Season 1 Episode 5

Federal Response

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

The camera pans around the city. There is litter blowing in the wind and the city streets are abandoned.

Jake Green, Mimi Clark, and Stanley Richmond are at Mary Bailey's bar. They are playing the card game war. Jake asks Mimi what she would be doing if she were home in Washington D.C. Mimi says that she would be sleeping. Jimmy walks into the bar with Eric Green and jokingly says he can tell Mimi why Jake left town. Mimi makes a guess about Jake's life. She says he was probably the captain of the football team, prom king and voted most likely to succeed. Jimmy says she's wrong. Jake makes a joke and says that he beat up the prom king. Stanley says that Eric must know a million stories about Jake screwing up. Eric jokingly says that there is at least that many stories of Jake screwing up and then orders a coffee from Mary. Mary asks Eric if he has a plan…she doesn't mean a plan for the nuclear disaster, she means a plan for their relationship. Eric says he'll talk to April Green, his wife, tonight so that he won't need an excuse to see her. Mimi and Jake are looking at Eric and Mary as Eric starts to hold Mary's hand and then Mimi leans over to Jake and says "secrets of a small town". The power comes back on and the juke box is playing at an extremely high volume inside Bailey's Bar, at the same time all the phones start to ring all over the city. People are starting to walk out on the street as the power comes on and the phones continue to ring.

Dale wakes up and picks up his phone, Heather picks up the phone, Jake picks up the phone, Robert Hawkins picks up the phone. It is a recorded message from Homeland Security. The message continues to replay over and over and it is the same message on every phone. ***Phone Message: (Hello, this is Assistant Secretary Walsh from the Department of Homeland Security. Do not be alarmed. If you are safe, stay where you are. Do not attempt to leave. We will be in contact again shortly. Until then, know that help is on the way.)*** The TV comes on in Mary Bailey's bar with an Emergency Alert message on the screen.

At Bailey's bar- Eric, Jake, Mary, and Stanley are talking about the recorded message from Homeland Security. Jake wants to see if he can call out. Emily is outside trying to use her cell phone to call Roger. Emily is receiving a busy message.

At city hall Bill, Jimmy, Eric and Mayor Johnston Green are talking about the phone message they received. Mayor Johnston explains to the group that everyone received a reverse 911 call from Kansas; he also says that people can't call out because everyone is trying to use the phone at the same time, the system is overloaded.

Skylar is trying to check her e-mail. Allison Hawkins walks over to Skylar to see if she can help. Allison tries to type in an IP address to get through. The internet is still not working but Allison shares a bit of information about the internet being designed by the military and able to withstand nuclear war. **this is information that could've come from her father Robert Hawkins** The Emergency Alert message suddenly appears on everyone's computer screen. Robert Hawkins is coming up the stairs from his basement with his laptop and a large toolbox.

Mimi is trying to use the ATM at Gracie's store. Gracie Leigh tries to warn Mimi about the machine but Mimi ignores her. The ATM eats Mimi's card. Mimi sarcastically says that Gracie was helpful and then leaves the store.

Jake walks into his father's office, Mayor Johnston Green; Eric is trying to get the static out of the TV picture. Jake asks about the messages on the TV and the radio. Johnston says it's the same message. Mayor Johnston, Eric and Jake are talking about what to do next. The Homeland Security message came from Topeka, they are thinking of investigating Topeka but then Eric suggests they start with the National Guard base in Great Bend. Jake makes a few suggestions that are already covered, charging batteries, and getting gas. Since those tasks are taken care of Jake decides to go home.

Robert Hawkins can see that his daughter Allison Hawkins took a shower. He orders her to clean the tub and fill it up with water. Allison walks away from Robert and into her room defiantly. Darcy Hawkins walks in after overhearing their conversation and she's trying to calm Robert down. Robert tells Darcy that he doesn't know how long he will be around so whatever he needs to teach her she will need to learn now.

Jake is talking to his mother, Gail Green and she wants to know if Jake is going to stay or leave, once they find out what is going on. She is telling him that when he left town, he left a big mess, and that his father tried to help him out and fix things. Gail tells Jake that he needs to tell his father about his time away. "This house is too small for big secrets" Jake and Gail notice an electric power spike.

Heather Lisinski and Emily Sullivan are outside the Jericho Library. Heather's students are playing by a fountain outside the Library. There is a power spike outside the Library and a live wire breaks off the roof and hits the ground. The live wire zaps Emily. Emily is shocked and knocked unconscious.

