear disaster. More than an effective example of speculative fiction, Jericho seems to be a venue for expert storytelling, evidenced in particular by this episode's final scene, where the mysterious Mr. Hawkins shows (not tells) us just how serious things are getting in this fictional world.

    After watching this episode, it's clear that the series is not perfect. It must be difficult to escape the cliches of an action sequence with guns, but I would have been more impressed if the showdown sequence at the end was less predictable. Still, the tension when Emily initially met up with the police car was palpable, and the storyline ended with a scenario that will certainly add to the drama of the next episode.
  • nice episode

    After the nuclear explosion took place at Denver during the previous episode, the residents of Jericho faces a new problem, the nuclear cloud from the blast is heading towards the position. Everyone in Jericho needs to evacuate in an underground shelter to escape the nuclear fallout. Everyone works out a way to seek shelter, the shelters can't accommodate everyone in the town, so the others find shelter in basements. This episode picks up some speed, but it's still a little slow, but it's good enough to watch, I hope the next episodes will show more. More needs to be shown from this point on.
  • Surprisingly good...

    An episode that betters the Pilot, and builds upon what was established previously. This is more involving as well, with the jeopardy better thought out. The cop sub-plot is good too, and the mystery surrounding what was told to the man with the radio is a nice hook.
    Getting better.
  • Run for your lives! IT'S RADIOACTIVE RAIN!

    The town now has to face the aftermath of the nuclear explosions, when that damn atmosphere(shakes fist) starts to bring over the radioactive fallout, that could .. well .. kill them. Of course there are still some problems concerning the escaped convicts.

    So, day 2 after the explosion. The folks of Jericho now spot an imminent storm coming, that will bring the radioactive fallout from the explosion epicenter to the town.

    One thing that felt really odd was why in pluperfect hell would there be TWO fallout shelters in some kind of redneck town. This show really wants us to think that the government of USA is the sweetest. Caring about everything that much. How cuddly-whuddly. The escaped convicts from the prison bus now posing as the sheriffs pick up Emily Sullivan as a hitchhiker. Later they rendezvous with Bonnie in her house, making an obscure hostage situation. That whole scene was so emotionally charged and exciting. Right when Jake rushed towards to save the day. I could nearly feel my heart pumping. I'm such a freak.
    Later Jake came by and saved the day, giving shelter to himself and Emily in the basement.

    But what the hell happened to Bonnie? She was there and then BAM, she wasn't anymore.

    The mayor fell down for reasons utterly unknown, when his wife rushed to find him. Now what was that all about? I could understand suicide in this pressure, but he's real fighter, a leader. And we learned that there were several other explosions, when Hawkins intercepted radio communications in morse code. Some of them including Chicago and San Diego.

    USA is screwed!
  • A huge improvement on the pilot, and definite signs that this show can go somewhere, but something was still missing.

    After the somewhat disappointing pilot episode, I watched this episode with trepidation but I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw and really enjoyed it. It was a real improvement and had some great moments, however it still seemed a little emotionless.
    The main plot about the fallout coming towards Jericho and the town rushing to get everyone into the shelters sounds like it could be great in theory, but like the previous episode, a great premise was carried out a little blandly. Again, even though I knew I should be feeling some sort of impending danger looming, it just didnt come across. Also, the story still seemed a little sketchy and didnt seem tight enough for me.
    Despite the only mildly interesting main plot, a much more exciting subplot saved this episode and showed what this show is capable of. The story of Emily and Bonnie stuck in the farm-house with the two convicts acting as policemen, was pretty well constructed and although not wholly original, it delivered and was tense enough to make up for the lack of tension elsewhere. The scene with Emily on the car-radio, switching through the channels getting closer and closer to the one the 'policeman' was on, was pretty damn tense, and although it was clear that Jake was going to save the day, it still made good watching. The character of Emily, having been a little wet in the pilot, seems like she could be interesting, whereas Jake himself runs the risk of becoming the cliche action man with a troubled past and a bad relationship with his father. Also, the Robert Hawkins character looks as if he could be interesting too, and more than once in this episode I suspected he could be a bit shady. After the final scene of this episode however, it seems he probably is one of the good guys after all, but he knows more than he is letting on.
    The show is definitely starting to come together, but as I said previously it still lacks that spark to make it essential viewing. This episode showed that Jericho can be the tense, exciting show that I expected, but it needs to take time to focus on character development more so that amidst all this chaos and uphaul, we actually care about the people in it.
  • Fallout is coming to Jericho. The residents of jericho must get to their town bunker or hide in their basements before the fallout reaches town.

