Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Even though the Jericho's population is of about 6,000 people, there are only two large-capacity fallout shelters: one with a capacity for 300 people under the town hall and the other under the hospital.

    • In addition to the 5 cities listed in the recap, (Philly, Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, and Denver) there is also a red pin in Dallas.

    • Goof: When the caravan is going to the salt mine for shelter there is a black truck leading the line. But then in the next shot Jake's bus knocks down the fence leading to the mine. The truck is parked before the fence. It is weird as the truck was going before the bus all time. Why park the truck?

    • The Morse code message heard over the title in this episode was JERICHO FALLOUT.

    • When Dale tells Skylar his parents are dead, she says so are her's. Her parents were in NY, so it's possible it was hit too.

    • One of the books which was brought from the library is called "Our Friend, The Atom."

    • The Morse code message that Hawkins picks up is as followed: When he picks up the signal it reads: DELTA CODE DELTA 2 MINUTE WARNING The second time it reads: SCORE REMAINS SCORELESS

  • Quotes

    • (Jake is setting dynamite charges to blow up the mine shaft)
      Heather: Hey, where'd you learn how to do that?
      Jake: Knew a guy once.
      Heather: Did you blow him up?

    • Heather: Mind if I pitch in?
      Jake: Do you know how to strip wires?
      Heather: Ever since junior high.
      (Jake stares at her)
      Heather: Yeah, I was that popular.

    • Mary: You're not from around here are you?
      Mimi: I came from DC to supervise a little audit on a farm. Is God punishing me?
      Mary: You really should get to the basement at town hall.
      Mimi: You think?

    • Fallout Alert: Attention, attention. There is radioactive fallout coming from the nuclear blast. You have less than 90 minutes to get indoors. I repeat, you have less than 90 minutes to get in doors. Use your basements. Put duck tape or leather tape to seal your homes. You have less than 90 minutes. There is a shelter at town hall and at the medical centre. There is radioactive fallout coming. You have less than 90 minutes to get in doors.

    • Skylar: Dale, Dale stop! Please! (he looks at her) Stay here. It's not safe out there. Please, stay here.

    • Mayor Johnston Green: Jericho has two underground shelters. One right here, under the town hall, the other under the medical clinic.

    • Jake: April, does the clinic have a fallout shelter?
      April: Yes. What's going on?
      Jake: It's bad, come on.

    • Mayor Johnston Green: Gail, who is in charge here? You or me?
      Gail Green: You do not want to play that game.

    • Prison Escapee #1: So we'll just use your pump and be on our way.
      Bonnie Richmond: Stanley has the key.
      Prison Escapee #1: What did she say?
      Emily Sullivan: Umm, her brother Stanley has got the key to the pump.
      Prison Escapee #2: Wait, she's deaf?
      Bonnie Richmond: Yes. (pause) I read lips.

    • Jake: (thunder rumbling) Bonnie, take them to the storm shelter now! Go, guys, go! Emily, we've got to get inside. Emily? Emily, hey. It's going to be okay, all right? I promise. Everything is going to be okay, all right? We've got to go in now, babe. Babe? We've got to get inside before the rain, okay? Come with me. Come on. Run. Run. Get inside!

    • Robert: Could you use some help ma'am?
      Gail: No, we need you on the radio.
      Robert: You know, I can't get this old thing to work.
      (Robert takes the Morse Code message and puts it in his pocket)

    • Eric: But you're not going to die in a blast. You're going to get radiation poisoning. Within the first couple of hours you're going to be vomiting and have crippling diarrhea. Your hair is going to fall out in chunks. Your skin is going to blister. Your internal organs are going to start to shut down. Because, well, frankly....they're being cooked from the inside. You're going to get sicker and sicker until you can't move. And then you will die. Over there on the floor by the pool table....with your buddies.

    • Gray Anderson: Any signs of the Sheriff, Mr. Hawkins?
      Robert Hawkins (looking up in the sky): No sir, I need to speak to your mayor. We got trouble coming.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: September 28 2006, Network Ten
      Denmark: October 10 2007, SBS Net
      Estonia: May 16 2007
      Finland: August 29 2007
      Germany: June 4 2007, Pro7
      Hungary: December 17 2006
      Mexico: October 2 2007
      Netherlands: May 26 2008
      United Kingdom: January 19 2007, Hallmark
      Slovenia: September 25, 2008 on Kanal A

    • Featured Music:
      "Hold On" by David Lawrence and Joon Turtletaub

    • We learn that Chicago, Philadelphia and San Diego were also presumably nuked, an interesting note on how Hawkins avoided placing thumb tacks on Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, at least three more cities were nuked but we don't know which ones.

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