Season 1 Episode 5

Federal Response

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • The power's back, but an unexpected spike causes more trouble than good.

    Jericho continues the treatment of a nuclear catastrophe in the same way that Lost showed us about being on an abandoned island: no power and no running water sucks. In this episode, the power comes back on, but a spike causes several fires to start around the town as transformers explode. It results in a series of "turn-the-power-off-oh-no-now-there's-no-water-pressure-turn-it-back-on-oh-no-now-the-fire-is-back" moments which would be comical if it weren't for the fact that the residents, despite their intricate knowledge of post-nuclear emergency situations, are completely useless when it comes to dealing with normal run of the mill emergencies, like, for example, house fires.

    Jake seems to know everything about everything along with Hawkins, which leads me to believe that their secrets are one and the same – they are Joe 90. That, or they're in the Matrix and they loaded up every program into their heads before jacking in. This week, Jake turns the water back on without the grid, which makes me wonder why they didn't do that in the first place. Hawkins also has a nifty umbrella which doubles as a satellite dish to receive covert communications. Considering he was implanted in the town before the strike, we are to believe that he either knew about it or is just in the middle of another conspiracy when America went and got itself into a fight. Silly boy.

    All in all, it was a good episode, and at least it's slowly revealing plot unlike the aforementioned similar show Lost, which didn't tell you anything and instead just asked more questions. Thank you, Skeet Ulrich.
  • Ok,ok,ok. This episode rocks. Lots of stuff happens and the story is just starting to take a real nice shape. First there is this strange feed. Then there is a missile at the end of the episode.

    Jake's sees his brother Eric holding hands with Mary. And Eric says that he will tell April that he wants a divorce. As the power gets back on, the LAN phones everywhere starts ringing and as they pick it up they here a message from Department of Homeland Security that if they were safe to stay where they were and that help was on the way and the tv screen everywhere pops up with the massage "Emergency alert system, Stand by". This part is where that everything starts to get totally freaky! With the power lines going crazy and fires erupting everywhere. And what is Hawkins doing? He is there finding stuff about Jake and what did Jake do? Is Hawking and Jake like some sort of undercover guy or something. Anyways at the end is the great part where these missiles go off. This episode is full of thrills that's all i can say.
  • Fires break out around town as the citizens of Jericho struggle to keep a handle on their situation. We learn a bit more about Hawkins and Jake, explore the tangled triangle of Eric's doing and finally glimpse the federal response to the attack.

    Up to this point, Jericho has had a steady rise in quality and realism. This episode outshines all of the ones previous to it, but you'd need to have seen the others to truly appreciate it.

    One of the complaints that I had about Jericho in previous reviews was the love story between Dale and Skylar. Here, their fawning is minimal and easily ignorable. That and the way that Jake seems to be the answer to every single problem ever always seemed to be what I fixated on. What drew my eye in this episode was the development of Hawkins and Jake, both of which had been major players, but both of which had also been so enigmatic that I felt like I was watching Lost. I also throughly enjoyed the way that the government angle was played. (possible spoilers ahead; I can't avoid it)

    When the power clicks back on and the phones start ringing, there is a sense that a sleeping giant has awoken and snapped into attention with cold, calculating eyes. Up to this point, we assume that the power structure was simply wiped out completely, and that all that was left was local governments degrading into anarchy, but now we get the impression that dark, vengeful eyes have turned to see the source of the wounds inflicted on America, and that the gloves have been taken off.

    This was a very good episode.
  • This show starts to suck me in more and more as characters are deepened and the plot finally gets a definite direction.

    This episode had a lot of different elements in it: action, drama and suspense. But it all played out very nicely. It was good that they started to flesh out a couple of the main characters (as witnessed during the Jake-Johnston conversation and the confrontation between Eric and his wife April) which is something I felt the show desperately needed at this point. In the end I think this is what's going to keep me watching.

    They also still found the time to pack the episode with action and mysteries. I didn't really like how they approached the library fire (how is it possible that everyone, including a whole class of little children, was allowed to stand so close to a public building on fire?) but the overall plot was good. The ongoing suspense about the tv and its governmental (?) message made me sit on the edge of my seat. And the cliffhanger at the end? It definitely made me crave for more.

    All in all, a well-balanced episode that shows us that this series has a lot more in store for us!
  • Jericho receives their first message from the government and the restoration of electricity brings new problems.