    Great episode. The character building is taking place and I can see a lot of sub-stories coming up in later episodes. This means I have to keep watching. I need to know where Jake has been?, if anyone else out there is still alive?, who dropped these bombs? and why?. So on and so on. Even though I loved this episode, I can see that this show will either lose the plot (therefore losing me) or throw up a heap of twists, ie. Lost, and keep me coming back for more and more. Hopefully the latter.
    The next three episodes will decide this shows fate for me.
  • I liked this episode well enough...

    But the scientific approach leaves a lot to be desired. I mean, wouldn't some of the nuclear affects reach Jericho long before it appeared to in this episode? (I'd have to say that this episode takes place roughly twelve to sixteen hours or so after Denver's been attacked -shortly before sunset (Pilot episode) to shortly after sunrise (this episode)-... and I'm thinking that most effects would take place much sooner than that... but that's just me)...

    A storm, according to this episode, reaches Jericho -coming from Denver anyhow- in less than two hours. Wouldn't that mean that some of the fall out, if not the heat, etc, reach Jerich within a matter of hours after the actual blast? I haven't looked up the scientific info on this, so I don't honestly know.

    But this *is* a science-fiction show, so I could live with some of the scientific flaws...

    But at least I'm starting to get a better idea of some of the character developments, though I do hope that this show stays around long enough for me to get a much better feel for them. After all, we still don't know what happened between Jake & his father... nor do we know why Robert Hawkins left Saint Louis, Mo for Jericho, Kansas. Is Robert Hawkins a good guy or a bad guy? What's with the marital discord between Robert and his wife, Darcy?

    And I'm getting a better idea of Jake's family dynamic, though there is a lot to be filled in... why would Jake's brother, Eric, cheat on his wife (April)... especially with Mary (the bar keeper)? What's sort of marital problems exist between Eric & April? That sort of thing...

    There does some to be some major family issues in the Green family; it'll be interesting to find out what... and to find out where Jake's been the last five years.

    It'll be interesting to see how some of the other characters develop as well; like what happened with Stacey (the little girl Jake saved on the bus)? And what happened with the bus driver? And where *was* Stanley (Bonnie's brother) during this episode? Was he one of the goons in the bar? Just something to think about...
  • Who doesn't love a present day apocalypse??

    The thing I like about this series is how it's grounded in reality, scientifically speaking. I know it's not very likely that terrorists could sneak in a dozen nuclear warheads and set them off at the same time in major cities across the US, but this is fiction and you have to suspend disbelief. Dealing with the reality of what happens after a nuclear blast is well done in this episode, but does go just a little over the top. Protecting yourself is absolutely neccessary, but plastic sheets on the windows isn't going to help at all. Going down to a basement and surrounding yourself on all sides with concrete is a good idea though. The mine was an excellent idea, but I think I would have asked if that entrance was the only source of air. I'm not a miner and if someone out there is, please correct me.
  • Now why did they do this? Being a former army NBC warefare specialist, I thought this would be interesting and fun to watch, albeit scientifically and factually incorrect. But we are used to that, eh? That\'s why it\'s called fiction.

