Season 1 Episode 5

Federal Response

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • The citizens continue to drink at the bar and accept worthless currency as a medium of exchange. Food, fuel, power, and uncontaminated water are all seemingly unlimited in supply. At the end, the US apparently retaliates with Kansas-based ICBMs

    Shouldn't they all be farming or gathering food and non-contaminated water instead of just sitting at the bar waiting for updates? At this point, they realistically should have about four days of resources left, tops. TOPS.

    Where does all this fuel come from (to power the firetrucks and Hummers?) And where is this magical power plant? And doesn't thermonuclear fallout last more than four days? And why are they still accepting now-worthless currency for what will soon be extremely scare goods?

    Haven't these people seen The Day After?

    Still entertaining regardless.
  • Good beginning, good ending...its the stuff inbetween that suffered

    When the show first opened, we find a few 'main' citizens at the local bar. The power comes back on and the phone rings...all over Jericho. They answer and get a message from Homeland Security saying stay put. Then the title far so good right?

    Then we get stuck with freak fires all over Jericho. Ok I can live with that, fires can be interesting. And its a small town, I bet everyone is going to pitch in to help...wait there just going about their business even though they stated that they sent most of their firemen away...ok, I can look past that. That's minor anyway. Oh shoot, what now? The firetrucks can't pump the water to put out the fire because the powers out (wait...didn't it just come back on?) Ok, so we have to go down to the pump and turn it on manually, that's fine. But wait, another problem. Where's the missing child? Oh, she went back in the burning library to save a book...wait what? I know kids can be pretty stupid but seriously? Ok, I guess I can forgive that as well. Oh no! Now the school teacher ran inside (and no one seems to care or try to stop her...not even her students) so I guess the deputy mayor should be the one to save her. That makes even more sense. Wow, I'm still racking up the forgiveness. But wait, there's one more thing...ok the three are trapped in the room in the library. One door is blocked by fire so they try the other door...but the door knob is hot so fire on the other side too. Oh no! What are they going to do? Good thing Jake finally turned on the pump for the water. Back in the burning library room, the sprinklers finally turn on. Wait 2 seconds...and they rush out the room because the fire would be put out that quickly. Huh? Ok, forgiving that as well. Oh look, there's Hawkins...he's interesting.

    Did we really need all that? I mean, if your going to do a fire scene at least make it realistic! But thinking back, alot of stuff that has happened in Jericho hasn't been to realistic (radioactive rain that completely disappears and does no damage to the town whatsoever/teens having parties right after thinking her parents might be dead/a nucular holocost might have just happened but everyone just continues on their business like nothing happened) Guess the point I'm trying to make is the writing needs to seriously step up a bit. Come on...would anyone really act the way this town is? Man I hope not...

    Anyway, the ending with the missles was enough to keep me watching. I'll be back next week at 8pm...but man I hope the show gets better. This episode was mostly filler IMO, the worst so far sadly.
  • Jericho denizens get drunk, breathe smoke and try surfing the internet.

    Filled with errors (ATM card eaten by convenience store ATM with swipe card reader, fire trucks that don\'t pump water) stupidities (rescue personnel hauling wet books out of the library when they know there are other fires in town) poor dialogue, hasty directing and living in the shadow of serious subject matter (holocaust) while bringing out the worst suspicions of its viewers (the shadowy outsider is the only black man on the show, and nobody trusts him) make me think that this show was put together overnight. I keep waiting for this show to get its act together, but I am getting impatient.
  • Why I watch the show!

    This is indeed only things to come as if you thought
    The plot would be just out of this world well
    That is only the beginning as the feds try to help the town of Jericho as Jake's mom blasts him for not revealing a secret to dad after he returned right back home.
    Great plot, great acting, and just really what if the world ended like this!
  • This is why I watch this series!!! :-)

    Alright, finally Jake and Robert know about it each other. They don't know every detail about each other but they know that they can work together and that they both have similar survival instincts. That was more important to me then Jake's past or Robert's past. The power comes back on in the city and they are receiving recorded messages from Homeland Security on the phones. There are some power surges and several fires break out around town. Jake, Robert, Heather, Eric and Stanley act like heros along with the firemen in Jericho and save a little girl named Ashlee. Allison Hawkins is making friends with Skylar and she's indirectly sharing some information that her father may or may not approve of. The back stories and the main stories are both going at the same time in this episode. Mary wants Eric to leave his wife and then Eric finds divorce papers, April was planning on leaving Eric. Skylar and Dale relationship/friendship is progressing. The main story is still about Jake and Robert. Robert had a Satellite hookup to the internet and it's not what kind of signals he sent or received. He could've manipulated the messages that everyone received on their TV's or he could've sent a signal to launch the missles. This episode showed just how much potential this show has to offer.
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