    The electricity is suddenly restored, every telephone starts ringing and a mysterious and incredibly annoying message appears on every television across the town. For the first time since the bombs went off, there appears to be government action… or did someone just flip the wrong switch? Most people end up sitting staring at the screen, just like they did the last time satellite images came through.

    The electricity causes as many problems as it solves when fires start breaking out. The fire department is spread thin as it tries to fight fires across town, leading Jake to go to save Eric's house. But when he goes to check on the fires from the roof, he sees something else: Hawkins has a fold-up satellite dish! And to top it off, he sees Jake. There's a tense confrontation and interestingly, Hawkins seems to want Jake as an ally, trying to reassure him. (Of course, Hawkins is a really scary guy so reassuring doesn't work very well on him.) Working together, they put out the fire but Eric's house is trashed. Then the fire department, while Eric's neighbourhood is burning, are saving books from the library! Once Eric and April go home, Eric discovers he's not the only person who wanted out: April has divorce papers. Incredibly, like so many males would, he acts all shocked and wounded! Hello! You're having an affair!!!

    One of the highlights of the episode is that Gail nudges Jake to talk to his dad about what he's been doing in the five years he's been gone. This has clearly been eating away at Jake but he is touched and relieved when his father acknowledges that wherever Jake was, whatever Jake did, it changed him into a decent man.

    Just when things seem to be a bit more normal, the buildings start to shake: the government (?) has fired its missiles!!! Can you imagine how frightening that must be to witness? The question is: with the government presumably gone, who had the authority to fire the missiles, not to mention the codes?!

    An exciting and important episode, the world outside is taking action but as always, Jericho can only see bits of it.
  • Fire! Fire!

    This was an intense and exciting episode. The episode was packed with action and commotion. Obviously after an attack of the proportion we saw, people would expect that things wouldn't work as normal. I really like all of the personal relationships and the tensions of the people. In addition, the secretive nature of Hawkins makes the show even more titillating. It's fascinating to learn the little tidbits about him. In addition, they're doing a bang-up job on the relationship developing between Stanley and Mimi. That's a fun situation because she's so abrasive. I'm thoroughly enjoying this show and look forward to a new episode each week.
  • Jericho gets power! Something is going right somewhere outside of Jericho, right?

    Hawkins manages to rig a way to get messages from government and finds a secret about Jake. There is a fire at the library which takes up way too much time for the episode. The writers slipped up a bit with this one since everyone knew Jake would end up saving the day. It's kind of an "Alice in Wonderland" moment, seeing a kid just has to get that book!

    Strangely, unevenly, the internet starts to work a long with the T.V. and a message comes across for everyone to stay put that help is on the way. The booze is free flowing and marriages are breaking up. I thought it crazy it's only been a few days since the bombs fell!
  • Power is restored and Homeland Security is broadcasting a message.

    Exciting episode with a fire at Jericho library trapping Eric, Heather and a girl called Ashley. Jake manages to use the manual override to get water to the library, but there are two other fires. One of them destroy Eric and April's home and Dale's as well. While going through the wreckage, Eric find divorce papers from April and they acknowledge their marriage hasn't been 'good' for a long time. Even though Eric had been planning to tell her he'd leave her, she begs him not discuss the state of their marriage or what to do, 'not today'.

    Jake's about to tell his dad where he was for the past five years, but his dad doesn't want to know, he's just happy that a 'pretty decent fellow' came back!

    Hawkins uses a portable satellite dish to log on to some sort of government system and finds Jake has a flagged passport, though it's unclear exactly what that means. They had a great cliffhanger for this episode, rocket missiles moving over Jericho.
  • Review

    Much needed pick me up episode after the last two failed to leave any major lasting impression on me. The best character (in my mind) in the show - Hawkins - got a lot of time in this episode doing things we still fully dont understand yet. I think this is setting up a decent story arch where Jake / HAwkins will go head to head more times then one with his mysterious behavior. The fire scenes were all very well done and I liked the back and forth switching of the camera between the Fires and what Jake was trying to do inside the pump room to get it to work. We almost got answers about Jakes past, but in the end we were still left with nothing other then he just wasnt in San Diego during his time away. Why he kept in from his father I dont know, perhaps we will never know what happened to Jake. Overall, this is one of the best episodes into the young season - though I havent seen one yet that has blown me away. Just a bunch of ones that are really good. 9.4-8.0 are my ratings so far.
  • Slow start, but picked up at the end.

