Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • Too many inconsistencies to enjoy.

    First off, I must admit I am a huge "Lost" fan, and that show is all about picking up on every single minute detail, and analyzing it to pieces. So that probably has a lot to do with my analyzing of "Jericho" to pieces, and also the fact that I am from Hutchinson, KS.

    I just feel that there are too many inconsistencies in this show to truly enjoy it, other than just looking at it as some placid drama about the United States disappearing little by little from nuclear attacks. The first inconsistency I noted in this episode was how, the morning after the explosion that occurred in Denver, which was actually during the previous day, then the town realizes that the radiation could be coming their way, and then they figure they have only two hours to get everyone in a shelter. Someone was asked how long it takes snow to get to Jericho from Denver, they said about two hours, and that's why they figured they better hurry up. Didn't the explosion come the previous afternoon? Would they have all been dead within two hours of the explosion that happened the previous day, not given enough time to go home and get some sleep and then congregate at the town hall the next morning, and then figure out that "Oh, we might get some ill effects from this nuclear explosion that took place just a few hours from here."

    Obviously this Hawkins guy has something to do with the explosions, as he does seem to know everything, probably knew that Jericho would be the only last safe place in the country, so he was able to offer some helpful hints on what to do in case of nuclear fallout. But was there no one else in that town who had ever heard of WWII or the Cuban Missile Crisis? Obviously they had some knowledge that there were these "fallout shelters" under the town, but does no one have any blessed idea of the events that took place in this country in the last 60 years and what to do in the event that they should occur again?

    I mean, why was it that Skeet was running the show, and Major Dad took a tumble or something - I actually could have believed if he'd had a heart attack, but the fact that he just hit his head - what??? And so, my final rant, Kansas is smack in the middle of Tornado Alley. Almost every home has a storm cellar or basement. Evidently this town had even two fallout shelters. Yet, when the radiation finally begins to fall from the sky, we see the townspeople in all different kinds of circumstances. The two kids - they just put plastic over their windows and stayed inside. However, all of the patients from the medical center had to be stuffed down into a salt mine - which then had to have its entrance blown closed with dynamite? Yeah, like that's not going to be a good storyline for next week's show - we've trapped all these people down in the saltmine with no food, evidently some water though, but they are all in poor health since they were moved there from the town's medical center - and now we have no way to get them out. Please.

    Sorry folks if my ranting and raving rains on your parade, but I have to imagine that Jericho won't be around much longer.