Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • A huge improvement on the pilot, and definite signs that this show can go somewhere, but something was still missing.

    After the somewhat disappointing pilot episode, I watched this episode with trepidation but I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw and really enjoyed it. It was a real improvement and had some great moments, however it still seemed a little emotionless.
    The main plot about the fallout coming towards Jericho and the town rushing to get everyone into the shelters sounds like it could be great in theory, but like the previous episode, a great premise was carried out a little blandly. Again, even though I knew I should be feeling some sort of impending danger looming, it just didnt come across. Also, the story still seemed a little sketchy and didnt seem tight enough for me.
    Despite the only mildly interesting main plot, a much more exciting subplot saved this episode and showed what this show is capable of. The story of Emily and Bonnie stuck in the farm-house with the two convicts acting as policemen, was pretty well constructed and although not wholly original, it delivered and was tense enough to make up for the lack of tension elsewhere. The scene with Emily on the car-radio, switching through the channels getting closer and closer to the one the 'policeman' was on, was pretty damn tense, and although it was clear that Jake was going to save the day, it still made good watching. The character of Emily, having been a little wet in the pilot, seems like she could be interesting, whereas Jake himself runs the risk of becoming the cliche action man with a troubled past and a bad relationship with his father. Also, the Robert Hawkins character looks as if he could be interesting too, and more than once in this episode I suspected he could be a bit shady. After the final scene of this episode however, it seems he probably is one of the good guys after all, but he knows more than he is letting on.
    The show is definitely starting to come together, but as I said previously it still lacks that spark to make it essential viewing. This episode showed that Jericho can be the tense, exciting show that I expected, but it needs to take time to focus on character development more so that amidst all this chaos and uphaul, we actually care about the people in it.