    But this... This was truly painful to watch. I thought the first episode was bad enough (come on, give me a break here, the guy shows up after five years, he\'s 32 years old (my age), no one knows where he\'s been or what he\'s done, and the first thing his father does is to say he\'s living an irresponsible life! What is that?!), but this second episode...
    I just couldn\'t bear it.
    I could not stand watching more than five minutes, honestly. Fast forwarded a little bit, to see if it would improve.
    But it just kept getting worse.
    The clichés... The bad acting... The horrible music...!
    Excellent series like Invasion and Threshold was cancled long before their times, but this series... Its time has come.
    Let it go.
    End this madness.
  • I guess the walls Of jericho are still standing but the subplot with emily was way better then the radiation storyline check it out....

    The radiaton storyline was good but kinda not folded out properly. yes we know theres not enough room for everybody and yes we know its coming. Have the writers ever heared of shareing why cant some people share with there neighbors who have basements and why put all the sick people in a mine instead of the townhall character develoment was not too much other then by Jake and his brother who is having an affair with a bartender? What happened to the mayor was it the radiation or what who knows? I enjoyed the Emily and the imposter/convicts, why did the girl have to be deaf I dont really see how that effects her storyline in this episode inless it comes into play later on? The lady who owns the store is not very giving but the boy who helps her creeps me out. Im still whacthing the show so its a good sign. a few suggestions for this weeks whacthing is: Lost Premire whoo. veronica mars premire, and Friday night lights I would also suggest wacth the premire Of everybody hates chris.

  • Better than the pilot episode

    After a disapointing pilot episode I was pleased to see the speed picking up in this one. It was very distressing to see what impact fallout can have on the survival skills off mankind. All the info about preparing yourselves for this situation is so dated that it is scary. And the fact that a shelter in a medical centre is used as a storage room for old stuff and invested with rats leaves you thinking. Even if a nucleair attack is not realistic, be prepared. It saves time and lives. And how about this St Louis cop, he knows much more so tells his wife. Who is he? At least we know now that more than 6 big cities have been hit.
  • Jake and Jericho find shelter from the nuclear fallout

    I just finished rewatching this episode. And you know what, there are inconsistencies (duct tape and plastic to keep out nuclear radiation). But you know what, the show works within its story. It does what it needs to do.

    So many people can harp on things. I understand criticisms of people being held up in their homes with only plastic and duct tape to protect them. But, in a situation like this, I think anyone would do just about anything to prolong survival. Even if that means putting up duct tape everywhere!

    What works is that the show continues on the previous episodes. All comparisons between this show and Lost are crap and hold no water. This show is different and, in my opinion, much better than Lost. Lost is a show that relies on flashbacks. Jericho tells the story in the present tense. There are no similarities between the two shows.

    The funny thing to me is that SO many people compare this show to Lost. Lost prolongs the mystery to death and people like it for that. However, these same fans who watch Jericho demand answers now. Get over it and wait like the rest of us.

    This series has potential. I still want to know just who Mr. Hawkins is. My guess is he's probably some government type who saw this coming and no one listened to him. Like O'Neil did before 9/11 when he went to investigate the USS Cole bombing.

    I think the overall point of this show is to not worry about "Why" but "Ok, now what do we do?" It can make a very good comment on American life today, on humanity. I think Jericho would have more parallels as time goes on between the story told in Battlestar Galactica and humanity's remnant.

    Wait and see...
  • better than the pilot!!!i totally different show than the disaster that premierd last week!!

    it seems like a completly different show than the first episode.the pilot felt rushed and unpolished like they rushed out of production so that they would have it ready by the fall.but this episode was thought through.good for them!!!the story was exiting, jake was not nearly as akward as the first show.they stayed with the storyline however the prison escapies tied in very well(i thought that would be a show disaster).and i found the end to be very chilling,with the posting of the tacks in all those other cities.that was a very creative how they let us know that there were many more attacks.i difinetley see this show coming in to its own now(not just a lost knock-off)
  • Character development mixed in with an immediate disaster threat.