Heather is trying to wake Emily up; she's kneeling down to see if Emily is breathing. Heather sends the kids away but there is one kid, Lucas that hangs around and wonders if Emily will wake up. Heather then sends him away as well. The fire continues to rage at the library.

Stanley is talking to Mimi at Bailey's bar. Mimi is still looking forward to leaving Jericho. Stanley is asking her about the farm and if she still plans on filing a report to the IRS. Stanley then changes the subject and is trying to have a more personal conversation with Mimi, and then he hears a siren outside. Stanley goes outside to see what is going on.

Robert Hawkins goes outside to his backyard and sets up his laptop with a satellite link. The toolbox has a portable satellite dish that connects to his laptop. He has a Black AMEX card. There is some kind of password that is connected to the Black AMEX card. Robert flips the card upside down. He types the code in and bypasses the default Emergency internet message giving him access to the internet.

April Green is at the Library and she has Emily on a stretcher. Heather is taking a count of her students. She realizes that Ashlee, one of her students is missing and she runs into the Library to try to save her. The ambulance is already at the scene but then the fire department arrives at the library. Jake runs up to the library and they have Emily on a stretcher. Jake asks how the fire started and they realize it's an electrical fire. They can not spray water on an electrical fire until they shut the power down or else they will electrocute themselves. Mayor Johnston is putting on a fire-retardant suit. His wife, Gail sees him getting dressed and stops him. She questions why he wants to go out to the fire. She's worried that he's getting too sick to help. Eric radio's Johnston and tells him to cut the power to the library.

The Firemen are getting their equipment ready for the call that the power has been cut off. April is checking to make sure Emily didn't have a heart attack after being zapped with electricity. Jake is holding Emily's hand as she lies on the stretcher. They get a radio call that the power is shut off and then the Firemen turn their hoses on. The water is flowing but then the hoses lose pressure and the water stops flowing. When the power was cut off for the library they lost power for the fire hoses as well. Jake knows that they have to manually activate the pumping station. Stanley shows up to the library with his truck. Jake jumps into the truck and says they need to go to Chaparral, the pumping station. Jake and Stanley drive off. Emily is asking for Heather from the stretcher. Eric and April come to the conclusion that Heather is still in the building. Eric goes in after her.

Skylar and her friend Lisa Whalley are at Gracie's shop. Skylar is making calls on her cell phone; she's still trying to get in contact with her parents but then her battery dies. Dale Turner is there and he's helping Skylar get a charger for her phone. Two kids show up and they are telling Skylar and Lisa about the fire at the library and they want to go check it out. Lisa and the two guys leave to check out the fire. Skylar asks Dale if he wants to go but Gracie is calling him, she wants Dale to check the fire extinguishers. Dale says he'll charge Skylar's phone and she can come back and get it and if her parents call he will find her.

Stanley and Jake are trying to turn the valve at the pumping station. Heather is still looking for Ashlee inside the library and she finds her in a room hiding under a table. Eric is inside the building and he finds them and tells them to go. The ceiling falls in and a piece hits Eric on the head and knocks him into the room with Ashlee and Heather. Stanley and Jake are still trying to turn the valve so that they can get water pressure. Stanley is freaked out by all of the knowledge that Jake has about the valve but Jake shrugs it off like it is common knowledge. Jake says he needs leverage to turn the pump. Stanley goes to his truck and gets a rifle to help open the valve.

April is worried about Eric and is stopped from going into the building after Eric by a fireman. Eric, Heather and Ashlee are trapped inside a room. They get on the floor and there is smoke coming out of the bottom of a door. Eric blocks the smoke with a toy stuffed snake. Eric takes a water jug and douses the stuffed snake with water. There are two doors in the room and smoke is coming in from the bottom of the other door.

The fire continues to rage at the Jericho Library. Eric, Ashlee, and Heather are still stuck inside. They are all getting low on the ground, which is proper procedure because smoke rises. Stanley and Jake are using the gun to push the valve open. Stanley takes the scope off the rifle and Jake uses the gun like a crowbar. Jake is pushing the valve open with Stanley. Eric takes a jug of water and he is dousing Ashlee with water to protect her. Jake and Stanley get the valve turned. The water is flowing

The water is flowing through the library's sprinkler system. The fire around Heather, Eric and Ashlee is getting extinguished. Eric comes out with Heather and Ashlee. Ashlee has some smoke inhalation. April was really worried about Eric.

Jake and Stanley are at the pump station and Jake wants to use the scope to see if the water is working at the library. He confirms that the South Side fire is out and that the water is working at the library. He can see another fire in the East Woods right by Eric's house. He can also see Robert Hawkins on his laptop with the satellite link up. Robert looks up and can see Jake looking at him with the scope.