    Strangely, the (long) opening story with the fire at the library wasn't particularly dramatic compared to the rest of the plot of this episode, maybe because the outcome was so predictable. But it did introduce later happenings, such as the housefire and Hawkins' further secret activities, which turned out to be quite compelling.

    I was also impressed with some of this episode's attention to detail, most notably when Eric blew out the candle as the family left the house. These minor additions go a long way toward making the entire scenario more believable and sympathetic.

    Overall, I'm a little concerned about the uneven pacing of the series so far, but unless it really takes a turn for the worse, I'll still be watching.
  • pretty good

    An accident at a playground gets the town's emergency response team stretched out to deal with a fire. Jake and Stanley lend a hand to help the firefighters deal with the fire. Stuff happens in this episode, the drama doesn't drag the plot to much, it's worth watching it. It's going somewhere, the scenes with the main characters are fleshed out, we get to see their personalities, we get to know them a little bit more. This episode is starting to pick up. Everything that's happening outside of Jericho is still a mystery, the show is starting to go there. It's pretty good.
  • The story may come in drips and drabs.But it's worth it!

    Easily one of the best episodes so far. The mystery surrounding Mr. Hawkins deepens. Who is he? What organisation does he belong to? The appearance of the Emergency alert on television screens and a message delivered through telephone also added something fresh. This will hopefully result in us getting some answers. And of course, not forgetting the final few minutes. America is fighting back. Or are they?
  • Came to one conclusion - American children are idiots!

    An explosive and flammable situation occurs at the town. Leaving everything up to Jake, Eric and Hawkins to save the day. How cliche.

    Day 5 after the bombs. Everything's going on nicely. Everybody's using booze to drink the sorrows away. Playing lame card games and trying to get some TV feed from the government. And so they did! All the phones started ringing as a director of homeland security contacted everyone to stay where they are, help is on its way. As well as a simple picture on the TV saying to stand by. TV and internet who conveniently started to work. Now of course that was odd, considering how quickly the radio transmissions failed earlier, now magically restored in a blink of an eye. A fire started due to an overcircuting of the electric generators, electrocuting Emily and starting a fire in the library.
    Now, the hilariously tragic part! As the flames started to take up the library, an ever so stupid kid went inside to get her favorite book "Alice In Wonderland". So, that raised a question - how stupid exactly are they!? A building is burning, and you have to save a lame book about talking rabbits? Seriously?

    Eric wanted to leave his wife for that floozy bartender. It was quite touching. Eric went inside to save that stupid little girl and the teacher who went inside to save them, his wife, not knowing of his betrayal, was worried-mad. She was about to lose a husband who she'd eventually lose. It was sad. Felt for the poor thing.

    Jake caught Hawkins accessing a satellite to do a yet another weird mysterious thing. These are becoming annoying cliffhangers. What exactly is Hawkins doing? What's going on? Who is he working on? It was exciting. Well, the scene were people were trying to put out the fires. Though it was really stretched on and most of the reasons were obscurely lame. Like that retarded girl trying to get her book, trapping herself inside. Fun and all, but still - a little annoying.

    Nothing really global happened. Except the security guys made contact, but still the communication options are limited. Well not limited, COMPLETELY DEAD!
  • Major plots was the fires that consumed part of Jericho (including Eric\'s house), the wait for a message from the Under-Secretary of Homeland Security, Jake discovering Hawkins secret, and the US\'s retaliation response.

    The show Jericho (just like Lost and 24) makes the assumption that the viewer can hold a plot line for more than one episode. This combined with such a sweeping apocolyptic theme makes the show more than interesting, but entertaining and addictive.

    This episode shows more into Hawkins background and crosses paths with Jake (who Hawkins researches and finds out information on Jake). The series continues to get stronger each episode and gives us a glimpse into post-apocalyptic America.