    A radioactive rainstorm is on it's way from Denver after the nuclear attack and the people of Jericho have about 2 hours to find shelter. Emily gets picked up by Jericho policemen who don't know where a gas station is? That was the only questionable part of the whole episode. We learned that Jake has a little experience with electricity and explosives. Heather the teacher is attracted to Jake. We learn that Jake's brother Eric is having an affair with the bar owner. We also learn more about Robert Hawkins. The man seems to be "suspiciously" a step ahead of everyone but he sealed the deal when he was secretive about the Morse Code message. Jake and Robert seem to have the most survival knowledge but Robert is a suspicious character.
  • Good followup ep to the pilot. It was nice to see the writers didn't gloss over the nuts and bolts preparations for the aftermath for the sake of melodrama.

    I enjoyed this episode, but would've been happier if there was less made of the 'blondes and the fake cops' biz. I was rather hoping by the end of the pilot that the 'old girlfriend' ploy wouldn't be pursued and she'd just croak on the highway with the rest of the birds.

    There are a few cliche cringes I'd like to see the writers the busload of prisoners escaping and the old girlfriend - not to mention the dysfunctional family/black sheep returns thing. It's passe and been done to death elsewhere.

    But I still think Jericho has the potential to be a good series, just so long as the writers keep it unique and not follow formula plotlines.

    Getting everyone into the saltmine was really good. There was lots of tension around moving everyone from the Hospital to the Town Hall and then onto the salt mine.

    The scene in the general store was fairly believable too and I sympathised with the store owner. I thought that could've been fleshed out a bit more actually. From the point of view that just because situations seem dire doesn't mean you can do what you want. Everything has consequences. The girls walking out with the cans of soft drink may have seemed innocent enough, but the attitude that, "well, I'm upset and it's only a can of soda anyway" attitude is exactly what's wrong with society today. The girls were forgetting that no matter how crappy their day was, it wasn't up to the store owner to bear the brunt of it. Suck it up and take responsibility for yourself, not expect everyone else to pay; because chances are, everyone else is having a crappy day too.

    But I digress. I have no idea if plastic and duct tape are valid barriers for radiation fallout - I would think not, but... - but I'm hoping the writers did their homework and aren't just blowing air in our tyres. It would be a big mistake this early in the show to start making a laughing stock of themselves with erroneous information and lousy research.

    Hmmm, the more I write this the more I realize it wasn't as good an ep as I originally thought.

    I'm looking forward to episode 3 all the same.
  • Residents of Jericho must seek immediate shelter from possible radiation-filled rain. Jake must also rush to save his former love from two escaped prisoners. Who is Robert Hawkins, and why is he so darn perpared?

    Jericho is a brilliant and unique show that manages to capture the excitment and panic one would expect after a catastophic event. This episode was packed with excitement and interesting insights into various characters and their backstories. We\'ve discovered that Jake\'s brother Eric, who is acting Deputy Mayor, is secretly involved in an affair with the local bar-keep. Eric\'s wife, Gail, the take-charge doctor is most undoubtedly unaware of this fact. We also learn that Jake\'s talents are not limited to tracheotomies and bus driving, but also electrical skills and explosives training are to be found on his impressive resume. Our reluctant hero must enclose the majority of the town in the local salt mine to protect them from the radiation laced rain, then rush to save his former girlfriend from two excaped cons. Then came the rain.
  • I was on the edge of my seat!

    The part where Emily ran into the cops was so nerve-wracking. I was on the edge of my seat, hoping that she would get out alive. And then the deaf girl came along, and things just got absolutely crazy. I was so nervous for both Emily and the girl. The most interesting part of the episode was the climax when Emily was fiddling with the radio and she was on her way up to signal 8. It was so scary when she got there, but thankfully, everything worked out in the end.

    In the pilot episode, I don't think we really got to know everyone and the episode wasn't all that interesting. Nothing was explained, it was all about just trying to survive. This episode really opened the show up.

    I watch the show in Australia (it shows on Thursday nights here), and I am definitely tuning in for the next episode next week.
  • Too many inconsistencies and not so much time to fit in a lot.