Stanley and Jake go to the library to warn Eric that the fire is heading towards his house. Eric makes a decision that he can't stop the fire that is heading towards his house, April agrees. Jake goes running out to get more supplies to put out more fires. Robert meets up with him and asks him if he needs help. Hawkins says he got the same message as everyone else, and if he knew anything else he would've told the Mayor. Robert asks Jake one more time if he wants his help. Jake gets into the truck and tells Robert to get in.

At Bailey's Bar---Mimi is talking to Mary about what she plans on doing "after this mess is over". Mimi gets personal and asks Mary about Eric. Mimi is giving Mary advice and says that guys like him don't leave his wives for girls like us. Mimi questions whether Eric will leave his wife for Mary. Mary still believes he will but Mimi doesn't.

Jake and Robert show up to a house on fire with some hoses and they are trying to hook it up to a water pump near the house. Jake seems to have a lot of knowledge about the pool and the water pump that is near the house. Robert questions Jake where he learned to do all this and Jake sarcastically says he was a pool guy. Robert can't get the pump to work. The power is not working for the water pump. The house has an explosion that knocks Jake on the ground. Jake turns around to look for Robert but he disappears. Jake is yelling for Hawkins.

Robert Hawkins comes back to the house with his truck and he has a plug in his truck to generate power for the pump. The hose is working now. Hawkins sarcastically jokes and says he was a pool guy, too.

The crowd is applauding the firemen as they put out the fire at the library. Ashlee is ok, Heather and Eric are there with her. The fire near his house is still going; Eric is looking for his wife, April has disappeared.

Skylar goes to Gracie's market and Dale is still there. Skylar asks him if he's going home. Dale says that the fire burned the trailer park, and that he has no where to go. Skylar doesn't understand why Dale is so calm and quiet about everything. She is trying to get him to show some emotion.

Eric goes to the house and April is there. There house is burned up, but not completely destroyed. April is moving a box a bunch of papers fall out. Eric saw some divorce papers that April has drawn up. She was trying to hide them from Eric. April says that she doesn't want the divorce anymore. Eric says he can't blame her because things have been bad between them for a long time, "not bad but not good". April says, "Everything's changed, the world has change."

Mayor Johnston Green's house---Gail Green is getting the table ready for dinner. Jake is at home having a conversation with his mother. Gail is talking about Jake and his secret and, that thing Jake's been running away from. She says he's upstairs waiting on dinner (his father Johnston). April and Eric show up at Gail's house with boxes; they are moving in with Eric's parents now because there house is burned.

Mary is closing the bar early tonight. The TV switches to the Seal of the State Department and a podium. Mary asks Stanley to go and tell the Mayor about the Seal of the State Department and the podium that has appeared on her TV.

Johnston is saying how lucky Jericho is to have Jake back. Johnston is still coughing. Jake tells Johnston that it was hard for him to be his son. When Jake left town he tried to prove his father wrong but he kept proving his father right. He tells him that he wasn't just in San Diego. Johnston stops Jake in the middle of his speech and says that he doesn't care. Johnston says, "If you need to tell me I'll listen…..that stupid little punk may have left home but a decent fellow came back." Robert Hawkins is back on his laptop with the Satellite hook up to the internet. He finds Jake Green's passport information (Johnston Green Sr.) in the system.

Robert is back on his laptop in the house. He's talking to Samuel Hawkins, his son, and he says that they can go to a movie. Sam asks him why he had to go outside and what is in that box. Robert tells him that he has his tools in that box. Sam wants to know if he fixed the problem. Robert says daddy's working on it.

At Johnston's house, Jake, April, Eric, Johnston, and Gail are all at the dinner table. They are eating instant potatoes. They start to randomly name all the food that they wish they could have. There is a knock on the door. It is Stanley and he informs them that they are getting a feed at Bailey's. Stanley tells them that he thinks it's a satellite feed from Washington D.C. Eric is the last one to leave to go to Bailey's bar. ** Eric was supposed to break it off with April and be with Mary Bailey but he didn't do it, just like Mimi said. **

They are all gathered at Bailey's bar to see what the message is going to be on the TV. Mary sees Eric and April walk into the bar together. Mary was smiling at Eric but when he didn't smile back she knew that he didn't tell her. The bar starts to shake as if there were an Earthquake. Everyone begins to run outside. Jake and Robert are both looking up into the sky and can see two missiles flying into the night's sky.