    ((it also reminds me alot of the book \"Alas, Babylon\" but that is a different issue))
  • nice one

    very exciting episode , got lot of informations on this one . but still think this serie go too slow and still we are on episode 6 and we dont know where the drama is going on ... when i see this drama i feel like to watch \"lost\" and about \"lost\" i couldn t stand watching after episode 2 ... really \"lost\" suxx , no wonder how this drama could be continuing until nowadays ... so far i hope \"jericho\" will not make the same mistake . i will continu to watch some further episode just by curiosity but hope we got other episode as this one on the next stage .
  • Much better than the last episode

    The Jake and Hawkins mysteries are crossing paths. Each one has secrets and both will have to confront each other sooner or later.
    It doesnt appear Hawkins knew Jake before he came to Jericho since he had to look up his passport information.

    Gray Anderson upon his return will suggest questioning of new arrivals in town based on things hes seen outside of Jericho. Jake might be included since he was gone for so long, not to mention Hawkins. The missile launch at the close indicates things have escalated. Paranoia and fear should escalate as people realize the worst is not over.
  • Ok....this episode i can honestly say, is above average.

    So i wasn't too pleased with how Jericho was progressing. For when it first started i had such high hopes for it...however, around the third (3rd) episode i was beginning to get disappointed. Never the less, it has improved. Mind you be, it has not reached the stage where 'i must see it or my week isn't complete', but it is getting a little this will keeping me watching it for atleast two more episodes to see if my interest increases.

    This episode was a moderate attempt of tearjerking......this gives me hope, because a couple more tries and the writers are bound to get it right.

    Hopefully, the show will continue to develop and we the viewers will actual get to watch something fun, interesting and not crappy.
  • Good character drama/storylines, new mysteries expanded, but a few bits o filler.

    I'll start by saying the whole fire sequence felt a little dragged out. Probably because I feel they're using the "Last second problem, or snafu" a little too much. It seems in most of the few episodes there have been, there's always some emergency and Jake and Co. always run into a problem at that crucial moment, which they seem to promptly solve. It's sort of losing it's effect on me, and is getting predictable.
    Great scene with Jake and his father. Nice to know he went through some big changes while he was away. I would've liked for him to be able to tell us what happened during that time, but at the same time it's kind of nice not to know. It gives us something to look forward to later in the show.
    And a new layer has been added to Hawkins. Not only does he have a laptop with wireless connection, he also has a big honkin satellite dish. What would he be sending or received that would require that?
    And the last scene was a jaw dropper for me. Seeing the missiles flying through the air made start thinking, maybe it's not quite over.....
  • While slow at points, this episode revealed some tantalizing hints about the attack on the United States and ended on a high note.

    Of all the episodes to date, I would say this was the best.

    To me, "Jericho" is a somewhat ponderous character drama welded to a gripping mystery. The character drama holds little interest for me, but the mystery draws me in. There is something inherently fascinating about the nuclear-war scenario. It is the subject of some of the best science fiction writing and of some memorable television and movies ("On the Beach," "The Day After").

    I liked this episode because it advanced the nuclear-way mystery in an interesting direction. The uninformative "reverse 911" call from the Department of Homeland Security was a nice touch, as was the broadcast image of the empty podium bearing a federal seal (perhaps the seal of the State Department). The tango between Hawkins and Jake was especially good. As the episode began, it seemed fairly certain that Hawkins was the bad guy and Jake the hero. But after Hawkins accessed the State Department database and discovered that Jake carried a "flagged passport," all of that was cast into doubt. (Although the fact that Hawkins accessed the State Department database via an Internet page written in Russian leads one to wonder to whom he owes his ultimate allegiance.) And, of course, the launch of what appeared to be ICBMs at the end was thrilling. It almost perfectly echoed a scene out of "The Day After," another post-apocalyptic thriller set in Kansas.

    This episode ensured that I will keep watching, if only to find out the story behind the attack on America.
  • This is a fine example of good writing and good acting, which makes for a GREAT show. Watch out "Lost", you might have some competition @ CBS!!!

    I guess I've been sleeping at the wheel, but I'm awake now! I almost let one of the best new series on TV get away. This episode kept watching to the very end. I just caught up last night. I think they're still trying to figure out what is happening and so am I. I mean, I don't think its aliens for outer-space. I think this is an interesting take on what could possibly happen in small town USA, assuming the US was under attack. Now the question(s) is, How does Jake tie in to this or does he? Who is that black guy(Sorry, I forgot his name!) and is he a good guy or bad guy? Very good installment to a very good show but I hope it doesn't take the wrong turn and get "Lost"!! It seems to have a good back story and they're finding new and different things out in every episode. Keep up the good work in the town of Jericho and I'm sure Emmy will be visiting very soon!
  • From Missiles to fires this eposide again was very much drama showing us what would happen during one day of post nuclear bombing drama!

