Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • Day 1: the rain is coming…

    As Jericho still reels from the knowledge of the two explosions, there's exceptionally bad news: there's a storm coming from Denver… and it's bringing the radiation with it. The leaders of the town are startled to discover they have an expert in their midst: Hawkins, who provides much needed help on the subject. Though the town has two fallout shelters from the 50's, only the one at town hall is working, the one under the med centre (which should have been the one maintained of the two!) has no working ventilation system.

    Not surprisingly, Jake takes the lead again and starts trying to fix it and when they can't, Jake comes up with plan B – the salt mine. Clearly Jake and Hawkins are men to have around in a crisis! As if there wasn't enough to worry about, Emily – who somehow didn't notice the mushroom cloud and dead birds weren't enough to freak her out – manages to get picked up by the escaped prisoners and then, thanks again Emily, takes them straight to the Richmond farm… where Bonnie is alone. Emily gets a message out and Jake has to ride to the rescue. Though the group gets in out of the rain, Stanley doesn't arrive. Hawkins works on the radio, intercepting a message which seems to be a list of cities attacked, including Chicago, Philadelphia and San Diego. He then lies about the radio, saying it's not working.

    Last thoughts:
    - We discover Eric is having an affair with bartender Meg. This destroys my 'good brother/ bad brother' theory. So many shows fall into that trap, but this show quickly establishes that Eric isn't the perfect son.
    - An unlikely love story appears to be starting – teenage loser Dale and spoiled brat Skylar.

    A very exciting episode, fast paced and riveting.
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