Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • Decent but not great

    I\'m both intrigued and put off by this episode. Curse this show but it\'s doing just enough to keep me interesting even though on many levels it\'s really annoying me.

    The biggest thing that bugs me is after two weeks, I don\'t care about any of these characters. They\'re all walking cliches and cardboard cut outs. The biggest sign of my apathy is that I don\'t really know their names, instead calling Skeet\'s character Skeet. With Lost (which this show desparately wants to be), I could name off at least four characters and tell you something more about them beyond their physical appearance or who played them by the time we got this far into the show. And that may be Jericho\'s big downfall--that while I\'m intrigued by the central mystery of what is going on here, the characters aren\'t worth the time or investment to give the show.

    I also find myself wondring how long the series can sustain itself. It\'s a fascinating concept but how long can we drag this out?

    Also, while Lost assumes we\'re intelligent enough to put pieces together, at least it gives us enough clue to the roadmap so we don\'t go--huh? I specifically refer to the birds all on the road from last week, where I guess we\'re left to assume are all they died from radiation poisoning. So if that\'s true why is blondie heading away from Jericho instead of back toward it when she runs out of gas? And why did she run out of gas? I mean, why would she set out for the airport and not have a full tank? Or at least enough to get there without running out of gas....

    Meanwhile, Skeet is going Jack Bauer in town...he can do it all. I am not sure what he did while away, but there had better be one damn good explanation when and if we do get it.

    Oh yeah and the love triangle being set up between Skeet, blondie and the teacher..yeah, could that be any more cliched? But what I did like was the other elements. I do admit I wonder what Hawkins if up to and if he has another agenda? He has way too many answers and seem to know more than he\'s saying. While some have said the final scene was his reacting in horror to the cities being taken out, I found it far more sinister. Almost as if he were in on the plan and was charting the success of the attacks. The conversations with his wife and family seemed to indicate he has more of a stake in this than we might think. That other chracters aren\'t picking up on this is kind of annoying.

    Also--it appears D.C. hasn\'t been wiped least not by what we\'ve heard. But how true any of that info is remains to be seen.