    I'm baccck!
    Watching this eposide I did see the usual cliches but hey some bits did make up for it like the end which I'll get back to later!

    The three fires bored me a bit I was excited at first but then Jake arrived on the scene and ran straight to Emily instead of asking for Heather I was like "whhhat! Go the other way man!"

    After that I was bored....
    But then the end made me excited again!
    I was like a small child oggling the missiles!
    Best way to end a so-so eposide not bad, not great, average.

    Ohh The Hawkins/Jake mystery did keep me from yawning through the eposide I'll like to think Jake was ALL of those things he said skipping from job to job or was all those things undercover of sorts.
  • kept me wanting more....

    As usual the writers of this show did a good job keeping me on the edge of my seat and I enjoyed every minute of this show. Enough cliffhangers were left to keep me wanting more and I will definitely tune in faithfully next week. Of course this show does make me think about the threat of nuclear war and the potential horror associated with it but I still appreciate the entertainment value of the drama. All of the actors and actresses in this show do a fine job portraying a convincing and entertaining role. I can't wait to see what happens next with the "pool guys".
  • Overall good episode, good advancement but a few pretty obvious errors.

    Over all I liked the episode, definitely some good character development and the story is advancing nicely. There were however a few minor points that I had an issue with, the whole internet thing for one (no IP address can have a number higher than 255 and the whole using an IP thing really meant nothing). I'm sure not many noticed it but being a computer programmer I got a good laugh out of it.

    I am liking this show more and more each week, it poses some good questions and makes you wonder what if this actually did happen?
  • The things you learn as a pool guy.

    So let's review what you learn as a pool guy. You learn that a minivan can power a water pump. You learn how to rig a pool pump to make a fire hose. You learn stuff about cylanoids that nobody will ever know and then wonder how other people don't know it. You get an American Express Centurion card for spending somewhere in the vicinity of $250,000/year, I guess on pool equipment. You are able to connect to the internet using your sattelite dish and you learn how to fix the world from a little metal Panasonic laptop in your basement, or outside if you like. That's some pool boy. Anyway, I thought it was an excellent episode with a great ending. Things are really starting to look cool, especially with Jake.
  • Finally.. Character development

    Finally on the 4th episode we get to know these people.. This episode was more what I thought the show was going to like. It still had some major flaws in it, like Jake being able to go to the hardware store and get fire hose.. but whatever. Again the towns people still are not really realizing the situation. I realize denial happens, but this takes place in a red state, and they would be up in arms crazy right now.. They would be building a fence around that town to keep whoever bombed the US out, and they would be preparing to fight to the death. I've been to those small towns in Kansas. Scary stuff. I am happy to see that in the next episode people finally start freaking out.. So we'll see how well that plays out.

    I hope this show can get over its hokie big actions sequences for each episode though.. its getting ridiculous. first episode there was the school children missing, then the second episode there was panic to get people in shelters, then the third episode there was the whole ridiculous gas tank incident, and now the fires across town. Do we really need some big dramatic event for every episode.. there is only so much you can do.. They should do what Lost does.. just create suspense.. you don't need to burn down a house, and have the water pumps go out to create suspense.. because we all know they are not going to kill the school teacher and the mayors son.. i mean really..
  • Jake and Eric deal with multiple fires in Jericho, while others secrets are further revealed. The show ends with what looks like missles being launched into the air from afar.

    The overall writing of this show isn\'t that great, but Skeet Ulrich does a good job with his role, and somehow the ending scenes in each episode leave you wanting to watch the next episode. Basically I\'m watching to see what is happening in the context of the country, not Jericho.
  • Left me wanting more.

    By the end of this episode I was punching the couch wishing there was more. I had just about given up watching this show because it was getting a little monotonous and boring and then WHAM they hit us with some missiles. I am getting sick of the Eric/bar owner/wife storyline. Decide already!!! Also nice to see Emily get electrocuted. Maybe it'll knock some manners and sense into her. I was hoping they weren't going to reveal Jake's past just yet and thankfully they stopped just short of ruining the suspense. Still not sure what Hawkins is up to but it's getting harder to care. Can't wait for next week!
  • Some good, some bad

    Unless I blinked and missed it, this is the first time since the bombs fell that we don't have the show tell us how long it's been since the bombs feel.