    There is just so much to do in so little time in a one hour show as in the second episode, Jake must take responsibility for the first time in his life. As he tries to move the residents in a shelter but most of the shelters around the town are filled up. So he has to think up of plan b and c perhaps. Just had too much to cram in so little time.
  • After such a suspensful pilot, it carries over well into the 2nd episode. However, with a chessy gunfight set to odd action-sequence rock music, and a silly teenage romance, some of the plot devices should be re-thought...and re-written.

    This week's episode deals with the fallout of the nuclear explosion in Denver, as the town and its patriarchs scatter about to save everyone from nuclear rain and winds. Now, I'm no meteorologist, but there's more to radioactive rain than what "Jericho" told us. But...I'll leave it to the imagination.

    One of the silliest plot lines is the use of the convicts who somehow perfectly impersonate two officers. What I'm confused about, is how, if one of the deputies told Emily to "run", did she not recognize that one of the convicts was wearing his name badge? If the deputy recognized her, why didn't she recognize his uniform. The action-sequence gunfight was nauseating, and Skeet's perfect timing is becoming too movie-esque. Plus, whomever thought that cheeseball rock music was appropriate for that scene should be fired soon. Emily's weird reaction to Skeet saving her life was pretty out of place and unusual. Plus, her and Skeet making it into the storm cellar RIGHT when the rain comes down was downright insulting to anyone who follows the rules of logic and common sense.

    Secondly, the cliched "stuck-up girl becomes not so stuck up when her parents get cooked in a nuclear holocaust and she cozies up to the town freak loser who also happens to have a cooked parent" relationship seems really unnecessary. Why have a romance between two kids now? Aren't there more important things to worry about? I get trying to appeal to a fanbase, but sheesh!

    Still, the acting was good, the cryptic ending keeps you wanting more, and there is still the mystery of what actually happened that makes me want to watch more. As long as the cliches and cheese factor gets tuned down, this show will continue to succeed. Otherwise...It'll be joining Threshhold on the CBS shelf.

    Final Score: 6 out of 10.
  • stopping radiation with thin sheets of plastic?

    ... Radioactive fallout \'dust\' is dangerous because it is emitting penetrating radiation energy (similar to x-ray\'s). This radiation (not the fallout dust) can go right through walls, roofs and protective clothing. Even if you manage not to inhale or ingest the dust, and keep it off your skin, hair, and clothes, and even if none gets inside your house, the radiation penetrating your home is still extremely dangerous, and can injure or kill you inside.

    So how they think a few thin sheets of plastic will save them inside the house... What stops radiation is simply putting mass between them and the radiation source. Like police body armor stopping bullets, mass stops (absorbs) radiation. The thicker the mass, the more radiation it stops.
  • Starting to build.

    Starting from the point of the pilot and moving on, this episode was better in that it had more action and more character development.

    I was glad to see Jake really start to develop, and I really want to know wherre he has been, I'm thinking Prison. I also find the Hawkins character facinating. Who is this guy who claims to be a Saint Louis Policeman but apprently knows everything there is to know about radiation protocls, and was able not only to get the Ham radio working but knows Mose Code. Why is he keeping information secret from everyone else?

    Some of the solutions were a little to pat, for example, blowing up the entrance to the salt mine. I am looking forward to the next installment for some more development and more answers.
  • Decent but not great

    I\'m both intrigued and put off by this episode. Curse this show but it\'s doing just enough to keep me interesting even though on many levels it\'s really annoying me.

    The biggest thing that bugs me is after two weeks, I don\'t care about any of these characters. They\'re all walking cliches and cardboard cut outs. The biggest sign of my apathy is that I don\'t really know their names, instead calling Skeet\'s character Skeet. With Lost (which this show desparately wants to be), I could name off at least four characters and tell you something more about them beyond their physical appearance or who played them by the time we got this far into the show. And that may be Jericho\'s big downfall--that while I\'m intrigued by the central mystery of what is going on here, the characters aren\'t worth the time or investment to give the show.

    I also find myself wondring how long the series can sustain itself. It\'s a fascinating concept but how long can we drag this out?

