Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • Run for your lives! IT'S RADIOACTIVE RAIN!

    The town now has to face the aftermath of the nuclear explosions, when that damn atmosphere(shakes fist) starts to bring over the radioactive fallout, that could .. well .. kill them. Of course there are still some problems concerning the escaped convicts.

    So, day 2 after the explosion. The folks of Jericho now spot an imminent storm coming, that will bring the radioactive fallout from the explosion epicenter to the town.

    One thing that felt really odd was why in pluperfect hell would there be TWO fallout shelters in some kind of redneck town. This show really wants us to think that the government of USA is the sweetest. Caring about everything that much. How cuddly-whuddly. The escaped convicts from the prison bus now posing as the sheriffs pick up Emily Sullivan as a hitchhiker. Later they rendezvous with Bonnie in her house, making an obscure hostage situation. That whole scene was so emotionally charged and exciting. Right when Jake rushed towards to save the day. I could nearly feel my heart pumping. I'm such a freak.
    Later Jake came by and saved the day, giving shelter to himself and Emily in the basement.

    But what the hell happened to Bonnie? She was there and then BAM, she wasn't anymore.

    The mayor fell down for reasons utterly unknown, when his wife rushed to find him. Now what was that all about? I could understand suicide in this pressure, but he's real fighter, a leader. And we learned that there were several other explosions, when Hawkins intercepted radio communications in morse code. Some of them including Chicago and San Diego.

    USA is screwed!