    But for the first time on the show, Jericho felt like it was realistically dealing with how things might unfold and how people would react in the wake of such a devestating attack. To see how everyone reacted to the phone ringing (though I don't buy that everyone in town waited to the right moment to pick up..but that' s TV for you) and the power being restored was nice. The teaser portion of this week's episode was as solid as anything they've done on the show so far (I know, that's kind of damning with faint praise).

    The town's reactions to the fires worked well, with the resources being to certain areas but not others. It leads to the destruction of Eric's house and he and the wife moving back in with his parents. Now the whole dysfunctional family is back under one roof and wackiness can begin. I did like the scene at the dinner table when the family talked about the food they'd missed having in the days since the attacks. And while it's a nice moment of family bonding, it doesn't make much sense since it's been, what six days at most since the bombs all fell? Add in that three days ago we had the world's biggest BBQ to save the meat and it seems a bit odd that Skeet is already missing a cheeseburger. But then again, part of that could be the whole you don't miss it until you can't have it thing.

    Of course, it was one of many things about this episode that stuck out like a sore thumb. It was also frustrating to hear everyone talk around why Skeet left town but never address is. "Gee, Skeet, you left town and that sure is a good story." "Yes, we should tell that story." "Dad, I"m ready to talk about why I left town." "Oh son, don't tell me why you left town yet..let's just have some scotch." Seriously, the only thing missing was a huge neon sign that said, "Plot development! Foreshadowing!" And then while it was nice to see Skeet discover Hawkins is up to something, we are no farther along at figuring out what that is, except we now know that Hawkins knows Skeet was some kind of....well, something. I think there is going to be an X-Files tie-in and Skeet is one of the super soldiers that Chris Carter and company came up with in seasons eight and nine. And that Hawkins is really the CSM in disguise. Any day now, we can expect Mulder to show up and start investgiating....

    OK, maybe not.

    But back to Jericho. I also had to wonder about the common sense of some people on this show. I can see why we'd rush into the fire to save various people but I kept going--come on now. And then you have Eric who promises his mistress he's going to leave his wife only to have the house burn down, find she'd filed for divorce but now she doesn't want it. How much y'all want to bet that the wife ends up pregnant and that will be the first child born in Jericho following the disaster?

    That said--the show knows how to keep you. The scene at the end as everyone is gathered in the bar, awaiting some sign of governmental authority and then seeing the missiles go, it's got me intrigued enough to tune in for yet another week, not matter how clusmy the foreshadowing is and how colossially idiotic these characters act and react.
  • Just when I though Jericho was going down hill...BOOM!

    Starting from the second episode, I thought that Jericho was going down hill really fast and things were just really stupid and silly. I still agree that people shouldn't be so happy around the place a drinking and stuff but I have got use to that. As of this brilliant episode "Federal Respone" I can say that this is such a great show! There is finally A LOT of character development and I like most of the character that I hated before. The stroylines are becoming so fantastic and I love it! I love all the fire scenes and that because the town finally worked together! I can't wait until next weeks episode!
  • Jake and Hawkins find out more about each other as the power comes back on, fires start throughout the town and citizens still drink and shop like nothing happened.

    This episode was fairly entertaining compared to the last one. We start to find out a little bit more about Jake's background, but each new thing we learn leads us to have more questions. Hawkins sits out as his picnic table with his own satellite dish hoping nobody sees him and supposedly is out there all day on his portable. Amazing how he goes between a small usb satellite device in his basement and a huge satellite dish in the backyard to get access. Jake sees him in the backyard and Hawkins sees Jake seeing him. They have a brief confrontation about it, but nothing much is said unfortunately, and then they go off and battle the fire together. Wasn't Hawkins deputized a couple episodes ago? If so, shouldn't he be out helping the police and firemen instead of playing on his computer? Also, why would they send most of their firemen to Denver as the Mayor mentioned? I don't know what vehicle they took, but I can't imagine it was good on gas mileage and wouldn't that gas be better used running generators and keeping food cold so they can have something to eat in a few days?
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