Season 1 Episode 5

Federal Response

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Finally.. Character development

    Finally on the 4th episode we get to know these people.. This episode was more what I thought the show was going to like. It still had some major flaws in it, like Jake being able to go to the hardware store and get fire hose.. but whatever. Again the towns people still are not really realizing the situation. I realize denial happens, but this takes place in a red state, and they would be up in arms crazy right now.. They would be building a fence around that town to keep whoever bombed the US out, and they would be preparing to fight to the death. I've been to those small towns in Kansas. Scary stuff. I am happy to see that in the next episode people finally start freaking out.. So we'll see how well that plays out.

    I hope this show can get over its hokie big actions sequences for each episode though.. its getting ridiculous. first episode there was the school children missing, then the second episode there was panic to get people in shelters, then the third episode there was the whole ridiculous gas tank incident, and now the fires across town. Do we really need some big dramatic event for every episode.. there is only so much you can do.. They should do what Lost does.. just create suspense.. you don't need to burn down a house, and have the water pumps go out to create suspense.. because we all know they are not going to kill the school teacher and the mayors son.. i mean really..
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