    Also, while Lost assumes we\'re intelligent enough to put pieces together, at least it gives us enough clue to the roadmap so we don\'t go--huh? I specifically refer to the birds all on the road from last week, where I guess we\'re left to assume are all they died from radiation poisoning. So if that\'s true why is blondie heading away from Jericho instead of back toward it when she runs out of gas? And why did she run out of gas? I mean, why would she set out for the airport and not have a full tank? Or at least enough to get there without running out of gas....

    Meanwhile, Skeet is going Jack Bauer in town...he can do it all. I am not sure what he did while away, but there had better be one damn good explanation when and if we do get it.

    Oh yeah and the love triangle being set up between Skeet, blondie and the teacher..yeah, could that be any more cliched? But what I did like was the other elements. I do admit I wonder what Hawkins if up to and if he has another agenda? He has way too many answers and seem to know more than he\'s saying. While some have said the final scene was his reacting in horror to the cities being taken out, I found it far more sinister. Almost as if he were in on the plan and was charting the success of the attacks. The conversations with his wife and family seemed to indicate he has more of a stake in this than we might think. That other chracters aren\'t picking up on this is kind of annoying.

    Also--it appears D.C. hasn\'t been wiped least not by what we\'ve heard. But how true any of that info is remains to be seen.
  • Too many inconsistencies to enjoy.

    First off, I must admit I am a huge "Lost" fan, and that show is all about picking up on every single minute detail, and analyzing it to pieces. So that probably has a lot to do with my analyzing of "Jericho" to pieces, and also the fact that I am from Hutchinson, KS.

    I just feel that there are too many inconsistencies in this show to truly enjoy it, other than just looking at it as some placid drama about the United States disappearing little by little from nuclear attacks. The first inconsistency I noted in this episode was how, the morning after the explosion that occurred in Denver, which was actually during the previous day, then the town realizes that the radiation could be coming their way, and then they figure they have only two hours to get everyone in a shelter. Someone was asked how long it takes snow to get to Jericho from Denver, they said about two hours, and that's why they figured they better hurry up. Didn't the explosion come the previous afternoon? Would they have all been dead within two hours of the explosion that happened the previous day, not given enough time to go home and get some sleep and then congregate at the town hall the next morning, and then figure out that "Oh, we might get some ill effects from this nuclear explosion that took place just a few hours from here."

    Obviously this Hawkins guy has something to do with the explosions, as he does seem to know everything, probably knew that Jericho would be the only last safe place in the country, so he was able to offer some helpful hints on what to do in case of nuclear fallout. But was there no one else in that town who had ever heard of WWII or the Cuban Missile Crisis? Obviously they had some knowledge that there were these "fallout shelters" under the town, but does no one have any blessed idea of the events that took place in this country in the last 60 years and what to do in the event that they should occur again?

    I mean, why was it that Skeet was running the show, and Major Dad took a tumble or something - I actually could have believed if he'd had a heart attack, but the fact that he just hit his head - what??? And so, my final rant, Kansas is smack in the middle of Tornado Alley. Almost every home has a storm cellar or basement. Evidently this town had even two fallout shelters. Yet, when the radiation finally begins to fall from the sky, we see the townspeople in all different kinds of circumstances. The two kids - they just put plastic over their windows and stayed inside. However, all of the patients from the medical center had to be stuffed down into a salt mine - which then had to have its entrance blown closed with dynamite? Yeah, like that's not going to be a good storyline for next week's show - we've trapped all these people down in the saltmine with no food, evidently some water though, but they are all in poor health since they were moved there from the town's medical center - and now we have no way to get them out. Please.

    Sorry folks if my ranting and raving rains on your parade, but I have to imagine that Jericho won't be around much longer.
  • Excellent! Better than the pilot!

    This second episode of Jericho, 'Fallout' was deffinintly better than the first episode. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time because of the scenes with the escapees. I have to admit that I did get freaked out because there were 2 girls (not being sexist) with 2 deadly cons and those guys really creeped me out. I loved this episode and for sure will watch this show forever. I think that Jake was better this week and more ahead of himself. I did find that him coming to save the day just on time was a bit... But anyway.
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